I have a dream: The Median Union

Iran and Turkey could combine like France and Germany to create a new Central Asian union like the European Union (that I have named the Median Union)! Leveraging historical and cultural linkages to bring all the ‘stans’ together.

This Union could be on par some day with other unions such as the EU, AU, China, India and Russia. Without sanctions, with open markets, this union would be poised to become a major global player. The region would develop new capacity for finance, for investment, for services and new industries.

And surely, Iranians could become a major positive force in the region. There isn’t any other nation better poised than Iran to help Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan (just to pick a few countries) out of their malaise. Look at what Iran is already doing with regionally (with sanctions in place) and then multiply it by 100x – yes that would be the impact of what likely would happen with Iran ‘opened up’. There would not be a single multi-national company that would not put a major regional office in the region.

This would also mean ‘central Asia’ would open in the process and there would significant prosperity brought to the region.

I envisage, the Caspian Sea as playing a pivotal role in bringing nations together. With essentially a ring of nations united, around the Caspian Sea!

And I can even imagine major cities like Mashhad being well poised to serve as an administrative center (a capital) for the Union.

This Union would provide a strategic counterweight to India, China, Russia and Arabia! It would also provide massive new growth engine for the world to transform the living standards of some of the poorest nations in the world!

What do you think of the flag design?


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