Can $450 Million Dollars Swing Another U.S. election?

Almost exactly one year after the US election in 2016, one of the Russian Oligarchs (Dmitry Rybolovlev) involved in secret dealings to get Trump elected (and Hillary out of the Whitehouse), sold a piece of junk (restored) Da Vinci painting for $450 Million US dollars at auction. The buyer, was Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS)of Saudi Arabia.

It was a handsome payoff, for what appeared to be a legitimate sale of an artifact that would not be flagged by the U.S. treasury or any other financial crime investigation. It turned everyone in the art world’s head. No one believed this painting could be worth that amount of money.

No one, at the time, quite realized what the true nature of the payoff was. Rybolovlev, a Jewish Russian Oligarch, had quietly engineered Trump’s win for Putin, Netanyahu and MBS who assumed they would see huge gains. They assumed that Trump would push back on the growth of renewable energy in the U.S., and support the oil industry for 4 year (i.e. help stabilize and possibly push up prices). Israel had now found oil and gas reserves in the Mediterranean and shared interest with Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The Russians had obtained Hillary’s emails, and had found clever ways to tweek election machines in rust belt states. Rybolovlev had become a secret conduit to Trump’s campaign and even met secretly with Trump – (coincidentally) parking his jet right next to Trump’s jet in Vegas and Charlotte for direct one on one meeting with the Donald. And after the election, Kushner and Ivanka went on vacation with Rybolovlev in the Mediterranean on his fancy yacht to celebrate. It was a big win.

Not surprisingly, the Democrats became aware of all these shenanigans, and plotted their own counter strategy in 2020. And, by the way, Trump’s allies in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel are feeling very nervous. Whatever they did to try to get Trump elected obviously hasn’t worked (yet)!

Now, here we are 2 weeks after elections and ballots in key states are being recounted. USB sticks are being found in strange places. And the race is really tight. All Republicans need is for a few tens of thousands of Trump votes to miraculously appear in three states and boom… Trump can stay in the Whitehouse. MBS’s neck can be saved. Netanyahu can stay in office instead of head to jail. Putin can keep pumping oil and gas to Europe and elsewhere – but more importantly – nothing would make Putin happier than a civil war in America and the destruction (or splintering) of the U.S. He wants revenge for what the U.S. did to the Soviet Union.

If they paid off $450 million dollars 3 years ago, don’t you think they would do the same again now? Maybe plop over even more cash to save their necks? I do.

And so, I am sure there are secret back room dealings in Vegas, Atlanta, Madison…

Can you imagine a poor, hand to mouth living, election clerk being approached with tens of millions of dollars, (maybe even 100s of millions of dollars) to smuggle in a USB stick? Given the huge number of clerks, and the circumstances, I think its not just a simple possibility but a probability that it is absolutely going to happen.

The only thing that will save the country now, is the fundamental patriotism of each and everyone of these clerks and certifying officials. Can they be bought? Does the system have integrity? Do the people – these American election officials – have integrity?

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