10 Inconvenient Truths about Iran – that Contradict Trump Administration Lies

1)The Mullahs were installed by U.S. Yet, Republicans keep vilifying the Mullahs!!

I know, I know, this is shocking for most Americans to appreciate. But, yes, Khomeini was hand picked to take over Iran’s governance as “revolutionary” fervor took over Iran (with Iranians demanding their freedom and democracy in 1978/1979). There is now compelling evidence showing how the CIA had trained Khomeni’s entourage in the U.S. years before the revolution (Yazdi, Ghotsadeh and others), and his return to Iran was engineered (and financed by the West). Don’t believe me – just look at the Khomeini off-boarding from an Air France 747 Jumbo jet in Tehran (paid for by the Government of France). The leaders of US, France, Britain and Germany made this fateful decision in Guadalupe some years prior.  Islam was the anti-dote to Communism!  Khomeini was supposed to be “Iran’s Ghandi” (check out U.S. ambassador to the U.N. – Andrew Young’s declaration to the Security Council in 1979)! The Mullahs – my friends – are (and have been) western puppets for over 40 years! Everything else is bullshit!!

2) The Reagan Campaign sponsored Iran’s U.S. embassy Hostage taking, and Republicans have maintained secret contact with Iran since; and Used Iran to engineer election results in the U.S. ever since. And yet, Americans keep getting fed lies about the hostage crisis.

Yes, Carter installed Khomeini, but they ‘change sides’ and went with Reagan’s side in the 1980 Presidential Elections. The Mullahs ‘picked’ the winning side! And the rest as they say is history. They kept U.S. embassy hostages in Tehran through the Presidential elections, humiliated Jimmy Carter. If Carter could turn on the Shah, he would (and did) turn on the Mullahs! Reagan maintained secret relations with the Mullahs – going as far as to send his emissary (McFarlane) to Tehran with a signed copy of a bible! They sold arms to Iran at inflated prices and bought cocaine from the Contras in Nicaragua … to distribute in the ghettos in key voting states like California, Florida and Ohio! Iran was a center piece of their strategy to finance crack distribution and put African-Americans in Jail.

3) Saudi Arabia is the largest sponsor of terrorism – not Iran. Trump administration keeps exaggerating Iran’s regional role!

Remember one thing – all these terrorist groups are Sunni; and Iranians follow Shia Islam. Al Qaeda (Osama Bin Laden), ISIS, the Taliban … they are all Sunni and inspired by Saudi Arabia’s brand of Sunni Islam – that is Wahabi ‘style’.  9/11 (twin towers), Americans getting their heads cut off, US embassy bombings in West Africa … yes, ALL Sunni inspired terrorism financed and led by Saudi Arabia.  They had nothing to do with Iran! Please understand this. Get it in your bones. Everything else is bullshit. Yes, the Mullahs have been active with many groups in the region, like Hezbollah, but what they have done pales in comparison to Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban … there is NO comparison! And, by the way, the Trump administration is heavily invested and aligned with the Saudi’s! More Lies!!

4) Iran’s nuclear program was sponsored by the U.S., and West!

Shocked?!! No one in America knows the actual history of it all! But it was the U.S. that gave Iran plutonium in the 50’s and 60’s. Trained Iranian Nuclear scientists at places like M.I.T. It was the Europeans that persuaded Iran to build a nuclear power plant – and yes, the Germans (Krupp) built it. And it was France that asked Iran to invest in its Nuclear Enrichment facilities (EuroDif). Iran put billions of dollars out to be part of the West’s Nuclear club! And now, check out the audacity, Iran is somehow being accused of being a “Nuclear” villain. Again, total bullshit!

5) There is no evidence to even suggest Iran is pursuing Nuclear Weapons.

There is overwhelming evidence that Iran has complied with the JCPOA’s restrictions on its nuclear program. Numerous inspectors have scavenged Iran’s (Western supplied and built) nuclear facilities – with Zero evidence of non-compliance. This by the way, is such a huge lie that it reminds of the WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) accusations against Iraq before the Iraq invasion. This is being used as a justification for sanctioning Iran and making the poor people of Iran even poorer and by the way, reinforcing the evil grip of the Mullahs. Sanctions play into the hands of the Mullahs. Far from undermining the regime in Tehran – it provides them with a convenient enemy to blame Iran’s economic demise and poverty on; maintain their repression; and further dominate the country (whose citizens are too poor and burdened to even rise against the regime).

6) Iran is in full compliance with UNSCR 2231; even with their ballistic missile development program

The Trump administration’s claim that Iran is developing delivery systems for nukes with its missile development program – is total bunk. And, these false claims are intended to distract from the fact that the U.S. is the only party to the nuclear deal violating UNSCR 2231. Missile development is explicitly NOT part of the JCPOA nor by the way part of the UNNP (non-proliferation treaty). Just think about it for a second, the Trump administration is sanctioning Iran (i.e. not allowing Iran to buy armaments to defend itself) and is also selling missiles to Saudi Arabia, Israel has missiles aimed at Iran, and according to the Trump Administration, Iran is not even ‘allowed’ to develop its own arms to defend itself. This by the way, is against a back drop of U.S. having ‘invaded’ two of Iran’s neighbors; financed and trained ISIS and Kurdish Militia (who both have explicit goals of attacking Iran); and even strong evidence to suggest that Jimmy Carter asked Saddam Hussein to invade Iran in 1980 (when he found out that Iranians had switched their alliance to the Republican Party) i.e. U.S. was involved in engineering a proxy invasion of Iran (leading to one of the bloodiest and longest wars of the 20th Century).

7) Iran’s whole Defense budget is minute i.e. less than the cost of One U.S. Aircraft Carrier. Iran is NO threat!

This might surprise you! But this ‘huge’ threat that Iran has become (as declared by the Trump administration) is financed on a defense budget that is less than the cost of ONE (yes, a single) U.S. aircraft carrier. Oh, and by the way, depending on how you classify ships, U.S. has 19 Aircraft carriers!! Ford Class Aircraft carriers are 3x Iran’s defense budget, while Nimitz class Aircraft carriers are 2x Iran’s budget!! And let’s not forget U.S. has 24 operational submarines, each one costing over $2 Billion dollars!! So how is Iran even a threat to the U.S.? No, Iran is NOT a threat in any shape of form. The truth is U.S. has lost the soft war against Iran – not only in Iran – but also in the region and is pretending Iran is a threat as an excuse for its systematic regional failures. How could a country with a defense budget a fraction of the U.S. now dominates Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan – where the U.S. has conservatively spent $4.5 Trillion dollars to ‘dominate’? Because, of the simple bankruptcy of U.S. policies. Lies upon lies. In the process it has now even alienated its own ‘secret ally’ – the Mullahs in Iran. Remember the Republican Party has maintained over 40 years of secret relations with the Mullahs. Trump has now ‘lost them’! Trump has made the U.S. an untrustworthy partner. (This by the way, was after Iran secretly helped the U.S. (Bush Administration) in its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.) Iran has financed Afghan and Iraqi reconstruction; played a constructive role in cleaning up the mess – after Bush!! Now, Iran is somehow a threat??

8) Iran has not invaded a country in over 150 years, Iranians are not historically aggressors.

For those not familiar with Iran’s history and culture, let me simply say that Iran is a nation with a deep cultural base in poetry and romance. Rumi after-all was a Persian poet. Iranians are ‘lovers not fighters’ (to borrow a phrase from Michael Jackson). When was the last time Iran invaded anyone? There isn’t a single U.S. politician that knows the answer to this question! This ‘painting of Iran’ as an aggressive nation is simply false! Its not true. Iran, today, is a shadow of its former self largely (i.e. smaller) largely because Iran has been systematically invaded by Russia and British proxies over the past few centuries. Iran has NOT attacked anyone!! And even today, Iran’s defense posture is largely defensive. It has designed its whole defense programs around the concept of retaliation, NOT initiation of war. Ask anyone in the U.S. military establishment – it’s the simple truth.

9) Iranian-Americans are the most successful immigrants U.S. has ever had

Trump has painted Iranians as terrorists that should be banned from the U.S. Many of my friends have loved ones who cannot come to the U.S. because of the visa ban. This is not right. Iranian immigrants have been the ‘most’ successful immigrants the U.S. has ever had. They have the highest per capita incomes; they have assimilated extremely well within U.S. communities. Iranian-American have founded or been part of founding teams or leadership in new companies that account for over 1 trillion dollars in stock market valuation. The list is endless – ebay, uber, google…. Iranian-American contribution to the U.S. economy has been prolific. Attacks on Iranians or Iranian-Americans is unwarranted. NO Iranian has EVER been involved in terrorism in the West! This by the way, is in stark contrast to nationals from some of America’s so-called Allies!

10) U.S. Administration’s has no concern for the people of Iran

The sad truth is that while many American Presidents’ have declared a concern for the people of Iran, U.S. concern for Iranians is cynical and empty. The U.S. continues to support groups like the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) cult that is hated by virtually all Iranians and continues to repeatedly advocate attacks on Iran! The U.S. continues to support separatist groups like Kurdish Militia, Balochi Militia and others who seek to break up Iran. The Trump administration’s policy is rooted in a deep hostility for Iranians and their country! No one is fooled. Iranians will not be fooled again.

Americans too should not be fooled by its snakes in Washington. These truths and the lies of the Trump administration simply prove that the U.S. has simply lost the soft-war in the region, and especially with Iranians (when in fact it had a huge early advantage). And with this loss, undermines its future political and economic dominance globally! Iran’s position at the cross-roads of East and West, completely dictates who ‘passes’ and ‘doesn’t pass’ in the cross-roads. Its too important a loss for the U.S., and for the U.S. to feed lies upon lies, and to align itself with evil regional actors as if it all somehow can cover up for its failures is indicative of a foregone power, and underlying weakness. This is sad. Not just for Iran or the U.S. but the whole world, because many of us have believed that America represents the shining city on the hill – where core American values of freedom and democracy will eventually push the world in a positive direction (unlike say the values of China’s governing party, or the patent brutality of European colonials). In the end, the U.S. has turned out to be no better than Colonial powers that it once declared independence from. These U.S. government lies prove it.

Shame! Shame on American political leaders and elite who actually swear allegiance to the U.S. constitution and therefore America’s Declaration of Independence.

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