War of Words with Iran is a Game Designed to Fool Everyone

It wasn’t so long ago that Qassem Soleimani was celebrated in New Yorker magazine, with an article called the “Shadow Commander”. It was a prelude to the creation of a cult image for the General. It was a public relations stunt, organized in a back room of a political PR agency (you know, the kind that pays actors to show up in crowds for politicians) in New York – once Israel and U.S. had secured his services. Dexter Filkins, the author, is not a new comer to Journalism. He has reported from the depths of the Iraq and Afghan campaigns for major news outlets like the New York Times, and Los Angeles Times. And had ‘deep’ access to U.S. operations, which for example allowed him to travel within a Marine company in Fallujah when they were planning to retake the city (and lost a quarter of their men). He also received a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard. You simply don’t get all this opportunity, if you aren’t a vetted and approved journalist within the U.S. intelligence community.

No one is an idiot. We all know the truth.

Then there is Rouhani, who is an established British agent (recruited by the Rafsanjani gang), who was developed as a recruit at Glasgow polytechnic in the U.K. (while supposedly advancing a PhD on Constitutional Law, while serving in Iran’s National Security apparatus). The monotechnic, by the way, is now called Glasgow Caledonian University.  Oh, and by the way, he ‘strangely’ changed his name from Hassan Fereydoon to Rouhani (which means: religious) to better place himself politically!

And who responded to Trump? Well it was both these ‘Western Agents’ made news by ‘attacking Trump’ to show off their pro-Iran credentials. With Rouhani saying war with Iran would be the “Mother of all wars”; and Soleimani saying “If you begin a war, we (Iran) will end it”!

Both these characters and Trump need to shut the fuck up. Again, no one is an idiot. We all know the truth. This game needs to stop. Oh, and by the way, Pompeo too, needs to shut the fuck up.

None of them speak for Iranians or Americans. The U.S. and the West need to draw a circle around Iran and stop using Iran as a scapegoat or a political punching bag, or a convenient target for rhetoric.

None of us are impressed.

The U.S. has NO business interfering in Iranian politics. Trump has no reason at all to talk about Iran. Iran is NOT a threat. Iran has not invaded a country for over 200 years. Democracy in Iran is an Iranian project. Not an American or western one.

We already know that the U.S. and the West undermined Iranian democracy three times in the last 100 years. The U.S. has failed to install functioning democracies anywhere in the region. America’s track record is dismal. We know the U.S. will not do anything that will serve the interests of the people of Iran. You must look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria …. And see the failures, see the outcomes…. The conclusions are obvious.

Mr. Trump, Mr. Pompeo, Mr. Rouhani, General Soleimani – we don’t want you, we don’t need you. Shut the fuck up.  No one is a fool. We all know the game you are playing.

Before, I close, I just want to remind everyone that Rouhani’s buddy (predecessor, mentor) Rafsanjani called the U.S. evil at Tehran University’s Friday Prayers, and the very same day received Oliver North privately with a signed copy of a bible from Ronald Reagan. Oli North now is the head of the NRA, and a close friend of the Trump administration. Oli and his gang engineered the shipment of literally billions of dollars of drugs into the U.S. black ghettos, and law changes that resulted in more African Americans in jail than the total number of African-Americans enslaved before the Civil war. And with all that incarceration, they shifted U.S. politics towards the Republicans and the capture of both houses by the Republicans – totally undermining the Democrats.

This is all political rhetoric, theater and bullshit. Again, none of these characters represent anything or anyone. They need to shut the fuck up. Find someone else to pick on. Leave Iranians alone.

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