Anti-Americanism vs Anti-Hickism

Forget COVID, Hickism is a disease common among residents of rural areas, causing the victim to become a “Hick”. When you suffer from Hickism, you are automatically immune to COVID – so you don’t have to wear a mask.

The cause of Hickism is not yet known, but many believe that the symptoms themselves lead to further development, and further amplification of full blown Hickism.

The symptoms include but are not limited to living on or owning a farm, listening to country music, having a strange (almost sexual) attraction to tractors, lawnmowers, old trucks, etc., owning an old dog (such as a basset hound), chewing on hay, wearing ‘cowboy’ hats, attending or participating in rodeos and NASCAR races, drinking cheap beer, watching Fox News, attending a Church (with a pedophile or deranged pastor) and voting for Trump. Somewhere along their bloodlines they are related to someone named Karen.

As of right now, there is no known cure. But many speculate that playing classic rock and consuming better beer will help cure some of the symptoms, but this has yet to be proven as a reliable remedy.

There are something like 75 Million Hicks in America. They give America a bad rap.

You see, Hickism does not stop “Hicks” from traveling, voting, serving in the Military, or Tweeting. Hicks are very loud, opinionated and boisterous. Those that suffer from Hickism post the craziest shit on social media. They are poorly educated. They have very limited knowledge of the world or geography!

They transmit Hickism in trailer parks. Their personal lives are a mess. With teenage pregnancies, multiple partners, drug and alcohol use followed by long periods of remorse professed inside the strangest churches, led by crazy fruitcake evangelical pastors with fake religious pretensions.

They profess loyalty to ‘Merica, believe all Hispanics to be “Mexicans”, everyone from West Asia to be “Arabs”, and that Obama is a closet Muslim. (They hate Muslims.)  They vote against themselves and support anti-American policies by the political leaders who have greater loyalty to Israel rather than the U.S. Their political leaders (that pander to these hicks) are the craziest people that have led the United States. And they have historically supported poorly thought out, and short-term driven policies that are not in the interests of the United States nor the rest of the world.

They are easily fooled by politicians who understand their anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic, anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-everything sensibility – while pumping them up with fake pretensions of “White America’s Greatness”.

The problem with the rest of the world is that Hickism is conflated with Americanism. People outside the US do not understand that there is a completely different America.

More than half of America is now – non-white. It includes Native-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Immigrant-Americans, and very enlightened, highly educated (non-Hick) Whites.

This other America is the world of Silicon Valley and New York City. Packed with highly educated immigrants who have made America’s east and west coast economic power houses. This is where almost 80% of America’s GDP is created. This is where incredible “American” products like Apple iPhones, and Nike Sneakers are invented – by immigrants.

This other America works hard. They do so, without much noise and fanfare. It is this other America that votes in much greater numbers, but because of America’s twisted (non-democratic) electoral system are brushed under the carpet with very limited political clout. You see “Hicks” have systematically gerrymandered, shut down voting booths, put in very strict voting rules, even stolen elections to completely undermine American Democracy.

The outcome of all this is that this other America is so busy working hard, in many ways so non-political, that it doesn’t have much impact in setting US foreign and military policy. And this has led to a huge loss of leadership and prestige by the U.S. globally. 

Former allies, such as Iran and Venezuela are now hot beds of Anti-Americanism. Europeans humor Americans. And there is the appearance and significant growth of fervent Anti-Americanism globally. But in fact this is NOT Anti-Americanism, it’s the rejection of the politics and psychology of Hickism.

Political scientist Brendon O’Connor of the “United States Studies Centre” in Australia suggests that “anti-Americanism” cannot be isolated as a consistent phenomenon, since the term originated as a rough composite of stereotypes, prejudices, and criticisms which evolved from America. The stereotype he is referring to is “Hickism”.

German newspaper publisher and political scientist Josef Joffe suggests five classic aspects of the Anti-Americanism phenomenon:

(1) reducing Americans to stereotypes (i.e. Hickism),

(2) believing the United States to have an irredeemably evil nature (i.e. again referring to the evil peddled by Hicks),

(3) ascribing to the U.S. establishment a vast conspiratorial power aimed at utterly dominating the globe (a stated goal of white supremacist Hicks)

(4) holding the U.S. responsible for all the evils in the world (being implemented by Hicks)

(5) and seeking to limit the influence of the U.S. (because of these Hick policies).

Other advocates suggest that Anti-Americanism has also been described as an attempt to frame the consequences of U.S. foreign policy choices as evidence of a specifically American moral failure.

Europeans have criticized Americans for lacking “taste, grace and civility,” and having a brazen and arrogant character – again they are obviously talking about Hicks.

Over 100 years ago, British author Frances Trollope observed in her 1832 book Domestic Manners of the Americans, that the greatest difference between the English and Americans was “want of refinement”, explaining: “that polish, removes the coarser and rougher parts of our nature and is unknown and undreamed of” in America. Again, she is really referring to Hicks.

Many observe that the country that was intended to be a bastion of liberty is also seen as fraudulent specifically because of the way Hicks undermine democracy domestically, and their continued racism, the presence of the KKK and America’s history of slavery.

Anti-Americanism is in fact anti-Hickism.  The world has conflated America with Hicks. And now because of Trump, views America as the land of Hicks. Trump is a Hick Champion. He is a Hick God.

By the way, don’t forget that Pompeo (his Secretary of State and former head of the CIA) is from Kansas. I mean Pompeo is a Royal Hick. I once flew to Wichita and needed to look up a name in the phone book at the airport. Would you know there was something like 20 pages of Hicks in that phone book?

If the US is to be a leader globally, it must attack Hickism with a greater vengeance than COVID. It is my view that the U.S. needs to shed Hickism like the plague. It needs to completely undermine the forces that promote Hickism.

The transmission of Hickism must be stopped. If there is a mask that stops Hickism – wearing it must be enforced by law!!

Trump has revealed and magnified a crisis in America – and I am not referring to COVID. And it must be confronted and destroyed with ALL the energy non-Hick America has. It has, and it will, totally undermine the future of America. It will impact every aspect of the future of the country and its role globally. This is a critical issue.

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