Putin/Trump Cover Up is Worse than Their Crime

The cover up is often worse than the crime. The Putin/Trump cabal has gotten to Mueller. With Papadapolous getting a measly 14-day sentence, it’s clear that Mueller too is now ‘in on it’. Trump’s Russian Collusion crimes will be whitewashed, and Trump’s cohorts will be pardoned. Once again, American democracy will have been hijacked and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing anyone can do about it. Its a total sham now. A total disgrace.

For the third time in my lifetime, a Republican presidential candidate will have ‘stolen’ an election with criminal activity with relative impunity. Yes, Nixon bugged the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Watergate – and simply resigned. Yes, Reagan colluded with Iran’s Mullahs to humiliate Jimmy Carter with the Embassy Hostages and sold arms for cash at inflated values to finance the Contras and Crack distribution in the U.S. – and finished two terms, with the very worst criminals in his gang receiving a $14,000 fine. Oliver North, one of the leaders of this gang, is now the head of the NRA!

According to their own congressional testimony, many of the intermediaries and cohorts involved in Reagan/Bush: Iran-Contra / October Surprise ‘cover-ups’ made very large sums of money from their involvements in arms and drug trades. But also, we now know of over 20 people linked with the Iran/Contra case ended up dead while congressional investigations taking place.

And, now we have Trump colluding with Putin and the Saudis to hack the DNC computers, and Hillary’s private server – and so far, like Reagan, ‘nothing’, absolutely nothing has ‘touched’ Trump himself!  Some of Trump’s intermediaries and cohorts will (I am sure) be slapped on the wrist and then pardoned by him. Some intermediaries have been rewarded handsomely too.  And, so far, we know of 5 people directly involved in the “Collusion” case that are either dead or have disappeared (assumed dead). There are also 5 other senior Russian Government officials that have died mysteriously during this period.

Here is a list of intermediaries and cohorts who represent the extent of the cover-up being undertaken by the Trump/Putin mafia to hide their collusion. Some have been rewarded, others have died or disappeared.

While the ‘investigation’ into Russian collusion goes on – its strange how key witnesses to critical elements of the hacking process and leaks seem to be either killed or have conveniently disappeared (presumed dead).

  1. Karapetyan

Russian official (Saak Albertovich Karapetyan) with close ties to Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya – the lawyer who had promised to deliver “dirt” on Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort during a meeting at Trump Tower in 2016 – reportedly died in a helicopter crash near the village of Vonyshevo, on October 2018. He was reportedly flying on an unauthorized helicopter flight.

Karapetyan’s work for the Russian government was exposed by a Swiss court this year after it exposed a plot to flip a local official into a double-agent for the Kremlin. Karapetyan, who was 58 when he died, was reportedly familiar with some of the most high-profile clandestine operations carried out under the orders of Vladimir Putin. Not only did he work closely with Veselnitskaya, he was also running some of Moscow’s most high-profile efforts to thwart international investigations into Russia’s alleged crimes.

In one instance, Karapetyan signed a letter from the Russian government telling the US that Moscow wouldn’t help with a civil case pursuing more information in the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who had reportedly tried to expose a $230 million fraud before being jailed on tax-related charges that political opponents said were political retribution for his targeting of senior Russian officials. Leaked emails reported by the New York Times showed Veselnitskaya helped draft the document sent with that letter.

Karapetyan was also reportedly involved in efforts to foil international investigations for more than a decade. He was reportedly present for a meeting in Moscow where British detectives claim they were poisoned during efforts to track down the killers of Alexander Litvinenko, who died after a dose of radioactive poison in London in 2006. Despite claims that they were trying to help, the general prosecutor’s office did everything it could to block the Scotland Yard investigation. He was clearly, a key player – with a lot of critical information that would have brought Trump down!

  1. Oleg Erovinkin

Then, take the case of Oleg Erovinkin.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing back in August, attorney Josh Levy who was representing Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson told the committee that Mr. Simpson “wants to be very careful to protect his sources.”

It was Fusion GPS who had originally investigated Russia’s links with Donald Trump – first for the Republican Party and then for the Democratic Party (during the primaries and election).

“Somebody’s already been killed as a result of the publication of this dossier and no harm should come to anybody related to this honest work,” Levy explained.

The dossier, which alleges that then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election campaign, was written by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, and paid for by Fusion GPS. Steele was a former head of the MI6 Russia desk.

Steele’s dossier was published in full in January 2017. Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB general and chief of staff to Igor Sechin, was one of the primary sources for the document. Sechin, the CEO of state-owned Russian oil giant Rosneft, plays a major role in the dossier, which reveals Sechin having secret meetings with Trump campaign officials as an intermediary of the Russian government. Mr. Trump has repeatedly dismissed the Steele memo as “fake news.”

Erovinkin was found dead in his car in December 2016. Erovinkin, by the way, is one of several high-profile Russians who died in the months after the 2016 election. Neither Levy nor his client elaborated on the identity of the person who allegedly died because of the memo’s publication, which took place after Erovinkin died i.e. others have been killed too.

  1. Denis Voronenkov

Denis Voronenkov was shot to death in the streets of Kiev in broad daylight, just a few weeks after he said he would testify against Yanukovych and his cohorts — Manafort included.

According to documents that surfaced in the Manafort trials: Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort had received at least $750,000 in illegal payments from former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych, who is about to be tried for treason in absentia in Ukraine.

Voronenkov  joined a list of Russian dissidents to be murdered or die under mysterious circumstances since the U.S. Election. The timing of Voronenkov’s murder in conjunction with the latest revelations about Manafort — a man he was likely to incriminate — makes this latest tragedy more suspect.

News first broke of Manafort’s involvement in Russian criminal activity came out when Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Bureau revealed that Trump’s then Campaign Chair had been implicated in a shadow accounting scheme that allegedly earned him $12.7 million in illegal payments from President Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. Manafort resigned four days later, however as we all now know, Russian agents continued to work on behalf of the Trump campaign.

The assassin also wounded Voronenkov’s body guard (who is expected to recover) before being shot by authorities. The assassin, who died in the hospital soon after, was a soldier in National Guard of Ukraine (not Russia as previously reported) and carried “a certificate proving his combatant status” — fueling questions about his ties to a government investigating its previous leader for treason on Russia’s behalf.

  1. Joseph Mifsud

Joseph Mifsud, a key player at the very beginning of the Obama administration’s counterintelligence operation on the Trump campaign “is missing and may be deceased,” according to Bloomberg, citing a court filing by Democratic National Committee (DNC) lawyers in their case against Russia over hacking during the 2016 election.

Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud – who bragged last November that he was a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Clinton Foundation, told Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos on April 26, 2016 that Russia had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton weeks before Papadopoulos would drunkenly repeat the same rumor to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer on May 10.

Mifsud has been missing since October, 2017 – while Papadopoulos was just sentenced to a grand two week stint in prison for lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Maltese professor.

The DNC stood by its claim in a statement to The Hill on Friday. The committee indicated that an investigator had been used to find Mifsud, who has been missing for months, and was told the Maltese professor may be dead.

“The DNC’s counsel has attempted to serve Mifsud for months and has been unable to locate or contact him. In addition, public reports have said he has disappeared and hasn’t been seen for months,” DNC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said. -The Hill

Mifsud was also the link between Papadopoulos and his wife of six months, attorney Simona Mangiante – bolstering theories by some that he purposefully seeded the Russia-Clinton “dirt” rumor to lure the Trump campaign into a trap.

  1. Arjen Kamphuis

Norwegian police have launched an investigation into the “strange disappearance” of Arjen Kamphuis – a Dutch citizen and associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Kamphius would have critical information on Russian contacts with Wikileaks and how files were shared with Julian Assange.

Kamphuis, an avid hiker, disappeared after leaving his hotel in Bodø, Norway on August 20 according to the WikiLeaks Twitter account. He was set to fly out of Trondheim on August 22 after a 10-hour train ride, “suggesting that he disappeared in within hours in Bodø, Trondheim or on the train.”

Norwegian police began investigating Kamphuis’s disappearance this past Sunday.

“We have started an investigation,” police spokesman Tommy Bech told AFP, adding that so far they have “no clue” where the Dutch citizen is and “would not speculate about what may have happened to him.”

Speculation over what’s happened to the Assange associate has ranged from “going dark” for a clandestine WikiLeaks mission, to killed by Russian government operatives.

Other Suspicious Deaths and Arrests

At least 6 other high-level Russian officials have died as well as a high-raking NATO officer, and at least three others have been charged with treason along with a fourth who works outside the purview of the Russian government.

Some of these deaths seem innocuous, like Alexander Kadakin—their ambassador to India—who died of a “brief illness” that is confirmed by multiple independent reports. Others seem much less so. A perfect example of the lifecycle of the conflicting reports surrounding these deaths comes in the form of the recently released autopsy of Mikhail Lesin.

Mikhail Lesin: Lesin is a former aide to Vladimir Putin, and he died in November 2015. At the time, Russian media claimed his death was due to a heart attack, yet the medical examination that was just released determined that the cause of death was due to blunt force trauma to the head…so yeah, an understandable mix-up by the Kremlin over someone whose mind was no doubt in possession of highly sensitive material.

Sergei Mikhalov: In early December 2016 FSB agents walked into a meeting, put a bag over Sergei Mikhailov’s head, and dragged him out of the room. This sensationalist image was confirmed by Sergei Markov—a member of the Public Chamber in the Russian parliament and adviser to the Kremlin. As he told The Daily Beast: “In early December, FSB Colonel Sergei Mikhailov, who was responsible for cyberwars and cyberattacks… was arrested by the FSB; yes, with a bag over his head.” Remember, according to the FBI – it was the FSB Cyber unit that hacked the computers.

Mikhailov’s deputy Dmitry Dokuchayev was accused of treason for passing confidential information to the CIA as well. Ruslan Stoyanov, a manager at Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab, is the third known person arrested and charged with treason in this short time span.

A fourth person arrested is journalist Vladimir Anikeev, who is reportedly a key figure in Shaltay Boltay. Ivan Pavlov, a defense lawyer specializing in treason cases, told The Daily Beast that there are “more than four suspects in this case” and he denies the Kremlin’s narrative.

Sergei Krivov: Then we have Sergei Krivov who was found motionless, on the floor of the Russian consulate at 7 am on Election Day, one of the first things they noticed was an open wound on his head. Initial reports were that he fell to his death from the roof, but Russian consular staff told the BBC that he died of a heart attack. It is difficult to ascertain exactly what Krivov’s role in the consulate was due to the shadowy nature of Russian communiqué, but working off legal documents from Zakonbase, BuzzFeed was able to learn about some of Krivov’s responsibilities as a consular duty commander:

The duty commander would also have had access to the consulate’s crypto-card—the top-secret codebreaker used to encrypt, and decrypt messages transmitted between the consulate and other Russian channels. It was likely Krivov who helped transmit cables in and out of the heavily guarded building. Surely, he would have known if there was collusion or not.

Yves Chandelon: On December 16th, 2016, the auditor general of NATO was found dead in the back of his car 62 miles away from where he lived and 87 miles away from his work in Luxembourg, and according to the prosecutor, Vincent Macq, he left a suicide note.  What raises questions about this death is not the giant flashing red light that is the death of a high-ranking NATO official who was about to audit the agency for terror financing, but the fact that Chandelon had three guns registered to him, yet the one he allegedly committed suicide with was not one of these three. Even more bizarrely, local reports say it was found in his glovebox.

Another report asserts that this gun was found in his right hand, yet Chandelon is left handed. Either way, the gun that he did not own which ended his life was found in an unlikely spot. Chandelon’s family rejects the conclusion that this was a suicide, and unfortunately, few reports exist outside the prosecutor’s assertion and his family’s subsequent denial to corroborate any side of this tale. The Daily Express also claims that “it has been reported” that Chandelon had complained of getting strange telephone calls before he died and “felt threatened.”

Petr Polshikov: Three days after Chandelon’s death, on December 19th, Russia’s chief adviser to the Latin American department at the ministry was found dead in his apartment with a bullet wound to the head. Ren TV, a federal TV network in Russia was the first to report the death, although they did not identify Polshikov as the victim, simply saying:

The head of one of the departments of the Russian Foreign Ministry found shot dead in Moscow, according to the source of journalists of REN TV. Officially, this information is not confirmed in the department.

The only other details they provide come from an unnamed source who said that empty shells were found and that his wife was in the apartment. Later reports named Polshikov as the unnamed diplomat, and even asserted that unconfirmed reports claim that he had left the Foreign Ministry altogether. Casting further confusion on this saga, Metro contacted the Russian government, and a Kremlin official told them:” We don’t know any official with this name. We haven’t seen anything about this in the Russian news either, and so we have no statement to make about it.”

Andrei Karlov: Polshikov’s death came just hours after the on-camera assassination in an art gallery of Andrei Karlov—Russia’s ambassador to Turkey—by Mevlut Mert Altintas, a member of the Ankara riot police. Altintas claimed his act was payback for Russia’s actions in Aleppo before pulling the trigger, and so far, no one has been able to tie him to any organized groups. It would be irresponsible to speculate on his motivations outside of his own words, which demonstrate exactly zero connection to Russia outside retribution for their atrocities in Syria. But I will say that if the Kremlin wanted Karlov dead, an unaffiliated, disaffected, ideological, foreign, young man is pretty much the archetype of who they would select to carry out a clandestine assassination. Karlov’s death isn’t very suspicious outside the fact that it occurred in rapid succession to Polshikov’s, which is shrouded in mystery.

Andrey Malanin: Not much is known about the death of the head of the head of the consular department at Russia’s embassy in Greece. Malanin was found dead on the bedroom floor of his Russian embassy-owned apartment on January 9th. Police said that the door was locked from the inside, that there had been no signs of a break-in, and no foul play was initially suspected as the police official said “at first sight, we are talking about natural causes.” There is nothing obviously suspicious about this one, save for the fact that other deaths of similarly high-ranking officials were also due to “natural causes,” and there has been enough contradiction surrounding those circumstances to cast doubt on any related claims.

Vitaly Churkin: On February 20th, 2016 the New York Post reported that Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, became sick outside the Russian Embassy on East 67th Street at around 9:30am with—you guessed it—heart problems. No reports indicate foul play, but what happened after his death is what raises suspicions. An autopsy was conducted, the initial tests seemed like it was a heart attack, but they were ruled inconclusive, and further testing has been ordered. We will never know what determination they come to, as Julie Bolcer—a spokeswoman for the New York City medical examiner’s office—said it will keep the cause of death a secret because “Ambassador Churkin’s diplomatic immunity survives his death.”

Further adding to the drama around all this, is the fact that it was reported that Nikolai Gorokhov, the lawyer representing murdered Russian political activist Sergei Magnitsk, was hospitalized after falling four floors from his apartment in Moscow.

When you put all this in a row and stack up the few facts that we do know, the picture becomes quite odd—especially considering the charges of treason to at least four (and likely more) cyber-security officers.

Clearly, the Trump/Putin cabal is shutting off every potential avenue of testimony that can corroborate their collusion.

The Cover Up

Over the past few years, we’ve learned about a series of meetings and contacts between individuals linked to the Russian government and Trump’s campaign and transition team. In total, there have been over 80 contacts between Trump’s team and Russia linked operatives, including at least 23 face to face meetings. And we know that at least 24 high-ranking campaign officials and Trump advisors were aware of contacts with Russia-linked operatives during the campaign and transition. None of these contacts were ever reported to the proper authorities. Instead, the Trump team tried to cover up every single one of them. Why were there so many meetings? What was discussed in them? More importantly, why did Trump and his camp lie about them, including to federal law enforcement? What are they hiding?

And there is, of course, Mr. Rybolovlev too – that should be considered.

Russian Oligarch Rybolovlev who bought Trump’s seaside Florida mansion – Maison de L’Amite – for $95m in 2008. Trump made a $50m profit, having bought the property just four years earlier. The sale at the peak of the global financial crisis raised eyebrows. Rybolovlev never set foot inside and eventually demolished the villa, which had a serious mold problem. His spokesman said Rybolovlev had made a good enough investment, with the territory eventually divided into three lots, two of which have since sold for large sums.

During the US election campaign Rybolovlev’s distinctive private Airbus jet – with the call-sign M-KATE – was spotted in the same place as Trump’s during election rallies. The two planes landed within an hour of each other in early November 2016 at Charlotte International airport in North Carolina. Trump addressed an election rally nearby. Rybolovlev has said this was “pure coincidence” and that he has never met Trump. During the campaign he traveled extensively across the U.S.; then suddenly stopped.

And then the oligarch’s luxury yacht, “My Anna”, was spotted in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in August 2016, while Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, were visiting on holiday.

Strangely, he received over $400 Million by Saudi’s Royal family in November 2017 for a what appeared to be a ‘Leonardo DaVinci’s Salvator Mundi’ painting with a florid history, of doubtful condition, and serious concern regarding its authenticity (that once auctioned for $58).

Rybolovlev had ‘delivered’ Trump to Putin and the Saudi’s and this was his reward! As “Deep Throat” once said to Washington Post reporters trying to hunt down Nixon’s escapades: Follow the Money. If the Saudi’s had simply wired these funds directly to Rybolovlev for his services, surely there would be many questions asked. But the sale of the Salvator Mundi painting provides great ‘cover’ for Rybolovdev.

Surely the FBI needs to be tracking Rybolovdev’s moves during (and after) the Presidential elections; and looking at the authenticity of the painting. Why was the sale of the painting used as a cover for payment? Did Rybolovdev then hand over the cash to Putin?

But the purchase of the fake painting is really a very minor part in the whole ‘cover up’ process. Once the computers where hacked, it was Wikileaks (Julian Assange) who ‘leaked’ troves of emails on the eve of the Democratic Party Convention, and 29 minutes after Hillary’s campaign released the “Pussy Grabbing” Trump tapes.

The revelations of Trump’s many ties to the Russian government, however, seem to be just getting started. Starting from the sale of the fake Salvatore Mundi painting, to the deaths and disappearances of key individuals with knowledge of how the Trump campaign colluded with Putin, what we find is an elaborate cover-up, that follows the patterns in the Russian art of obfuscation practiced in the past.

It’s very simple, you must ask yourself, if there was no collusion why are so many people linked with the investigation disappearing or dead? Why did everyone asked about links with Russia lie?

The answer is obvious.

The tragedy of it all, is that the people we entrust with uncovering all this – the FBI, CIA etc. will end up doing NOTHING about it – just like the swept similar things under the carpet in the past. Will the people of America let this happen – again?

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