A Demented Trump Is Bad for Netanyahu and Israel

“It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to notice that our president is mentally compromised,” says Bandy X. Lee, the editor of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” and an assistant clinical psychiatry professor at the Yale School of Medicine along with colleague Judith Lewis Herman in the book’s prologue.

Trump’s a narcissist, or “an unbridled, or extreme, present hedonist.” writes Stanford University professor emeritus Philip Zimbardo and Rosemary Sword, with whom Zimbardo writes a column for Psychology Today.

“Does the President suffer from early-stage dementia?” California Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren wondered in a press statement last year.

Then we have Trump reportedly asking (former Defense Secretary) Mattis for a plan to blow up Iranian ‘fast boats’!

We have Trump threatening to ‘devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds’!

The Financial Times reported in January that Ivanka Trump’s name has been circulating in Washington D.C. in recent weeks as a potential candidate for Chairman of the World Bank. Most people dismissed the notion of such a blatantly nepotistic choice as ludicrous!

The same day, New York Times report about the FBI’s suspicion that the U.S. president was a Russian mole and by the equally bonkers story in the Washington Post that Trump has refused to divulge the contents of his meetings with Vladimir Putin and had even ordered, reportedly, that notes of the meeting be incinerated.

As Robert Mueller’s investigation hones in on the White House, with reports today that they found direct links between Roger Stone (the very person that drafted Trump to run for the presidency, and close business partner of  Paul Manafort [now getting ready to serve 20 years in jail]) and Wikileaks and Russia we find Trump growing more outspoken, more erratic and, in the eyes of many, even more demented.

If everyone doesn’t see the writing on the wall, I for one see it. Maybe, just maybe, Trump will see out his first term – but the overall weight of scandal will be simply too much. And then what?

In Israel, there is unbridled admiration and unqualified support, for Trump (we are told). So much so that Netanyahu feels that large billboard pictures of him standing next to Trump will help get him re-elected. All this because Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital!

Israelis beware, this is the same President that also agreed to pull U.S. troops out of Syria! This is the same President that provided tacit support for Nazi’s in Charlottesville, Virginia. Let’s not forget Trump’s association with White Supremacists. More importantly, consider the implications of an almost complete rotation of his cabinet and close advisers… some of the most experienced and respected Military leaders the U.S. has. No-one it seems can work with him or around him!

Trump’s demented behavior, his impulsiveness, tied in with his known tendency to overrule his closest advisers, suddenly seemed very problematic. To call him Crazy suddenly doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

As Israeli Newspaper, Haaretz wrote in an editorial: “one should not exaggerate the impact of the Syria move, but it has now been offset, for one thing, by the reports of National Security Adviser John Bolton’s order to the Pentagon to prepare war plans for a possible military clash with Tehran, another move that terrifies the world but delights Israelis.”

It is easy to write off all the reporting by calling them “fake news” or written by reporters with left wing tendencies! But anyone objective knows that there is something very rotten in Trump’s White House!

Trump’s days are numbered. There is a pendulum in politics! A new administration will emerge out of Trump’s ashes. And it will not be pretty for Trump’s allies.

Let me remind everyone what happened after Nixon. There was Jimmy Carter, and his first target was the Shah of Iran. The Shah, as many will know, was very close to Nixon (who was Eisenhower’s VP, in 1953, when a coup led by the CIA put the Shah back on the throne).  What will Biden, or Harris, or Gabbard do in 2021?

Netanyahu’s closeness to Trump will be a liability for Israel. More importantly, having Israel and Israeli-Americans like Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) so closely associated with Trump’s madness will not place Israel in great standing with Trump’s enemies – who will now be in power in the U.S.

The show is about to begin, my friends. Mueller’s show might get suppressed, but my bet is the information will be out anyway – with or without a formal report for the public. Trump is a dead-man walking. He can try to manipulate the headlines, but NOTHING will stop the truth from eventually coming out. We already know much of it. Its all between the lines in the Manafort, Stone, and Cohen court documents. Everyone around Trump has been indicted. 32 people closely connected with Russialago have been killed. It’s all just a matter of time.

Everyone associated with Trump will smell like shit!

A new administration in Washington will not take kindly to Netanyahu and his call for war with Iran. Contrary to what most in Israel believe, Netanyahu has been an instigator of and a witness to systematically greater threat to Israel. He has held power in some form on and off since 1996.  He pushed for the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2002. He has overtly helped Syrian opposition forces against Assad. Yet today, Iranian troops along with their multi-million strong militias like Hezbollah in Lebanon and in Syria and Iraq, have resulted in a Crescent of power from Iran to the Mediterranean on Israel’s borders.

Israel is less secure today, further from peace today than when he came to power. This surely, is the ultimate test for any Israeli leader.

To make matters worse, Netanyahu and his American lap dogs Pompeo and Pence openly hosted an anti-Iranian conference in Warsaw this past week. Netanyahu openly proclaimed an alliance in a future war against Iran. Israelis need to know that Americans are war weary right now. And we can see how incompetent Saudi’s military is, having achieved nothing against a bunch of toothless, mountain peasants in Yemen. Israel will end up fighting alone against a distant Iran with proxy armies. Netanyahu (with Trump’s demented support) is pushing for worrisome interactions between Iran and Israel, which will lead to unconventional warfare against each other that would likely provoke dangerous nuclear stand-offs between Jerusalem and Tehran. Trump too calls Iran anti-Semitic, and blames all of Israel’s insecurity on Iran, when any objective analysis would conclude that it has been U.S. policies that have led to Iran’s super-power status in the region.

As much as I dislike the Mullahs in Tehran, they haven’t lost a fight yet (let’s not forget Saddam Hussein was armed to the hilt with Saudi, Kuwait, Qatari, Emirati, American money and intelligence; and he had a million soldiers. And Israel lost out to Iran’s proxies (Hezbollah militias) in 2006.  Netanyahu is picking a dangerous fight with very experienced fighters!

The Warsaw conference was shunned by much of Europe, along with Russia and China. All of Trump’s foes – Democrats, Iran’s leadership, Europe etc. – were watching closely taking notes on who was there and what was said!

Trump’s demented behavior taken along with four years of scandals is enough to turn the wheels of power. The pendulum will swing. Everyone and every tribe closely associated with Trump will become history. Losing friends and influence in Washington (and elsewhere) is dangerous for Israel. Israel will eventually become more isolated – and even less secure. Netanyahu might make a lot of people in Israel feel good by threatening Iran and associating with Trump and Kushner – but the truth is, Netanyahu and Trump (together) are a huge liability for Israel.

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