Madeleine Albright: Blame Democrats for Trump’s Rise

Madeleine Albright’s new book, “Fascism, A Warning,” is an eloquent diagnosis of the grassroots ills that threaten democratic governments and give rise to demagogues like Donald Trump. As she warns, “When economic and social conditions deteriorate, and democratic politicians fail in their obligation to lead, the lure of a gifted pied piper can be hard to resist.”

Well, it takes two parties to fail. As much as we tend to blame Republicans for saddling us with the worst excuse for a “president” in living or dead memory, the inescapable truth is that former Democratic strongholds in the key Rustbelt states rejected the ’16 Democratic candidate and put the pied piper where he demonstrably does not belong. Clearly, the Democratic party bears some responsibility for the current disaster.

Madeleine Albright’s perspective on all this is illuminating. She is after all, a veteran Democrat – having served as U.N. ambassador and Secretary of State under Bill Clinton; and having supported Hillary in 2016!

In a recent interview, Albright started by explaining why there are Trump’s loyalists – the 35 to 40 percent of the electorate that stays loyal no matter how badly he trashes the rule of law and the office he occupies:

“There are some very unhappy people in this country who feel that they have been neglected. That, as the situation has changed in terms of technology, that they are the ‘losers,’ that they have lost their jobs. That our education system has not prepared them with new skills in order to be able to participate. And that there are a bunch of ‘elitists’ (in government), and that not enough attention is being paid to them…So there is no faith in institutions, and that is where the problem comes.”

But only 36 percent of the nation’s economic output – the small working-class Rustbelt cities and towns (notably in the key Electoral College states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan) – were instrumental in putting Trump over the top! No?  And, Trump’s nationwide winning margin among white working-class voters was 40 percentage points, a 25-point hike from Mitt Romney’s previous winning margin. Haven’t the Democrats largely become a party of upscale professionals and downscale minorities (the so-called “Obama coalition”) at the expense of people who live between the two coasts? Isn’t it true, that Democrats, who once prided themselves on championing the working stiff, have lost their mojo in the heartland?  So, to what extent has the Democratic party helped put us in this pickle? Just by not paying attention to the people who used to count on the Democratic party to be on their side?

Albright responded by saying: “I am a card-carrying Democrat. (During the ’16 campaign) I did spend a lot of time in Pennsylvania…I went out into the countryside and you could see what was going on. It wasn’t just the cities, the mill towns or whatever, but the rural areas where there just was a real sense that nobody cared about them…I was trying to understand what motivated the people who did not like my candidate or the Democratic party. I think in many ways we lost contact with our base. We are a labor-based party, and have been, but there was a disconnect…I’ve been a very proud Democrat, but the bottom line is, there has been a disconnect, and I think there are these issues in terms of, ‘Are we too much into identity politics.’…I think the Democratic party did lose contact with the base.”

She didn’t elaborate on Hillary’s failure to connect with the traditional base, on Hillary’s failure to even set foot in the working communities that were once strongly Democratic, and she didn’t address the party’s decades-long failure to help the people who felt left behind by the globalized economy. But we only had an hour, and we had to move on. She needed to address the metastasizing Trumpian threat, and to call on patriotic Americans to stop “the incremental erosion” of democratic values. By all accounts, Hillary was a poor candidate with a poor campaign effort. She felt she was entitled.

If we’re going to reclaim the country we love, rest assured that Democrats will need to reconnect with those who feel forgotten. There is no entitlement in politics. Ideas must win in the market place of ideas. Candidates must win hearts and minds to win. Its hard work. There are no short-cuts.

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