Iran this week signed into the EEU – the Eurasian Economic Union. This is after Iran signed a trade deal with China worth over $400 Billion.

And, the morons in Washington (and Tel Aviv) keep peddling sanctions vis a vis Iran. They do not understand a core concept: the US is pushing Iran into the hands of China and Russia. Like Kruschev said some 70 years ago, if Iran rots it will fall into Russia’s lap.

This is far worse than Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan or having Russian missiles in Cuba. This is devastating for both near-term and long-term US interests – not only in the region but globally. Iran – is the big prize!

Sanctions are in effect rotting Iran…

What I do not understand is how is this also in the interests of Israel. Iran has deep influence all the way from Iraq to Lebanon! Not to mention in Yemen. By default, via Iran, Russia will control the Gulf of Aden and the Persian Gulf? Is that what Israel wants? How can this be in their interests? To have Iran in control of Israel’s Southern and Northern borders?

Merciless bombing by Saudi Arabia – a US ally – has basically destroyed any capacity for a brokered peace that will neutralize Yemen’s potency. Constant Israeli pressure in the US (by their operatives) has basically destroyed any possibility of a real rapprochement with Iran – with Iran deeply distrustful of US politicians and intentions.

This is a recipe for a serious global strategic shift. Iran gets fully embedded with China and Russia. In effect, this has led to a major ‘US retreat’ from the region – which in turn means, there will be less allied forces in the region to protect Israel. How is this in Israel’s interests?

This is simply stupid!

As Rex Tillerson so plainly put it, Trump is a moron. And his administration has been moronic. And we have gotten into a position where its very, very difficult to reverse what he did – which was clearly in Russia’s (and China’s) interests.

For those still living in La La Land and dreaming about the demise of the Mullahs or Iran, I hate to break to them, but the Mullahs have survived 40 years. They have been in power longer than any other regime in the region. They saw the end of all their adversaries: Saddam Hussein, Donald Trump … to name a few. I do not support the IRI or the Mullahs, but I also believe an Iranian alliance with Russia is not in Iran’s interests.

Regardless of the size of Russia, and their imperial aspirations, there is a simple truth: Russia is a nation on a long-term downward trajectory. They have negative population growth and are fully dependent on revenues from fossil fuels (in competition with Iran). Russia is also a defacto dictatorship. Europe, the US, Japan, etc. bring much more to the table. Also, very importantly, Iran is competing with Russia for influence in Central Asia.  Russia’s near-term and long-term interests are to bring Iran into its lap – to simply contain it. Iranian advancement and economic activity only undermines Russian opportunity – it doesn’t enhance it. China has finite demand for natural gas, if Russia sells gas to China, that is gas revenue that Iran doesn’t get to book. If Russia sells cement to Turkmenistan, that’s a cement sale an Iranian producer doesn’t make. Russia has every incentive to contain, suppress, undermine Iran – NOT support Iran’s progress and prosperity.

 In the final analysis, the US is pushing Iran into becoming a colony of the Russo-sino sphere – fully under the spell of Putin and Xi. And this will not be in US interests.

Can someone find a way to remove all these morons Trump put in place in the State Department, CIA, etc.? Polarizing relations with Iran, only serves the interests of US competitors not of the U.S. itself.

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