The Strategic Implications of “Death To” Chants in Iran

A curious feature of crowds in the Islamic Republic theocracy – post the ‘hostage crisis’ – has been constant chants under the lenses of foreign media of “Marg bar Amrika, Marg bar Ingelis, Marg bar Israil”! (Death to America, Death to England, Death to Israel).

This is a curious paradox. There is clearly a political and military standoff between the “Great Satan” and the country Trump once threatened with a crushing military response. But when ordinary Iranians and American meet they appear to get along okay. It’s just their leaders — Iranian conservatives and American Republicans — who regularly clash.

Yes, ordinary Iranians are upset about U.S., British and Israeli policies in the region (and especially towards Iran), but very frankly speaking I really don’t perceive Iranians as being anti-American – per se. Iranians in Iran that I know are enamored by U.S. culture and technology.

In a recent CNN documentary, they interviewed dozens of ‘ordinary’ Iranians and visiting Americans only to hear comments like:

“People look up to Americans, they try to recreate that way of life,” said Romina, aged 22. “They don’t hate them at all.”

“It’s got nothing to do with the USA,” the man said, requesting anonymity when criticizing local officials. “They don’t provide me with my bread. They are not here.”

“People are wonderful, they are friendly, welcoming,” said Gladys Strain. “They offered us roses at the airport.” Gladys and her husband were visiting Iran having spent their honeymoon in the ‘50s there.

I could go on and on… but obviously there is a serious disconnect between the street chanting and reality on the ground – among Iranians.  

Americans people should understand is that ordinary Iranians are working – in many cases – two jobs to simply survive. No one has time or the financial resources to show up at demonstrations in front of the former U.S. embassy in Tehran. So, who are these people that show up and chant?

Would it surprise you to know that the majority are tethered in some financial and nefarious way to the regime and even some foreign elements operating inside the regime who know precisely where the cameras are pointed and where to make some noise.

When there are large crowds anywhere, you see huge volumes of buses a few streets away with demonstrators bused, and food served in order to create crowds and chant these slogans. Clearly, these are made for global TV consumption events.  

So, what is going?

The tragic reality is that after the cold-war and the splintering of the Soviet Union, and with the rise of China – Iran has been at the fore front, or the precipice of a massive global realignment between what is NOW being called “the Anglo-Sphere” and “the Sino-sphere”. Putin, by the way, calls the Sino-sphere – the Eurasia project.

There has been a very systematic effort to re-build the behemoth of the Soviet Union in conjunction with Chinese “communists” (if you can all them that) and splinter the west from its allies. “They” have figured out that Iran could be a pivoting point (a fulcrum) that can seriously undermine “Western” dominance.

Whereas once, Islam was used as an anti-Soviet force to bankrupt the Soviets (via Afghan Taliban rebels) and Muslims in Central Asia; Russia (in partnership with China) have now reversed the tables and are cleverly leveraging a ‘splinter’ within Islam itself (between Shia and Sunni Muslims) to create a buffer against the west from Iran to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon.

With Iran in hand, they can command Central Asia’s future. Create land routes to the Mediterranean. They can secure long-term energy supplies and access to key mineral resources (Iran has much more than oil). Iran and the region that surrounds Iran, are a massive ‘strategic’ win in this massive new Sino-sphere / Eurasian plan.  

China is spending literally trillions of dollars building roads and railways to Germany – by passing US dominated sea routes – to import and export goods. And Germany is playing! Germany now has not one but two major oil and gas pipelines to the Soviets. German companies are doing ‘joint-ventures’ left-right-and center in China to produce new products in spheres once dominated by U.S. multinationals.

Brexit, by the way, was “Britain’s response” to this stepping back from this new European, Chinese, Russian strategic plan to completely restructure the world’s economy outside of the U.S. / British/Israeli control.

Iran too, is a critical part of this whole program.

Back to the Chanting

Clearly, this chanting – while not reflecting the feelings of ordinary Iranians – is designed to distance Iran from the U.S., UK, and Israel. Clearly, its this “Eurasian / Sino-sphere” program playing out in front of Western media cameras – knowing that it will ‘piss’ Americans off. If they piss off enough Americans… Americans themselves will push Iran into their laps.

And that is precisely what has happened.

So, what these chants “Marg bar Amrika, Marg bar Inglis, Marg bar Israil” really mean is: death to the Anglosphere’s control of the global economy. They mean Iran will become a participant in this new global strategic transformation. They also are designed to have the “West” basically push Iran into the laps of the Eurasian program backers.

If you want to know who is behind these chants look no further than Europe, Russia, and China.

My own bet is that there are people in the crowds paid for directly or indirectly by all these “Eurasian actors” – who are paid by different sources – who don’t even know who paid for the person on their left or right. All the enemies of the “Anglosphere” are behind these chants. Not ordinary Iranians.  

And you know what, the “Sino-sphere” may have won! From my vantage point the Anglosphere has lost Iran for good. The JCPOA was one last attempt to try to salvage the relationship, and Trump screwed it up. He gave away the bag. He listened to the wrong people, misunderstood these chants!

China has just signed a massive $400 Billion trade agreement with Iran and agreed to major investments in Iran over several decades. New rail lines from China have come into Iran and are destined for ports in Syria across Iraq. Trump has announced in this second term, that he will reduce US troop presence further in Afghanistan and Iraq. The game is basically over. It’s been a massive strategic blunder, a huge financial debacle with trillions spent in two wars by the U.S. for essentially nothing.

When 13 members of the Security council push back against a U.S. resolution, maybe… just maybe… U.S. has lost its footing as a global leader and/or a superpower. Being taunted by these Iranian “Death to chants” has led the U.S. to commit Harakiri! U.S.foreign policy and leadership could not have done more to undermine U.S. itself.

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