Roseanne Just Spilt the Beans: A Good Number of Jews in America are Closet Nazis

Roseanne Barr is supposed to be a sharp, shrewd, Jewish-American comedian, with a hefty net worth.  She is an accomplished actor, and producer. So, when I read her tweet this past week attacking Valerie Jarett “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj” I was really surprised, and then I became angry too.

Surely, she is aware of how Hitler rose to power. Surely, she is aware of how the Nazi’s slowly, but systematically went after one minority group after another. Surely, she is aware, especially as a Jew, that this is a slippery slope of hatred.  Surely, she understands that its critical to protect the rights and interests of ALL minorities as a member of the Jewish-American community.  Roseanne’s tweet made no sense, at first. I reflected on the famous quote from Father Martin Niemoller referring to the Nazi’s

“First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

I almost bought into her narrative about how she had been under the influence of Ambien. But then, I saw a news release from Sanofi (Ambien makers) saying, that Racism was not a know side effect of taking Ambien.  And so, I kept looking and reflecting on what all this meant, coming from a Jewish-American.

I observed that her character (in her TV sit-com) had openly supported Trump. She even mentioned that a little bit of a shake-up in Washington would be a good thing. More importantly, the sit-com was targeted demographically to the very audience that voted for Trump – the white working class. The same crowd that feels ‘white victim-hood’ in America; and has come to Trump as some sort of a ‘savior’.  And Trump has played the part well with open, blatant, and public attacks on perceived enemies of these white-victims: i.e. Hispanic immigrants, Muslims, and especially Iranians and the ‘Washington Elite or Deep State characters’ (like Valerie Jarrett).

Recognizing his ‘role’, Trump has for example refused to condemn white supremacists in Virginia rallies that led to deaths. But clearly, Trump has forged an alliance between these ‘white-victim’ crowd, Christian evangelicals, white-supremacists, and the Jewish community in America. His daughter, no less, is married to Jared Kushner who comes from a deeply religious and pro-Israel family. We are told Mr. Netanyahu slept in the Kushner family home once. Trump received over 100 Million from Jewish billionaire Adelson and Jewish lobbying groups (like AIPAC). Clearly these groups are completely aligned.

Trump has 75% support in Israel, and one can hear a consistent echo from the street in Tel Aviv: “If Trump can take the bold step to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem i.e. change the sign on an existing U.S. consulate to embassy, then he is a good friend of the Jews and Israel!” Yes, this white skinned, blond haired thrice married, thrice cheating German-American with deep support from Christian evangelicals (the Crusader crowd) is linked to rabid-Zionists and Jews.

And, very interestingly Trump modeled his campaign on Ronald Reagan’s.  His campaign staff gave interviews in front of Reagan’s pictures. Trump’s campaign slogan emulated Reagan’s winning slogan “Making America Great, Again”!

Roseanne after-all, was only parroting what Frank Gaffney and Fred Fleitz’s Center for Security Policy statements that singled out Jarrett as a baleful influence on Obama and who connected her to Iran, and then implicitly to the Muslim Brotherhood. Fred Fleitz is now chief of staff for John Bolton, Trump’s National Security advisor. This follows Trump’s accusations of Obama himself being a closet Muslim and being born outside the U.S. Somehow, the Trump campaign (and white supremacists more generally) have conflated being African-American and being a Muslim as two nasty undesirable, and sinister things. And to top it all off Obama and his administration were sinister because they were ‘both Black and Muslim’. Trump repeatedly declared during his campaign, to wild applause, that he would put a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. and ended up banning some Muslims – notably those from Iran (and U.S. ally Iraq etc.) from entering.

For the record, yes, Valerie Jarett was born in Iran. Reading Roseanne’s tweet, surely Valerie Jarett became a Muslim Brother, or sister when she was born in Iran to African-American parents (stationed there). Also, for the record, readers should know that Iranians are Persians and Shiite Muslims, and therefore separate and distinct from the Muslim Brotherhood who are an Arab organization in Sunni Muslim countries. This is so ridiculous is frighteningly bad (Nazi-like) propaganda. Its completely off.

But more interestingly, any connection Valerie Jarett might feel to her birthplace (Iran), is a good thing for Israel and Jews.  You see, Iranians have been instrumental in protecting and supporting the Jews throughout history. If it wasn’t for Iranians, there would be no Jews at all. It was a Persian (King) who freed the Jews from captivity when the Babylonians enslaved them in 560 BC. It was another Persian (King), who sold oil to Israel during the Yom Kippur war in the 1970’s when all of Israel’s Muslim-Arab neighbors attacked it, and Israeli forces had no fuel to fight back. It was another Persian (King) who liberated Israel in 614 A.D. from Christian Crusaders who had conquered Jerusalem. And even today, in 2018 while Iran has been nominally assisting Assad in Syria, (and by the way defending itself too), it is Iran that have successfully and consistently fought against Saudi-CIA-Qatari-backed, Sunni-Wahabist-fanatic (9-11 terrorist style) Arab Muslims (i.e. ISIS) who were trying to create a “caliphate’ right next to Israel (and Iran). These ISIS fighters by the way enslave their women and cut off heads of foreign (non-Muslim) prisoners with swords. Israel really could not have a worse enemy next door. ISIS make Assad look good.  Yes, Assad is an enemy too, but to be objective he has only ever defended Syrian sovereignty and never attacked Israel. But ISIS next door to Israel, would surely be a recipe for an even greater disaster for Israel. Jews and Israelis should be grateful – not abusive towards Iran and Iranians. It is Iran and Iranians who have protected the Jews and Israel – not once, but multiple times over several millennia. Jews, by the way, are constitutionally protected in Iran, and have the largest, oldest and most continuous Jewish community in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East (outside of Israel).

But, no, none of this matters. Facts don’t matter anymore.

Fear mongering by Trumptard Republicans, white supremacists aligned with some American Jews who have made all Muslims, all Iranians, and all African-Americans: enemies. Roseanne’s narrative plays directly to her Trumptard audience that voted for Trump. And her tweet is verbatim, the very same narrative of many people now inside the Trump Administration in charge of national security.

Trumptards worship Ronald Reagan. So also, for the record, it is important to state that Ronald Reagan was no friend of the African-American community. It was Ronald Reagan’s national security team, including Colonel Oliver North (who by the way is now the new head of the National Rifle Association), who masterminded selling covert arms to Iran’s Mullahs and then apparently used the cash to support the Sandinistas (and his gang) with that money, and used their central-American connection to bring in literally billions of dollars of crack cocaine into the U.S. for distribution into America’s ghettos in key voting states.

It was Ronald Reagan administration that changed mandatory federal drug sentencing guidelines and ended up putting almost 10 million African-Americans in jail over several decades and made sure they could not vote. And by doing this, they engineered the “Reagan Revolution” sweeping both the house and senate into Republican party hands. It was brilliantly executed without a bullet or a bomb. America’s African Americans were completely undermined.  More African-Americans were jailed than the number of Slaves in America before the Civil war. Ronald Reagan was the great incarcerator of African-Americans, destroyed their families, their neighborhoods and did more to set back African-Americans than any President in the U.S. And Donald Trump worships him.

So, what has really happened? What changed? Why did Roseanne, an American Jew, tweet out what she did (in an “Ambient” moment)?

It’s simple, a good number of Jews in America are closet Nazis. She lost control and spilt the beans. All this Jewish money going to the Trump campaign, Trump’s own family connections, Israel’s open hostility towards Palestinians and its Muslim neighbors confirms a simple fact: Jews are increasingly supporting a Nazi-like agenda of destroying going after other minorities. Jews are now part of the White Supremacy crowd. Far from being victims and supporting the rights of all minorities; far from being holocaust victims and standing up to attacks on minorities; a good number Jews in America are now themselves ‘white supremacists’ and hostile and abusive to at least Muslims and African-Americans (and more minorities to come soon, I am sure). They see nothing wrong in Trump’s travel ban against Iranians. They can comfortably abuse the Muslim brotherhood (as if Muslim’s are not allowed to unite in any way), refer to African-Americans as apes and disparage someone born in Iran without batting an eyelid.

We even have Trump come in support of Roseanne this week and say: “Gee, ABC never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and said about me on ABC” And did Trump even express condolences or concern over the deaths of over 50 young kids in Gaza when they protested the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem? No! He could not care less. Neither, by the way, does Roseanne or most of America’s Jewish community that support Trump.

Having grown up around the Jewish community for most of my life, I must say a good number absolutely think precisely the same way as Roseanne. They privately express similar views about African Americans and Muslims. Poll after poll confirms their support Trump and his policies. There is no other way to state it:  This makes them closet Nazis. It is therefore not surprising to observe how Israel too, now, has become a Nazi state – openly maintaining Muslim concentration camps in Gaza and the west bank, killing Palestinians without impunity. Having illegally conquered its neighboring states, Israel is openly expansionist and like Hitler’s Germany.

When I first immigrated to the U.S. and lived in New York, I truly did feel a ‘brotherhood’ with Jewish-Americans. To me they were cultivated, worldly and could empathize with an Iranian refugee’s plight in America. I also have always felt that there was cultural connectivity, with a high emphasis in on family values and education. I always felt there was a compassionate strand in Jewish culture. And that their prior generation’s experiences in Europe would make them empathetic to the plight of other minorities. I always felt that they, more than any other group, would be the guardians of U.S. constitutional rights – ensuring freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise – and ultimately safeguard the liberties that are so precious in America. But the new generation of American-Jews is spoilt rotten, and rabidly racist and Republican.  And they can not fathom or accept any criticism of Israel, to the point of shutting down free speech and liberty in the U.S. They have muzzled any and every critic of Israel.

What Roseanne taught me this week, is that the truth is, Jewish-Americans are a minority no more – they are part of the majority White crowd. And they have become Nazis, like them. Jewish-Americans, who only comprise roughly 2% of Americans are now part and parcel of the U.S. majority white – almost like another White Christian sect: Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Mormons … And it is not surprising, after all they control the majority (almost 2/3rds) of America’s private assets being the wealthiest Americans demographically and control virtually every major profession like medicine and law. They are now fully aligned with white supremacists and have taken control of the U.S. government. Criticize them and they will banish you, delete your posts. They have eliminated any opposition and now feel comfortable putting down minorities who think differently and look differently to them.

The irony of it all, is that these poor white supremacist and evangelical Americans who feel like victims, that live in these fly-over states, who watch the Roseanne sitcom, have ALL bought into this ‘fear, anti-immigrant’ narrative. They are so fooled with this Jewish/Trump propaganda that they vote against themselves. Trump’s tax overhaul only benefitted the wealthy (code for Jewish Americans), the rest of the population got screwed. Middle-country white Americans are not poor with ‘shit prospects’ because of immigrants or Muslims, it’s because all the good manufacturing jobs (that once existed in their towns) have been outsourced overseas by the company owners. (I wonder who owns these companies, and controls the banks?) Idiots!!

Without a bullet or a bomb, by simply generating fear against other minorities, Jewish-Americans have colluded with White-Supremacists to take control our government and in the process the rest of the globe (as its sole-superpower). They have control.

This is NOT only a national tragedy but a global one. Its only outcome can be more fear and bloodshed.

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