Every Single Day, there is an Article About War with Iran

Like most Iranian-Americans, I have a news feed on Iran. Yes, I know, not everyone has a feed but most Iranians I know, get similar information through their facebook or Yahoo or google feeds (in many cases site algorithms automatically place articles that are similar to previous articles you might have seen in your feed)! And then many Iranians look at sites – like this one on reddit to simply stay current with Iran news and events.

Anyway, I am not sure if you are noticing it too – but there are articles every single day about the prospect of war with Iran. Now, I am NOT saying there will be war with Iran. What I AM SAYING, is there is a concerted effort to twist public opinion (at least in the U.S.) against Iran (and Iranians) and to push the U.S. into war.

A more careful look at all these articles, and you find that they are systematically coming from very pro-Israeli sites (and/or publications) like “The National Interest” (founded by Irving Kristol). Here is a list of articles by date on the National Interest site:

Israel’s F-35 Stealth Fighters Can Strike Iran at an Moment – 1 day ago

Saudi Arabia is Not Prepared to Play Play Nice with Iran – 2 days ago

America’s Old F-14 Tomcats Are so good, Iran Still uses them – 2 days ago

Would This Tiny U.S. Warship be the First to Fight Iran in a War? – 3 days ago

Will Trump go to war with Iran? – 4 days ago


And then, there are continuous posts on all sites including Reddit of a pro-Israel, anti-Iran agenda. So much so, that this comment was posted on reddit by ‘removalbot’:” What is it with all of the accounts lately joining in the last month and a half and posting biased pro-Israel anti-Iran stuff?” Pro-Israel, anti-Iran bots are ruling social media. They leave NO room for anyone else and put up (nasty) comments all the time. This is so pervasive, that you must believe it’s a systematic, well financed effort to undermine Iran and Iranians.

This is blatant. Its systemic – and widespread.

There are obvious examples of pro-Israeli, anti-Iranian media bias, with for example a headline on the Huffington Post that reads: “Despite Threat Of Sanctions, Iran Tests Missiles Marked With The Phrase ‘Israel Must Be Wiped Out'” – yet the quote isn’t found anywhere in article!

At AIPAC, a few years ago, Paul Ryan bowed and scraped before his puppet masters, by talking tough on Iran, and saying US will not tolerate anti-Israel bias (in the media); and by inference suggesting that anti-Iran bias was acceptable.

There is unquestionably, anti-Iranian Media Bias. With ‘Lies, damn lies, and scurrilous ones are repeated with disturbing regularity. Iran (and Iranians) are wrongfully vilified.

And this has been going on for decades.

Several years ago for example, Fox News host  Bret Baier’s Special Report featured right wing columnists Charles Krauthammer, Kirsten Powers and Jonah Goldberg.  

According to Krauthammer, Rohani “says (Iran never) work(ed) on (developing nuclear weapons) and isn’t working on (them) today.”

“So, he starts with a double lie, and then we are to believe that his next statement (about) never construct(ing) one is true.

It “looks like we are the supplicant, and we’re going to give a lot away which I think will leave Iran in a position to go nuclear in a very short order.”

Powers claimed there’s “every reason to believe that the Iranians will mislead. And very well may be up to no good.”

“(W)e haven’t been talking to them, and they have been moving closer towards building a bomb or so we believe.”

According to Goldberg, “all this talk about concessions from Iran – these aren’t concessions that we are talking about.”

“It’s compliance by treaty and by UN resolution. They have to give up their nuclear program. And we talk about it as if they are doing us a favor by having these conversations.”

William Kristol co-founded the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). The Foreign Policy Initiative is its new incarnation. Its agenda supports imperial lawlessness. It reflects old wine in new bottles. Kristol is a prominent board of directors member. He’s also Weekly Standard editor. Separately, he told Fox News “(t)he clock is ticking.”  “So it’s not a mutual situation where we will take a year and test it and decide what to do.”

“The Iranians are close. That’s one reason why they’re launching this charm offensive, and that’s why Israel is so, I think, under the gun.”

Don’t expect better from other US mainstream media.

And there was a headline around the same time: “NBC’s Iran Bomb.” NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams lied to viewers.

Now, lets be clear, I do NOT support the regime in Tehran or the mullahs. But I also don’t support this sort of manipulation of US foreign policy.

From the American point of view, war with Iran doesn’t make sense. But Israelis and Saudi Arabians would like NOTHING more than to have the US fight Iran (on their behalf). And they are paying a lot of money to manipulate US public opinion.

Who would dare ask the vital questions that need to be asked about war with Iran? Like how much would it cost (10 Trillion maybe?)? And who would pay for it? (Saudi Arabia and Israel don’t have even 10% of the funds needed)? Whose blood will be poured.

And anyway, why is it in the interests of the U.S. to do anything in the region? US is self-sufficient with fossil fuels, and like all other modern nations is expanding its renewable energy base. Iran hasn’t invaded a country longer than the U.S. has been a country! What’s US’s bone with Iran?

Could it be the Embassy Hostages – 40 years ago? If so, lets remind Americans that Reagan’s camp was intimately involved with the Mullahs to keep the hostages’ captive through the presidential elections, to humiliate Jimmy Carter. The Embassy hostages was Republican party scam!

Or, could it be that Iran is now dominant in the region with neighboring states (like Iraq and Afghanistan), while U.S. influence is diminishing? If so, let me remind Americans that the US basically ruined these countries via its invasion without a post-war plan. It left the countries in inferior shape than it found them. US did NOT add value! Could it be that the people in these countries have a role in enabling Iran to help them, since they lost confidence in US efforts?

Or could it be that somehow US is now a self-declared policeman for the United Nations – deciding unilaterally who has the right to do anything nuclear? This is despite Iran membership in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (while Israel is not). This is despite very invasive inspections of Iran’s sites. This is despite everyone agreeing Iran does not have a plan to build nuclear weapons.

How does war with Iran make sense for the U.S.? What would be the premise?

We all know precisely what is going to happen. And all these articles and news items are very clear. Israel and Saudi Arabia will pick a fight with Iran or provoke a fight, and then they will pull the U.S. into the war. Because, of course, US MUST protect its allies. (Even if they carry bone saws like MBS in Saudi Arabia). It’s a total scam. Its crystal clear.

Now again, I do NOT support the Mullahs in Iran. But I wholly object to this sort of manipulation of US foreign policy. The regime in Iran is for Iranians themselves to topple. An American war with Iran simply doesn’t make sense – it is NOT in US interests. And its very clear now, that sanctions too have been relatively ineffective.

US needs a separate policy for central Asia (separate from Arabia and the Levant) – where Iran can be a staging point for a new regional economic and political plan in partnership with the U.S.  The US can not allow Israel or Saudi Arabia to dictate US policy in Central Asia – where Iran is a clearly an important regional hub. This sort of manipulation by Israel and Saudi Arabia is undermining US interests and ONLY helping China (and Russia) make vital inroads into the region. All the ‘stans, have crucial historic, economic, and cultural connectivity to Iran.

This is a mistake. There must be new laws in the U.S. making this sort of foreign manipulation illegal. The authors of these articles and the people who run these organizations are in fact dual nationals – Israeli Americans (members of AIPAC) who place their loyalty to Israel ahead of their loyalty to the U.S.

It’s clear all they want is another war at any cost, and the bankruptcy of the U.S.! How much more money should the U.S. federal government borrow for them? Who will pay back the debt? Whose children will they send to the war? This must stop.

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