The Post-Trump Era Won’t be Pretty for His Allies

There is now so much shit on Trump, that the question is not whether he will be gone, but when!

For many, if not most, Americans, the only pleasure to be had from Donald Trump’s presidency is to imagine his premature eviction from the White House. Impeachment, the 25th Amendment, pick your poison. My own scenario places Trump on Richard Nixon’s Watergate resignation timetable, fleeing next August to Mar-a-Lago as federal bloodhounds close in on him, his son, or his son-in-law (or all three) and his party’s Vichy regime on the Hill at last mutinies in the face of what could well be an apocalyptic Election Day in 2018.

In private, Steve Bannon reportedly gave Trump only a 30 percent chance of finishing his term, even before Robert Mueller dropped his first indictments. (Bannon has denied saying this.) And there are other fresh signs of an advancing Trump expiration date besides, from the resounding Democratic wins in Virginia and New Jersey on November 7 to the epic failure of the Republican Congress to accomplish anything. But don’t celebrate just yet. Once Trump exits — whenever and however he goes — then what?

Whether Trump lasts another three weeks, another three years, or another seven years, our troubles won’t be over when he’s gone. They may well get worse. And by worse, I do not mean Mike Pence, the Koch-brothers tool so feared by liberals because he might be more efficient at bringing America to its knees than his boss. Were Pence to ascend unelected to the presidency after a Trump collapse, still more scandals would pour out, Republicans in Congress would be fighting for their political lives, the economy would be rattled, and Washington would default into faux-bipartisan our-long-national-nightmare-is-over mode until the next election. Unlike Gerald Ford, Pence might not even fill out a term as a one-and-done caretaker, given his own vulnerability to obstruction-of-justice charges.

Bannon said, “The only question before us” is whether it “is going to be a left-wing populism or a right-wing populism.” And that is the question, he added, “that will be answered in 2020.” Give the devil his due: He does have the question right. But there is every reason to fear that our unending civil war will not be resolved by any election anytime soon in the destabilized America that Trump will leave behind.

Trump has so polarized the world, that I believe that the post-Trump era will be filled with retribution. It will be dirty and nasty.

The Saudi’s will be running to the hills. MBS, who financed Russian oligarchs with his fake purchase of the “Da Vinci” painting; and close connections to the Trump mafia, will be toppled. And with that, US influence in the region will disappear. Saudi leeches like Al Qaeda etc. will be gone too. You never know, it might suddenly become a better world in the region.

Netenyahu …. Well… as for Netenyahu … it will not be a pretty picture for Israel too. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-anyone. But the Clintons will eventually get to him. You can read between the lines!

You never know, maybe Iran and U.S. will finally kiss up after Trump has gone!

And as for Trump’s backers – the oil companies, Koch Brothers etc. Well it will all spell the end of the oil era. Renewables, and clean energy will be pushed to the max. Gas mileage on cars will be federally mandated to the limit.

And these are just some examples. I can think of many more outcomes inspired by his enemies. The retribution will be massive. The problem with Trump is, he is so polarizing that he almost provokes a reaction like this. He could be doing the same things but not in such a polarizing way. He could have played fair. Gotten elected cleanly. Been nicer on immigrants.

It really would have been no skin off his back. But no, he has gone after opponents fiercely. And you know, when his opponents win back power – it won’t be pretty.

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