Breaking Up Britain would be Sweet Justice for Putin

Breaking Up Britain would be Sweet Justice for Putin

There is no question that Britain was a prime mover in the rise of Gorbachev! It was Thatcher after-all who earmarked him in 1984. Mysteriously, a handful of Politburo members died in succession within a matter of months, and the very junior member, Gorbachev became General Secretary in 1985!

It was British intelligence that was deeply involved in engineering Russia’s demise; having put in place many key double agents at the very top of the KGB and even inside Gorbachev’s government. Not the least of which were people like (regional KGB boss) Aliev – who’s family ended up ruling Azerbaijan for over 3 decades since the splinter (and provided generous oil and gas concessions to the Brits in the Caspian Sea); and  (Gorbachev’s Foreign Secretary) Shevardnadze – who ruled Georgia for a decade or so after the splintering of the Soviet Union; and it is rumored that even Yeltsin had a British handler and was pivotal to engineering the splinter (with secret meetings with other regional bosses etc.). It was a brilliant British coup. Yes, the Reagan administration takes credit for it, but the Brits did much of the dirty work.  

Putin rose to dominate the Soviet Union in a chaotic atmosphere; and deep embarrassment for what had transpired. He came to Moscow having been the local KGB boss in East Germany and witnessed first-hand how the Soviet empire collapsed. If Putin has done nothing else, he has restored some Russian pride! But, Russia today is a shadow of its former self. And as we all know, much of Putin’s restoration has involved nefarious deeds, not the least of which was interference in the U.S. elections, and the Brexit referendum in the Britain.

There is now, clear evidence that Putin interfered in Britain’s Brexit referendum. He used the very same tactics he used to undermine U.S. democracy, led to what seems like the ‘inevitable’ departure of Britain from the European Union. i.e. the splintering of the EU.

But it doesn’t stop there. Britain’s standing in Europe was crucial to the Scots when they voted to remain in the UK (before the Brexit referendum). And the open border between UK’s Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (which came about with Britain’s membership in the EU) was also key to dampening Northern Irish nationalists and reducing the violence and terrorism in Belfast.

Political parties in Northern Ireland and Scotland, which both voted to Remain in the EU, are seizing on the political paralysis in Westminster to push their independent agendas.

Everything has changed. The new Prime Minister in the UK, Boris Johnson is totally committed to Brexit. With this inevitability, recently, Scotland’s nationalist leader warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that she would continue preparations for an independence referendum because his Brexit plans would hurt the Scottish economy.

“It is now – more than ever – essential that in Scotland we have an alternative option,” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a letter to Johnson.

“The Scottish government will continue to make preparations to give people in Scotland the choice of becoming an independent country,” she said, adding that the Scottish parliament would consider framework legislation for a referendum after the summer recess. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the case “the case for Scotland becoming an independent country has never been stronger.”

In Northern Ireland, the party leader Mary Lou McDonald recently told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Brexit is an opportunity to unite Northern Ireland with the Republic. “A referendum on Irish unity will be absolutely essential”, she says, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

“We have a situation where the North of Ireland take a democratic decision, they reject Brexit, and yet, due to the sovereignty of Westminster, Brexit can be imposed.”

It is also clear now, that Boris Johnson’s Conservative supporters don’t care. According to a new poll, they would rather break up the United Kingdom, and destroy their own party, than stay in the European Union. The latest YouGov poll of Conservative party members, suggests they would opt to see both Scotland and Northern Ireland leave the UK, if it was the only way to ensure the UK leaves the EU.

Sixty-three per cent say they would rather Scotland left the UK if it secured Brexit, with 61% willing to accept “significant damage” to the economy and 59% willing to see Northern Ireland leave the UK.

The European Union might not be the only union facing a break-up over Brexit.

Putin’s manipulation of the BREXIT referendum has led to the imminent splintering of the UK itself.

The once great global power that ruled one-fifth of the known world; who proudly claimed the sun never sets on the British empire; will very soon be reduced to a shadow of its former self. The very creators and splinters of nations, the ones who splintered India into three countries, mapped out Iraq behind closed doors with straight lines (conveniently drawn to maximize British oil exploration), the ones who drew the map of Africa, splitting tribes and territories at will; the masters of Asia (who splintered Afghanistan from Iran, who redrew the map of southeast Asia) …. Will be broken to bits.

The most incredible part of all this, is that Putin will have engaged the Brits own foolish emotions and prejudice against themselves. As they say in Britain, everyone south of Calais is a WOG! “WOGS” is not a term of endearment!  

All this has been engineered by Russia! How deeply ironic. 

This is truly Putin’s revenge. For his next act in a few years, lets see if he grabs back the Ukraine, Belarus… and invades Georgia, and the Balkan states? Putin is not done yet. He has both Trump and now BoJo in his back pocket. The story isn’t complete yet, let’s see what the next chapter brings?

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