With Trump Gone, Iran May have Dodged the MEK Bullet!

Iran’s biggest enemies are NOT the Mullahs, nor the U.S., nor ISIS, nor the Taliban. Iran’s biggest enemy is the MEK /MKO /NCRI /RAJAVIST/MONKEYS.

This is the same group that aligned with Saddam Hussein to invade Iran. This is the same group that has aligned with Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran. This is the same group that has provided material personnel and resources to kill Iranian scientists. This is the group that would sell their very own mothers and spouses to take power in Iran with or without the support of the people of Iran. Violence has been part of their game since their founding. And they have unleashed their ire on not only Iranians – but also killed Americans. They are an evil, ruthless cult. And I would go even further, let’s not forget that they were instrumental in the toppling of the Shah and elevation of Mullahs in the aftermath of the revolution, and later fell out with their buddy ‘Islamists’.

It was this group – the MEK – that had been hand-picked by the Trump administration to take over governance in Iran, after Trump’s planned toppling of the Islamic regime that never happened. This too was another Trump failure – principally because he completely alienated ordinary Iranians with a ramp up of sanctions (that impacted NOT the regime, but ordinary Iranians) and a travel ban on Iranians. His anti-Muslim rhetoric didn’t help either. Nor did Trump’s cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia and Israel – funders of anti-Iranian propaganda and policies i.e. self-appointed enemies of not only the regime in Iran, but also Iranians.

Over the 4 years of Trump’s administration (and before), there was a constant stream of Trump insiders like Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, etc. attending MEK rallies and promising a led US invasion of Iran soon! Which never happened.

Had Trump invaded Iran, without doubt Maryam Rajavi would have appointed herself as Iran’s new queen, and there would be Pol Pot style repression – with re-education camps and mass executions of enemies. The MEK hold no democratic values – with the same ‘dictator’ leadership for over 40 years. One look at their 3000 cult members – all dressed in military garb – and you will be reminded of Mao or Kim Jung Il’s heartless, soulless robots programmed to serve “Dear Leader”.

With Trump gone, Iran may have dodged the MEK bullet. They are not gone, they are still plotting, planning, and inciting a take over of Iran. But their effectiveness without the full support of the US government, without their stooges inside the Trump administration is surely diminished.

If Iranians want change inside Iran, their very first battle is in fact outside Iran – to diminish the MEK’s influence in America, in Europe, in Saudi Arabia or Israel. One major lesson of the 1979 revolution is that its not enough to topple a regime, it’s more important to have a real plan forward for governance after the toppling. The Shah was bad, but the Mullahs are worse, and the MEK are even worse.  Iranians should not topple the Mullahs, in order to enable the MEK to take over and enable Iran’s enemies to splinter Iran. They will be party to the destruction of the country.

The MEK only want revenge, they don’t want to be proper stewards within Iran governance. They have no agenda that will result in a better Iran. In a freer, and more prosperous Iran.  

Thankfully this bullet may be dodged for now. But Iranians – especially abroad – i.e. Iranian-Americans, Iranian-Brits, Iranian-Swedes, Iranian-Germans etc. need to be more vigilant, and more active in ensuring the MEK are completely sidelined.

If you oppose the Mullahs and IRI, let me remind you that the MEK are far worse and should be prioritized as a group to be opposed by Iranians everywhere. The complete and total removal of the MEK as a force in Iranian politics is a crucial requirement of positive change in Iran. Iranians should breathe just a little better knowing Trump has gone.

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