“We are not only fighting the virus but also against conspiracy theories,” said a Chinese government spokesman. “conspiracy theories only create fear, rumors, and prejudices.”

But when you start looking at the claims on the internet that the epidemic – that has already infected nearly 500,000 people worldwide and caused 10 Trillion Dollars in asset losses –  started in a virology lab in the US, and it starts to look like something other than a conspiracy theory. It sounds like an explanation that stands in a disconcerting way and, if we take the time to examine it, could help prevent something similar from happening again.

10) US WAS FORCED TO SHUT DOWN THE FORT DETRICK UNITED STATES BIOLOGICAL WARFARE LAB IS WERE CORONA VIRUS ORIGINATE, AND WHEN VIRUSES LEAKED AUGUST 2019, US SOLDIERS WERE INFECTED:  The US’s main biological warfare lab at Fort Detrick was issued a “cease and desist” order because of violation of safety standards and protocol, and leaks. Interestingly, the US sponsors similar labs across the world, financed by the Department of Defense, in contravention many global treaties. Basically, its reasonable to say, the US government has a long history of involvement in bioweapons and is far ahead of the rest of the world in this field, and has the largest number of labs and scientists working in this field. The probability of a leak is simply highest from a US funded lab.

9) 300 HUNDRED CAME TO WUHAN ON PRETENSE OF TAKING PART IN THE WORLD MILITARY COMPETITION – WON NOT ONE MEDAL. In October 18 – 27, 2019, the 2019 Military World Games was held in Wuhan. The US sent a contingent of 350 athletes. They did not win any medals. The athletes toured Wuhan.

November 2019, the Chinese press reported that five athletes who had suffered from infectious disease had been discharged from hospital.

November 2019, Wuhan locals were detected with COVID-19, with a spike of such terms in local social media. This coincided with the post-incubation period after the Military World Games.

December 1, 2019, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was detected in Wuhan. Subsequently more than 80000 people will be infected. Of the first 41 cases, 34% were not related to the wildlife market.

8) IN AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER 2019, “THERE WAS A LARGE US (STATEWIDE) OUTBREAK OF A MYSTERIOUS RESPIRATORY DISEASE IN A FEW HUNDRED PEOPLE. This was blamed on vaping although people had been vaping for more than a decade without such outbreaks. Officials were unable to find any relation to a specific vaping device and addictive.

7) IN AUGUST 2019 TO JANUARY 2020, THE US CDC REPORTED THAT THE US IS GEARING UP FOR ONE OF THE WORST FLU SEASONS EVER, WITH 12000 DEATHS. On 12 March 2020, the CDC director admitted that some COVID-19 deaths were misdiagnosed as the flu because COVID-19 were found when they did posthumous tests.

6) IN VIROLOGY 101, THE REGION WITH THE MOST VARIANTS IS THE ORIGIN OF THE DISEASE. US FOUND TO HAVE 5 STRAINS; WUHAN HAS ONE PROVING THE UNITED STATES IS THE ORIGIN OF THE CORONAVIRUS. Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease specialist at Georgetown University, claimed that because there is an incubation time between infection and symptoms surfacing, and the presence of infected people with no links to wildlife market, the virus could not have originated from the wildlife market. Kristian Andersen, an evolutionary biologist at the Scripps Research Institute, agreed with the assessment.

Genotype assay of COVID-19 revealed 5 variants/strains (group ABCDE) of the virus. Most regions in the world have 1-2 COVID-19 variants including Hubei (mainly group C), and UK (Group 😎. US is the only country with all 5 variants (Group ABCDE).

5) PEOPLE HAVE BECOME ILL VISITING ONLY THE US. For example, 25 Jan, 2020, Japanese couple went for a 10 days’ vacation in Hawaii. On the second week they fell ill. On return to Japan they were tested and confirmed to have COVID-19.

Italy lab confirmed that the strain of COVID-19 is different from the one circulating in China, and that the circulation of the virus is not so recent and had been spreading undetected for weeks. 

China’s coronavirus expert Dr Zhong Nanshan, the discoverer of SARS, said that although COVID-19 was detected in China, it doesn’t necessary mean that it originated from China.

4) US EPIDIMEOLOGY DATA SUGGEST US IS THE ORIGIN OF THE DISEASE. As of March 12, 2020, the US had only tested 10000 people, and COVID-19 was confirmed in 1600 of them. As a comparison South Korea tests 10000 people a day, but the disease rate trajectory is the same as the US. This suggests that there is a great number of infected people in the US, just that they were not tested.

3) CHINA AND IRAN, BOTH IN THE CROSS HAIRS OF WASHINGTON WERE SITES OF INITIAL LARGE OUTBREAKS.  With Iran specifically, I must stay that it was very strange for the US to offer medical assistance and supplies to Iran during the outbreak, when the US itself had short falls. Not surprisingly, the mullahs rebuffed this overture, with deep suspicions. Interestingly, a very large number of senior government and ‘military’ officials have now died from this virus. If you wanted to ‘hit’ the regime hard, it appears that nothing could have been more effective than this virus. This outbreak comes on the heels of the US killing of General Soleimani in Iraq. Bottom line US had every ‘motivation’ to sponsor the release of this bioweapon in Iran.

With China specifically, there would also have been every motivation to sponsor the release of this bioweapon too. US was ‘going nowhere’ in its negotiations with China on trade. Wuhan would have been a very attractive and available target because of the ‘World Military Games’ there in October. Wuhan was the first city to roll out 5G – a serious threat to US dominance. Wuhan had the virology lab, that would have provided an excellent cover for the US. To undermine the Chinese economy with this virus would have been very attractive for the Trump administration – who as we all know play dirty. 


‘labeling’ is troubling or fishy. In fact, Pompeo insisted that this language be in a G12 announcement. If in fact, Pompeo knows something we don’t, he should come straight out and let the people of America (who have lost so much to the virus) be informed of it. Not of the standard lines about the Wuhan animal market add up to anything. To me, both Trump and Pompeo are pathological liars, and if the say something is white, reflexively, I know its black. They keep hammering on China – at a time when the focus really must be to deal with the virus domestically in the U.S. It serves NO constructive purpose, except to deflect the blame and obfuscate the reality. Which in turn makes me believe that its not true. Perhaps in 20 years, we will learn more about the reality of the origins of this virus. Much like the US Tehran Embassy Hostage Crisis, what they blame on a foreign government ends up being squarely a secret US operation (i.e. Reagan’s campaign tricksters); or Oliver North saying publicly in congress that he was trying to stop the spread of communism, when he was secretly running a billion dollar cocaine trafficking operation. This virus has the ‘features’ of a clever bioweapon released on US enemies and this sort of public labeling has a diversionary character to it. Which makes me believe the Trump administration is behind it.

  1. IF AS THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION SAYS, THIS VIRUS ORIGINATED IN A CHINESE GOVERNMENT LAB, WHY ARE WE NOT SUING CHINA? OR CONTINUING TO TRADE WITH CHINA? AFTER 10 TRILLION DOLLARS OF ASSET LOSSES IN US MARKETS? In the past 30 days, oil prices have dropped dramatically forcing many oil companies to shut down operations, and the stock markets in the US (but also globally) have dropped dramatically over 30%! There has been at least 12 Trillion dollars in lost value in assets. This virus has had a dramatic impact on the US and global economy. So, one would think that the US government (and its intelligence agencies) have the capacity to quickly determine the origin of the virus. If in fact, the Trump administration has inside information that suggests this was a virus leaked out of a Chinese government virology lab, then should China not be held accountable? The point is the Trump administration is NOT holding China accountable. Beyond cheap rhetoric, nothing of substance is changing. The US is continuing with the next phase of trade negotiations. US companies continue to have products produced in China.

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