Threatening Iran: A Re-election Ploy

A reader worries that President Trump is trying to rally support by initiating a conflict with Iran.

Why go hard after Iran right now? Does Iran or one of its proxies in the Middle East pose a real threat to American interests? Or, perhaps, the real reason is that next year is an election year?

In 2003, another Republican administration facing a tough re-election made a case for Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Americans feel patriotic when there is a war. They tend to back a current president over a challenger in wartime. Ergo, goodbye Saddam.

Sending an aircraft carrier group to threaten retaliation against any Iranian-sponsored aggression, real or imagined, is no slam-dunk foreign policy decision. Rather, it is a cynical re-election ploy with no regard for cost in American blood. Shame!

John M. Dederer

Stratford, Conn.

The writer is a member of Disabled American Veterans

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