Saudi’s are Evil, this Makes Trump Evil too!

Sleep with dogs, you get up with flees. Trump has been sleeping with MBS and the Saudi’s! It clear, crystal, clear that Khashoggi was killed – I mean they showed up with Bone Crushers, Forensic experts, and just now, the Turks confirmed the room was cleaned and even painted! This was no freak ‘interrogation’ accident, it was a purposeful assassination. They wanted Khashoggi dead! Trump needs to stop lying and covering up for the Saudi’s. The U.S. can not be ‘silent’ or ‘neutral’ about this.

But as a teaser let me start with a variation on Niemoller’s famous poem:

MBS financed fanatic Islamists in Syria – resulting in beheadings, and hundreds of thousands of mass deaths, millions of refugees; and we did not speak out because, we were not Syrians.

MBS killed Yemenites, and we did not speak out, because we were not Yemenites.

Then MBS came for Saudi Billionaires, and we did not speak out, because we were not Saudi Billionaires.

Then MBS came for Washington Post Journalist, Khoshoggi, and we did not speak out, because we are not Saudi born Journalists.

And before all this, we Americans lost our Moral compass, our values and principles and our freedoms by electing an amoral, lying, openly cheating, crook of a President that was in bed with MBS, and his Russian Oligarchs partners who now ‘own’ Trump, helped him get elected! Americans did not speak out, because we simply could not believe their democracy could be stolen. So now, there simply is no one left to speak for us, for our values, for our morality for our dignity as humans and the rights we once treasured.

Trumptard Americans have become prostitutes exchanging economic welfare as promised by the Saudis in exchange for their basic values and principles. Like MBS, Trump sees Journalists as enemies, and will soon round up journalists who by the way never spoke up!

To align with evil, would be like the U.S. aligning with Hitler in the second world war. The Saudi’s are evil. Forget their claim to religiosity or as guardians of Islam’s most holy shrines – they are evil.

US (or the Trump administration I should say) has no love for the Saudi’s. It’s a marriage of convenience. Trumps Middle East policy depends on Saudi Arabia and on Mohammad bin Salman personally. But for every dependency, there is a ‘better’ Iranian alternative. In my humble opinion, the Khashoggi’s Case, should point the U.S. to a complete re-think of US Middle East strategy especially with Iran.

MbS has been financing Syrian fanatic rebels. The human cost has been devastating. Over 400,000 people have died, there are almost 5 million refugees. But if the U.S. wants to resolve the situation in Syria, who better than the Iranians who are on the ground, with close relations with Assad. Iranians could broker a Syrian linkage with the U.S.

Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner build his ‘peace plan’ for Netanyahu on Saudi endorsement. But the Iranians are close to Hamas and Hezbollah and have the credibility to broker a peace. The Saudi’s don’t. In fact, the Iranians could strategically link with Israel and provide a land-based pathway to connect Israeli oil and gas to Europe across Lebanon and Syria. The Iranians could deliver everything Israel needs strategically, economically and politically. Saudi’s only have money!

The sanctions against Iran can only be sustained if Saudi oil replaces the loss of Iranian output. Hold on, why sanction Iran at all. Iran could be a more valuable ally than Saudi Arabia. Iran can produce all the oil Saudi Arabia offers the world market – and ship it to key allies over ground, more easily and cheaply than Saudi Arabia can. Moreover, with that new-found wealth Iran could stabilize Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria … you name it. And provide a host of key allies for the U.S.

Trump also needs the Saudis to avoid utter defeat in Afghanistan. No, the Iranians could stabilize Afghanistan far better than Saudi’s can dream of. Afghans speak Dari that is a variant on Persian. There is something like 2 Million Afghans in Iran, and Iran has a massive border with Afghanistan. Iran has the personnel and access to stabilize Afghanistan – which are far more important than Saudi cash.

Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ program needs the Saudi demand for U.S. weapons. Yes, Saudi’s have cash, but are dumb as shit. Money without brains is a dangerous combination. Without US help they can’t use these weapons. And that makes them completely impotent – and very dangerous. Consider the collateral damage in Yemen for example. Yemen is one of the poorest, least armed states in the world and the Saudi’s with all their sophisticated weapons have been unable to ‘defeat’ them. There have been over 35,000 civilian casualties – with no impact at all on outcomes. Beyond the human tragedy, this type of warfare is simply evil.

The time on this Khashoggi killing is very bad for Trump. The Khashoggi issue could be turned into an anti-Trump, anti-Republican mid-term political campaign narrative. The Saudi’s are evil, and Trump must be evil, sleeping in bed with them!

Let me wrap up this blog with one critical point.  Khashoggi is known to have befriended Osama bin Laden in the 1980s and 1990s in Afghanistan and Sudan. At the time, he was employed by Saudi intelligence services to persuade bin Laden to make peace with the Saudi royal family. Ultimately, he was one of the only persons outside the royal family who knew details of their links to bin Laden.

Turki bin Faisal Al-Saud was Khashoggi’s political protector. During the reign of King Khalid, Turki bin Faisal Al-Saud was at the center of relations between Washington and Saudi Arabia working against the USSR while it was in Afghanistan, with the help of foreign fighters (who later became known as Al Qaeda) . Following the end of the war in Afghanistan in 1982, Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud became king until 2005.  During this period, Faisal became a leader within Saudi intelligence, leading to him becoming the undisputed leader. He was conveniently removed from his post in May 2001, a few months before September 11 (in the US a similar change happened at the FBI with Mueller taking over right before the attacks).

From 2003 to 2005, Turki bin Faisal served as ambassador to the UK and took Khashoggi his personal advisor. In 2005, Turki bin Faisal was appointed Saudi ambassador to the US during the Bush administration, with Khashoggi accompanying him as a media advisor. Faisal in subsequent years was sued along with other Saudi operatives by relatives’ of 9/11 victims

Last March a US District Court judge in Manhattan ruled that 9/11 victims’ lawsuits against Saudi Arabia under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) have standing and will go to trial.

The victims were planning on bringing Khashoggi to the stand given his knowledge of Bin Laden and Faisal, and his accessibility as a US resident (can’t hide him in Saudi Arabia). Sadly, this potential witness is now unavailable. Who knows what secrets might have emerged under oath that would be inconvenient to those in US and Saudi Arabia should they be revealed

So Khashoggi’s disappearance removes him as a potential witness, protecting a faction of the Saudi Royals in power in 2001 and those in US at the time.

In a strange twist on events, Khashoggi’s death is also linked to Saudi’s evil role in 9/11. Why are we working with them? Do we really need the Saudi’s? If Trump is New York based and he ‘really’ cares about 9/11 and the victims, to continue to work with MBS and the Saudi’s is completely contrary to New York and U.S. interests – and values.

The Saudi’s are evil. And by being so umbilical connected to them, they also render Trump Evil. The consequences of this “evil” on the future of the U.S. will be immensely damaging! I don’t think any American gets how bad the consequences will be.

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