5 Reasons why the “Attack” in Ahvaz IS IDIOTIC EVEN for their Backers (i.e. Saudi Arabia etc.)

  1. This ATTACK will reinforce the Mullahs: After putting up Saddam Hussein, funding him, supporting him, encouraging him, giving him vital intelligence – and ALL the ‘loans’ needed to buy arms to attack Iran, by ALL calculation he failed and failed miserably to ‘defeat’ Iran. But, at a time when the Mullah’s regime was fragile, the war had the effect of rallying the people of Iran behind the Mullahs. The War reinforced the Theocratic regime. A common enemy meant Iranians were NOT fighting one another. Look at press coverage INSIDE Iran, read the posts on Social Media – Kids, disabled veterans, civilians and even IRGC family members are being featured! And, ‘Arab Separatists’ and ‘Other Separatists’ groups are being stigmatized. Do the ‘enemies’ of the Mullahs want the people rallying around the Mullahs? Idiots!!


  1. It provides the Mullahs with a PRETEXT to attack Separatists OUTSIDE Iran: Their narrative is, we must engage for example in Syria, to stop ISIS from attacking Iran. Their narrative is, we must engage in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. because these ‘separatists’ are hiding there. The IRGC will double down – outside Iran. Do the backers of these attackers not know that they will be ‘discovered’ and there will be retaliation? Do the ‘enemies’ of the Mullahs want the IRGC more active in neighboring countries where these separatists reside – cutting their nation’s apart? Idiots!!


  1. It provides the Mullahs for a PRETEXT to engage with “Shiites” in other Countries: In Saudi Arabia, Bahrain …. Yemen, Azerbaijan and elsewhere there are substantial “Shiite” minorities who can be ‘further’ energized and retaliate with their rulers and their armies. The fire contagion will spread back into their own homes and then what? More suppression, more repression … and its going be very ugly and destabilizing. The IRGC will double down, is that what they want? Idiots!!


  1. The DATE of the attack is curious and will reinforce bad memories: Remember 9/22 is the anniversary of Iraq’s attack on Iran. This was a memorial parade, not a military parade. To attack children and disabled veterans will reinforce the narrative about the Iraq-Iran war. Chemical attacks, trench warfare, minefields… covert arms sales, intrigues … deaths … with the ‘whole’ world financing Saddam Hussein. Everyone – absolutely everyone around the world is embarrassed by the war and role they played in it. This by the way includes the United States – the Iran-Contra affair and now the narrative of massive shipments of Cocaine into America’s ghettos through arm sales to Iran via the Nicaraguan Contras! One thing is for sure, it will rekindle memories and story-telling in Iran; which was precisely the intent of the ‘memorial parade’. Do the Mullahs ‘enemies’ want to ‘remind’ the world of what happened? Do they want to make the Iran-Iraq war relevant again? Idiots!!


  1. No, it will NOT INSPIRE or enable Iranians to take up arms against the Mullahs: I spoke to one of my friends about it and he said he thought this attack would inspire Iranians to finally take up arms against the Mullahs and topple them. I completely disagree! The Mullahs will double up on their internal and external security; and be more vigilant. Also, more critically, the attackers were killed. It shows there is a price to pay for this kind of attack. The arms these attackers had will be traced. Dealers or suppliers will be found. Supply routes will be cut. The attack basically reveals the ‘cards’ of the Mullah’s enemies. It also clearly reveals their strategy. I could have guessed for a long-time and have written countless articles about ‘separatism’ being the strategy employed by the Mullahs enemies to defeat them (but also to break up Iran). But this could have a ‘reverse inspiration’ and make Shiites outside Iran to take up arms. Those that take up violence do so because they are intellectually defeated. They lack imagination. Do the enemies of the Mullahs want to inspire anyone to take up arms and be killed … is it violence they want to inspire …anywhere? Idiots!

Its 1980 all over again. US presidential elections have been stolen again. Iran is being sanctioned again. Its oil sales is plummeting. The Mullahs are under attack again. The truth is, Iranians and the Mullahs have seen worse times. And the enemies of the Mullahs may have just sewn the seeds for this theocracy to last another 40 years! Idiots. Unfortunately, the people will rally behind the Mullahs instead of against them with this sort of idiotic act. Tell me again … who are the idiots behind them? Lets take three guesses each shall we?

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