Wrong vs Right

This guy (Ollie North) who worked at the NSC wore a military uniform to testify, to then pretend to “ break the law to fight communism“ on national Television, while in fact covering up a secret and elaborate plan which involved secret relations with Iran’s mullahs (established during the Reagan Campaign to keep the hostages in place to beat Carter), then sell illegal arms, smuggle Cocaine and distribute it in ghettos in key voting states.  Then arranging mass arrests to eventually put literally millions of African-Americans in Jail, keeping them out of voting booths, and completely change the voter landscape in America. He wore the Uniform to lie and undermine US Democracy!

Then this guy  (Alex Vindman) who worked at the NSC wore a military uniform, did in fact escape communism with his family (no pretensions about it). He then stood up to Republican Congressmen who tried to humiliate him and his uniform. He spoke the truth and uncovered  how Trump (like Reagan) undermined US foreign policy to further his domestic political agenda and assist his campaign. He didn’t break any laws, in fact he ensured US foreign policy and congressional appropriations were upheld. He wore the Uniform to speak the truth and reinforce US Democracy and protect all Americans.

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