10 Reasons Why Israel is Now Less Secure Under Netanyahu

There is a morbid fear of Iran and Iranians in the West, driven largely by Israel’s Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu’s (now multi-decade) anti-Iran policy designed to promote Israel’s security. This is ‘good’ domestic politics in Israel – painting Iran as an enemy, generating fear! It makes Bibi appear bold, strong and continues in the long-held tradition of using fear to drum up votes. This type of political dynamic has served him (and his allies) well but is not fundamentally in the strategic interests of Israel. In fact, keeping Israel in a permanent state of war and increasing polarization with its new ‘enemy’ Iran, will, in the end, result in war! This ‘shadow war’ as many have called it, is one accident away from all out war. This cannot be good.

Last month, when Iran shot down a U.S. drone; Donald Trump blinked. If the US itself fears an Iran invasion, then should Israel also be concerned about taking on the Mullahs? In fact, I would argue that Bibi has in fact created the conditions that have now left Israel less secure. Yes, Israel (and its dual nationals in the U.S.) may have their man in the White House; moved the US embassy and consolidated itself in the Golan Heights, but in fact Israel is secretly and increasingly isolated and more insecure today than ever in its history.

1. Netanyahu pushed for Iraq war

Let’s not forget that it was Netanyahu who worked tirelessly to push the U.S. to invade Iraq. “The prime minister, as you will recall, was profoundly forward-leaning and outspoken about the importance of invading Iraq under George W. Bush, and we all know what happened with that decision,” Secretary of State John Kerry said. “He may have a judgement that just may not be correct [on Iran].”

Indeed, Netanyahu was a rather aggressive Iraq hawk back in the early 2000s. “There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking, is working, is advancing towards to the development of nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said in 2002 testimony to Congress. “Once Saddam has nuclear weapons, the terror network will have nuclear weapons,”

Not only did Netanyahu get the nuclear issue wrong — Saddam was not building a nuclear program after all — but he incorrectly predicted that the war would inspire an Iranian democratic uprising that would topple the theocratic regime.

“If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region,” Netanyahu claimed. “And I think that people sitting right next door in Iran, young people, and many others, will say the time of such regimes, of such despots is gone.”

Far from getting it wrong on Iraq, Netanyahu became isolated from a large part of the U.S. establishment. And more crucially the war resulted in trillions of dollars of increased U.S. national debt (arguably as much as $7 Trillion dollars, $20,000 per living American and possibly as much as $70,000 per American family). And even more crucially, here we are almost two decades since the U.S. invasion, and Iran dominates Iraq politically, economically and militarily. Iranian backed Shiites are in control in Iraq. Iraq was not neutralized against Israel by the U.S. invasion, but has become a hot bed of Shiite militants, aligned with Tehran, supporting every battle against Iran’s enemies. They have joined other Iranian backed militias (the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Afghan paramilitaries the Liwa Fatemiyoun group, Pakistanis paramilitaries the Liwa Zainebiyoun group, Syria’s NDF and Shabiha paramilitaries and so on) against ISIS in Iraq – and won!

Netanyahu’s push for a U.S. invasion of Iraq has backfired badly. Israel is LESS secure today because of the changes precipitated in Iraq by itself and its allies. Iran has been empowered. Oh, and one more point, does he seriously think the U.S. will take his bait and invade Iran after what Netanyahu put the U.S. through in Iraq? (Really, seriously?)

2.Netanyahu sponsored Syrian rebels

It is no secret that Syria’s civil war did in fact include many groups that were aligned with Israel. The “al-Nusra” front was one such group. There are countless reports of al-Nusra combatants receiving medical aid in Israel and returning to fight. Former head of Mossad, Efraim Halevy, in an interview for al-Jazeera implicitly confirmed that such practices had taken place, as part of a general Israeli policy of treating wounded rebel fighters

The al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, being the biggest jihadist group in Syria, is often considered to be the most aggressive and violent part of the opposition. Being responsible for over 50 suicide bombings, including several deadly explosions in Damascus in 2011 and 2012. Al-Nusra Front has been accused of mistreating religious and ethnic minorities since their formation. The al-Nusra Front renamed itself to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS) in June 2016, and later became the leading member of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in 2017.

Many Syrian rebels got direct training from the CIA at bases in Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Under the aegis of operation Timber Sycamore and other clandestine activities, CIA operatives and U.S. special operations troops trained and armed nearly 10,000 rebel fighters at a cost of $1 billion a year since 2012. The Syrian coalition also received logistic and political support from Sunni states, most notably Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Financial Times and The Independent reported that Qatar had funded the Syrian rebellion by as much as $3 billion. It reported that Qatar was offering refugee packages of about $50,000 a year to defectors and family. Saudi Arabia has emerged as the main group to finance and arm the rebels. According to Seymour Hersh, US intelligence estimates that the opposition is financed by Saudi Arabia to the tune of $700 million a year (2014). Many rebel groups like for example the FSA received sophisticated weaponry and other military support from the U.S., Turkey and some Gulf countries.

Israel’s close ties with the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan is no secret now. None of these nation’s armies acted alone or without the support or consent of Israel. 

But most crucially, the rebels lost. Assad is still in power. There are now over 5 million Syrian refugees outside Syria, there has been ethnic cleansing – with Alawite (Shiites) firmly in control.  Army dissenters are out. Assad now has a more powerful, more faithful, more experienced military; and battle tested allies in the form of Iranian backed Shiite militias from many nations.

In effect not only has Iran taken over Iraq, but it now also has a bridge from Iraq to Lebanon across Syria. Iran has consolidated its position in the region. Iran also now has literally several million militias under its command – that have been battle hardened in Syria.

Netanyahu’s push to get the Assad regime toppled has backfired badly. Israel is LESS secure today because of the changes precipitated in Syria by itself and its allies.

3. Netanyahu Backed Romney and Trump (alienated Democrats)

It was really no secret that Netanyahu was close to Mitt Romney – having worked together at the Boston Consulting Company back in 1976. And that Netanyahu is very close to Jared Kushner’s family and famously stayed at Kushner’s parent’s home. Bottom line he has openly supported and ‘preferred’ presidential candidates from the Republican Party.

Donald Trump openly stated (recently), “If you vote for a Democrat, you’re being disloyal to Jewish people and you’re being very disloyal to Israel,” Trump told reporters on the South Lawn before he left the White House to address a military veterans group. Trump again repeated his false claim that the Democratic Party is “anti-Israel” and bragged about having moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and having withdrawn from the Iran nuclear agreement, citing them as reasons Jewish voters should support him.”

In effect Trump and Netanyahu have made supporting Israel a partisan issue. This is very dangerous for Israel. Will Israel enjoy the support of the U.S. if a Democrat sits in the white house or if Democrats control congress? Since 1973, Democrats have controlled the White House for 20 years!

Obama’s animosity with Netanyahu is well known. And we all know, there was no one happier than Netanyahu that Hillary Clinton did not get into office. Without the U.S. as a staunch ‘permanent’ ally, I would argue that Israel will be less secure. This is not good for Israel.

One more time, Netanyahu’s actions have led to less security for Israel.

4. Netanyahu Backed Trump’s in your face pro-Israeli policies

Trump is demented. People who have a family history of dementia are at increased risk for dementia. The biggest risk factor for dementia is age. Trump also is following his father into the inescapable labyrinth of dementia. Just as his father would not let go of his position at the top of Trump Management even when he was dying from dementia. He has many symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment, including poor memory, word finding difficulty, slurred speech, linguistic decline, irritability, depression, mental confusion, lack of restraint, inexplicable lying, poor occupational performance, impaired judgment and paranoia.

In a speech announcing his decision to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in December of 2017, for example, Trump severely slurred his words. While a White House spokesperson claimed his slurring was due to dry mouth, the severity of the slurring was inconsistent with this explanation and was more likely caused a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). In another speech this April to the Republican Jewish Coalition, Trump again slurred his words at one section, although less severely than he did in the 2017 episode. Trump has made numerous other rambling and incoherent speeches throughout his candidacy and presidency, including a famously incoherent speech declaring that there was a national emergency at the Mexican border. Trump referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” at a White House event.

Add to this, other crucial findings by psychologists of Trump Narcissism, and it’s a very toxic cocktail. It will not take long for the people of America to figure this out.

Given Trump’s mental state, his tenure may well be limited. Meanwhile, we have Trump himself and many leaders of the Jewish community in the US, like Wayne Allen Root calling Trump “the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world” and saying Israeli Jews love him “…like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God…” Trump even went so far as to say that Jews should vote for him, because of everything he has done for Israel.

But far from alienating the Democratic voter base, he may very well have catalyzed anti-Semitism to a point where more generally the U.S. voter base maybe privately viewing Israel with skepticism. Americans don’t dare say this publicly, but in private settings there is a completely different scenario at play. Given US experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, there really isn’t a popular support for an invasion of Iran in order to protect Israel.

Think about it for a second. He has essentially stated publicly that Jewish Americans hold allegiance to another nation.   Many other Americans have privately bristled that Jews in the US have “dual loyalty,” which implicitly questions their allegiance to the United States.

Beyond alienating the Democratic party, there is a deeper current of anti-Semitism in the U.S. which is now being exacerbated by Trump (and Netanyahu)’s rhetoric. It is no coincidence that there have been numerous shootings in Synagogues in the U.S. during Trump’s tenure. It is also interesting that white-supremacists have openly paraded with anti-Semitic rhetoric – only to find that Trump called them “good people”! How can that be consistent with his pro-Israel rhetoric?

The pendulum will swing. This cannot be good for Israel. It really doesn’t matter if Israel has been steadily building houses and expanding its territory on the West Bank or enhance its claims for the Golan Heights with Trump’s backing. Without much broader US support, Israel is vulnerable.

Netanyahu’s association with Trump may not in the long run be good for Israel’s security. Trump is demented. His actions are inconsistent. And he has led the U.S. down a dangerous path of supporting Israel in a manner that may in fact not be in Israel’s best interests.

Netanyahu has in fact undermined Israel’s security by supporting Trump.

5. Netanyahu has aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Ruling Regime

If Netanyahu believes the regime in Saudi Arabia will survive, he is completely wrong. Much like the Mullahs in Iran, their days are numbered. No amount of security will ensure their long-term survival. You just can’t bring a reporter into an embassy and saw him up in front of the world! As more names of Saudi government officials are identified who were complicit in 9/11 attacks, is there anyone who disagrees that it’s only a matter of time before the Saudi regime is gone?

And when that day comes, anyone aligned with the Saudi royals will be at the butt end of a new regime. Saudi Arabia’s regime downfall will be far worse than the Shah’s downfall. When it comes to Islamic fanaticism, Saudi Wahabist put even the “Islamic Republic of Iran” to shame.  A new, militant anti-American and anti-Israel regime will come to power, but now armed with the world’s most expensive and sophisticated arms. It will be exponentially more dangerous for Israel.

Aligning with the Saudi’s is a fundamentally bad idea. Propping up brutal, impetuous, and frankly very unfit regime in Saudi Arabia is a very bad idea. I mean, they can’t even take on a bunch of bedouin, mountain tribesmen in Yemen! They had to bring in mercenaries from other countries to fight a war! And have lost the war! I mean with all their investment in arms they have still lost out!!

In fact, Israel needs to make some serious contingency plans if all these countries in the Southern Persian Gulf flip. Every regime is a dictatorship. Every regime is vulnerable. Oh, and by the way, that whole region in the Southern Persian Gulf have massive Shiite majorities.

There is every probability of a major political shift in the region. What will Israel do?

Netanyahu has no plans, no idea. And his alliance with these regimes does in fact make the situation very insecure for Israel. Today’s stability and prosperity in this region is a façade.

6. Netanyahu Policy vis a vis Palestinians and West Bank

When all else fails – to get elected – Netanyahu declared this past few days that Israel will annex major sections of the West Bank of the Jordan River. Yes, this is popular with his fanatic base, but again, in the long run this will create massive problems.

How long will this alienation and annexation continue?

There are what? 4.5 million Palestinians between Gaza and the West Bank. How long and for how many generations will Palestinian children grow up to hate Israel and everyone that supports it? And how will this all play out?

A fundamental precept of the exercise of power is that if you truly have it then you do not need to exercise it in physical terms. This is very fundamental. For Israel to exercise its military power on Palestinians – firing into the Gaza strip or annexing land, means it doesn’t have ‘power’! It is resorting to force and violence to exert an outcome. Real subjection is born mechanically from abstract relations, not physicality. Soft power is far preferable to hard power.

Netanyahu’s exercise of power is primitive and highly polarizing. He is offering nothing to new generations of Palestinians, and in the end, this itself will be a source of significant insecurity for Israel.

The only, long terms solution to Israel’s national security is a decent accommodation with the Palestinians. Netanyahu is not interested in this. There has been no progress towards peace during his tenure.

7. Netanyahu Pushed for U.S. withdrawal from JCPOA and War with Iran

Anyone who believes Israel is more secure with a nuclear armed Iran some 1000 miles away must have their heads examined. If the JCPOA did nothing else, it ensured that Iran’s whole nuclear program was under a regime of constant inspections. And what did Netanyahu do, he asked the U.S. (Trump) to walk away from it? How stupid can that be?

New sanctions have been placed on Iran, and there is an effort to ‘renegotiate’ the deal with Iran.

40 years of sanctions did not work in the past, why should they work now? This past week Iran secured a major agreement with China that basically places Iran right back to pre-sanctions oil exports of close to 2 Million barrels a day. Also, this past week, Iran restarted more advanced centrifuges to process Uranium.

Nothing has been achieved. But now Iran can effectively operate outside inspections and re-establish its stock of highly enriched Uranium.

It already has highly advanced ballistic missile capability. Add some dirty nukes to these missiles, and Tel Aviv could become a ghost town very quickly. Is this good for Israel?

Frankly from where I sit, its idiotic.

Trump had his own reasons for canceling the 2015 Iran deal, in which Iran had given up 80% of its civilian nuclear enrichment program and was forestalled from militarizing the program by UN inspections. Netanyahu has spent a decade and a half lobbying for the United States to strike Iran. Of course, so too have the Saudis, and the warmonger wing of the Republican Party is full of Genghis Khans dreaming of towers of skulls. Netanyahu and the Israeli political establishment, however, have much more weight in Washington than do the Saudis, and Netanyahu has openly campaigned as a sort of American Republican, working his constituency among evangelicals and deploying the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which donates big money to US politicians, and mobilizing the full spectrum of what John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt termed “the Israel Lobby.”

Netanyahu may have been hoping that Trump would strike Iran for him, but that clearly is not going to happen. Americans are tired of seeing American blood and treasure squandered in the Middle East. Indeed, with John Bolton now fired, Trump may eventually actually hold talks with Iran.

Netanyahu’s plot has backfired monumentally. Iran has been strengthened not weakened during Netanyahu’s tenure. Iran now has a bridge to Lebanon across Iraq and Syria. Iran sits right next to Israel. All the bombing has done nothing to impede Iran’s march to Israel’s borders. Netanyahu offers nothing except war as a remedy. He has never considered reestablishing relations with Iran! If that sounds very radical, Israelis should never forget a few simple facts about Iran and Iranians: (1) It has been Iran and Iranians that have freed Jews from captivity some 2000 years ago, and it was Iran and Iranians that provided Israel with oil during the Yom Kippur war when Israel was sanctioned and embargoed. Without Iran and Iranians there would be no Israel, no Jews. (2) Iran has the longest, continuous and largest population of Jews in the Middle East. Jews are constitutionally protected in Iran. In fact, I would go one step further to point out that in fact ‘the homeland’ for Jews is “Persia” not Israel. There is no reason why there can’t be strong relations between Iran and Israel. This is unfathomable for Netanyahu, why? Because war mongering, scare mongering buys Netanyahu votes.

Bottom Line he has undermined Israel’s security.

8. Netanyahu polarization has resulted not only Russia, but China’s direct involvement in the Region

Netanyahu and Trump have pushed Iran straight into the arms of China which is investing $400 billion in the country and which is now taking most of Iran’s oil exports. China seems intent on integrating Iran into its economy even more robustly than it had proposed with Pakistan.

In foreign policy, China supports the al-Assad government in Syria and so is a silent partner with Iran and Russia in this regard. Hawks in Washington had hoped to see al-Assad overthrown in favor of Sunni fundamentalists who might join a US-Saudi-Israel axis (this was always a pipe dream and some of the actual Sunni fundamentalists affiliated to al-Qaeda).

China has investments in Iraqi petroleum and was extremely alarmed by so-called Islamic State group or ISIL, which it was afraid would infect the 20 million Chinese Muslims with radicalism. It is therefore happy enough to have a strong Shiite anti-ISIL government in Baghdad allied with equally anti-ISIL Shiite Iran.

In short, China’s close embrace of Iran requires no significant change in Iranian foreign policy, and indeed, promises to strengthen Iran in such a way as to enable it to continue its present policies in the Middle East.

If the China deal goes through, Iran is much strengthened, and its hard liners are entirely unleashed. The positioning of Chinese security forces in Iran will make it increasingly risky for other countries such as Israel or the US to strike Iran, lest they come into conflict with nuclear-armed China.

Readers should NOT forget that in fact Russia intervened in Syria’s civil war and has stood firm by Assad’s side. Israel now has NOT only China but also Russia to worry about in the region. War with their regional allies Syria and Iran would be very problematic.

In fact, it is Israel that has pushed Syria and Iran into Russia and China’s hands. This is very problematic for Israel, and in the end has emboldened “Israel’s regional enemies”. This has changed Israel military calculations, making the prospect of war very expensive.  How can this be good for Israel’s national security?

9.Netanyahu pushing for Anti-Muslim and Anti-Iranian (population) policies inside the U.S.

No one is an idiot. Everyone knows the source of anti-Muslim and anti-Iranian rhetoric in U.S. media. This concept of the U.S. being a Judeo-Christian nation is not new. It was employed, back in 1920’s as a backlash to the KKK marches across the U.S. Now this is being employed as an anti-Muslim rhetoric – undermining Muslims in the U.S. Since 9/11 this rhetoric has been more widely employed and is now standard verbiage of Christian radio and TV stations. All these evangelical Christian preachers are on Israel’s payroll. And they are systematically brainwashing of Americans against Muslims – and most recently- against Iranians.

Israel fears the rise of Iran regionally, and is trying to ‘build up’ anti-Iranian sentiment in the U.S. so it can persuade the U.S. to invade Iran. This is so obvious, its ridiculous. And with sanctions in place, it is also using widespread U.S. sanctions as a means of undermining Iranians. Trump, in order to appease his pro-Israel base placed a ban on Muslims and most specifically Iranians from coming to the U.S. Many Israeli-influenced US universities are not admitting Iranians as foreign students. Iranian artifacts and exhibits seem to be removed from major U.S. museums. I recently visited a museum in Southern Virginia where the word Iran was removed from all Iranian artifacts and referenced as Persian.

Its stupid. But the irony of all this is that Iranians are in fact, historically great friends of the Jewish community. Without Iran, and Iranians, there would be NO Jews in the world. It was Iranians after all that freed enslaved Jews (as written in the Torah), and it was the Shah of Iran who provided oil to Israel during the Yum Kippur war. Alienating Iran and Iranians is fundamentally a bad idea.

Iranians are NOT without influence in the U.S. The Iranian diaspora is wealthy and has its own ability to connect with decision makers in the U.S. and across the Western world. Israel is alienating itself by undermining Iran and Iranians. This is a very dirty, nasty war Israel is conducting against Iran and Iranians.

In addition, Israel is funding separatist groups like Kurdish, Azeri and Baluchi groups outside Iran. And has even participated with the UAE in coordinating Arab nationalism in southern Iran. Again, it’s a very nasty, dirty war that is being conducted. And the net result of all this will be greater Iranian resolve to repel this effort to undermine Iran and Iranians.

Yes, Iranians hate the Mullahs in power (who by the way were put in power by the West – not Iranians), but Iranians are proud and nationalistic. Israel is Not creating friends or allies among the Iranian population. When Saddam Hussein invaded Iran, Iranians put aside their hatred for the regime and united to fight the war. This will happen again if there is another invasion. Surely Israelis understand this. And need to redirect their poison ONLY at the regime in Iran (and its backers in the West), not the Iranian population at large. Does Israel not remember providing the Mullahs with arms during the Iran-Iraq war at the request of its Western allies? Does it now know who is behind the Mullah’s regime?  

Netanyahu is in fact creating more hatred, more division. And this can not be good for Israel. Why create more enemies in the region or the west? Does Israel really think this is a viable long-term strategy for its security? Why antagonize Muslims and Iranians in America? Does it really think this will lead to more support for Israel?

Let me just add one more statement on this. Aligning with America’s evangelists is not a good long-term strategy for Israel’s security. Americans are becoming less religious every day. Evangelists have been discredited in the U.S. They rise from pockets of ignorance and ‘poor’ Republican states like Mississippi or Alabama. And by the way, their support is financially driven. They do in fact hate Jews privately. They are the most bigoted nasty (unchristian) people in the U.S. They hate immigrants, hate Mexicans, hate everybody that is non-white. They will take money from Israeli lobby groups, but deep down they are Israel’s most vile enemies. If they are interested in Israel, it’s because they want the “Holy Land” for themselves – not Jews. That is how they think. This is a bad strategy for Israel.

10. Netanyahu has badly compromised US intelligence many times

Although there has been a big effort to cover up Netanyahu’s misdeeds, there have been very serious compromises of America’s intelligence relationship with Israel.

The very latest episode of Netanyahu’s misdeeds came out this week with reports of high-tech listening devices around the White House planted by Israeli intelligence! Seriously? The audacity? This by the way, is incredibly serious. Do not imagine that the Whitehouse was not aware of this many weeks before it was publicly announced. And do not think it had nothing to do with Bolton’s firing and a rapprochement with Iran. Israel has badly compromised its relationship with what apparently the most pro-Israel administration in recent memory.

In fact, Netanyahu has undermined and been caught red-handed by every single U.S. President in memory. During Obama’s administration, it was an Israeli dual agent (Paula Broadwell [nee Kranz]), who became General Petraeus’s paramour (when he became CIA director); and got access to his black book of codes. It was a major embarrassment for Israel.

It was during Clinton’s administration that Monica Lewinsky was outed by an Israeli dual agent Lucianne Steinberger Goldberg.

It was during Bush Senior’s administration that the greatest intelligence compromise of recent times was uncovered promulgated by Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli dual agent. The full extent of the information Pollard passed to Israel has still not been officially revealed. Press reports cited a secret 46-page memorandum, which Pollard and his attorneys could view. They were provided to the judge by then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who described Pollard’s spying as including, among other things, obtaining and copying the latest version of Radio-Signal Notations (RASIN), a 10-volume manual comprehensively detailing America’s global electronic surveillance network. Pollard is reported to have also compromised Australian and South African military intelligence. This was so bad that many senior US military officers have threatened to resign if any President pardons Pollard. He has, by the way, been recently released with a requirement that he cannot leave the U.S.  Netanyahu has continuously requested Pollard’s release, which has been received with widespread disdain in the U.S.

Netanyahu doesn’t get it. He has single handedly undermined US-Israel relations with all these intelligence misdeeds. Even, now, with Donald Trump.


We all know the reason why Netanyahu has compromised Israel’s security – right? It makes great fear mongering and for some stupid reason, the public in Israel are buying into it. Nothing like an enemy to drum up votes. And it is happening again. Its election season in Israel, and guess what Netanyahu is doing again? Fear mongering with Iran.

But now, more crucially, Netanyahu is alienating major pockets of support for Israel in the U.S. And Israel is aligning with the most malevolent regimes in the world. All for ‘cheap’ votes in Israel. War and conflict are stupid outcomes. It’s a total waste.

Netanyahu could have had an Iran under the JCPOA that integrated increasingly with the West including Israel. It was too tempting to paint Iran and Iranians as a pariah for votes – wasn’t it? In fact, he should have pivoted and opened relations with Iran. But he blew it.

Voters in Israel take note. Israel is far less secure today, because of Netanyahu. Several millennia of good relations with Iran have been blown away, and Americans (and America’s deep state) are in fact tired of his theatrics.

Netanyahu has compromised Israel’s security. This cannot be good for Israel. Israel needs a peace maker, not a street thug like Netanyahu. He will lead the country to ruin.

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