Why We Must Denounce Iranian Lawmaker’s $3 Million Bounty for Trump

Yes, we know. This past week an Iranian lawmaker (Ahman Hamzeh) reportedly offered a $3 million bounty for the assassination of President Trump and called for the country to produce long-range missiles less than a month after the killing of famed military commander Qassem Soleiman.

Hamzeh is from Kerman Province, which is Soleimani’s hometown. It remains unclear if the $3 million reward has support from Iran’s clerical leaders, according to Reuters.

Trump for sure has been no friend of Iran or Iranians. And the GOP (that’s the Republican Party), too has been nothing but abusive publicly about Iran or Iranians. Trump is at War not just with the regime in Tehran (who Iranians despise) but also with Iranians. Crippling sanctions have reduced living standards in Iran, denied Iranians access to medicine (this is true despite what the US government says) – yet the regime is stronger than ever. It has dealt with any and all opposition or resistance, like it always does, with brutal force. By the time Trump steps down, there will have been countless Iranians denied travel, and even those with Visas being denied access to the US, even worse. Not to mention countless denials of Visas for ordinary Iranians to visit or study in the US.

Trump appears to be flying by the seat of his pants when it comes to Iran. And the great tragedy of all this is that ordinary Iranians are being victimized. Trump has made the life of all Iranians everywhere hell. I can not even begin to share with you how it has impacted my relationship (as an Iranian-American) with ordinary relations with other Americans here in the US, and the impact it has had on my business. And, I will make a prediction. As much as I hate the Mullahs, my friends, they are going nowhere, meanwhile US has systematically reduced its commitments in the region. i.e. they are leaving! People will have suffered basically for nothing. None of Trump’s actions will lead to any concrete outcomes.

These four years will be a total disaster for the U.S. The Mullahs and hardliners in Iran will have been reinforced, Iran will end up with a major Nuclear program outside any foreign inspections or controls, and there will be no reform, no moderation, and no peace in sight. Nothing good will have come out of it. For the record, I should state that I do not support the Mullahs in Iran. (But we must be realistic, flying by the seat of your pants won’t induce regime change)!

So, first and foremost, I think it’s important (perhaps critical) that all Iranians not support any violence anywhere, or any threats against anyone – anywhere in the world. Mr. Hamzeh’s bounty is wrong on its face. You can not respond to violence with violence. International law, and international avenues must be sought for a civilized, decent response by Iran and Iranians. Threats achieve nothing.

But, having said all this, I for one, would like it if any thought of Trump was erased from my memory 5 or 10 years from now.

The problem with Trump is that he is so narcissistic that he paints his name on anything and everything. Yes, there are Trump buildings, Trump hotels, Trump resorts, Trump Golf Courses… and there was a Trump Airline, … even Trump water on his TV show the apprentice.

If in fact someone claims Mr. Hamzeh’s bounty, my big fear is that we will be walking around America with Trump everything. I mean Trump Avenues, Trump parks, Trump Airports… There might even be a Trump Day!! Yes!!

We just commemorated Martin Luther King Day in the US. Fifty years after MLK’s assassination, there are over 900 streets named after King in 41 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. And there are also 400 Streets, Parks, and Schools Named After JFK. School, Road, Park, Airport.

Can you imagine what would happen if Mr. Hamzeh’s bounty was claimed? THERE WILL BE TRUMP SIGNS EVERYWHERE!

And if Iranians cannot effectively prosecute Trump’s war mongering, his illegal behavior, his breach of international agreements in international venues – like the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, or the UN Security Council, then Iranians MUST find ways to support Trump’s impeachment here in the U.S.

Note, there are no Nixon Highways, or Nixon Airports! He was humiliated all the way to his grave.

This would be sweet Justice against Trump. An impeachment would diminish his brand and even make him persona-non-grata (that like saying he will be turned to shit) publicly – to a point where his name would have to be removed even from his own buildings. That would be the ultimate punishment for a narcissist.

So, instead of threatening any violence, everyone (including the regime in Tehran) should use their energy to get valuable information about Trump’s connections to Ukraine or Russia out in the open as soon as possible. If the Mullahs have any sort of intelligence network outside Iran, or a decent cyber force (like the Russian) they should get dirt on Trump’s attempts to undermine democracy in the U.S.

We need a trove of Trump emails. Or some inside scoop from a prostitute in Kiev who slept with Giuliani. Or a credible witness to come forward … Anything to make the case against Trump a slam dunk for the Democrats. Or maybe some first-hand dirt from Russia about Trump’s escapades during the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. Any nail in his coffin would be great!

Better yet, more dirt on Republican Senators who are steadfastly breaking their oaths to support a criminal in the Whitehouse. Moscow Mitch must go. There must be a wholesale shift in the U.S.  Without support on Capital Hill, he would be dead meat (figuratively speaking that is)!

If you don’t want Trump splattered everywhere – NOW is the time to do something about it. People everywhere must mobilize to kick republicans out of office and make sure Trump is not re-elected.

Hopefully, by the time all this is over, the only place where Trump’s name would appear will be above public Toilets in America. And in Europe, instead of WC (for Winston Churchill), they should call them all DT!!

If Hamzeh wants to hit where it hurts, they should put Trump’s name above every public toilet in Iran, instead of offering a bounty for Trump!!

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