Iran Must Have Regime Change, Because Trump and Bolton Say So!

I still vividly remember Khomeini landing in Tehran, on an Air France 747 jet, chartered by the Government of France. Iranian’s legitimate effort to bring about democracy in the country (for the 3rd Time in 100 years) was hijacked by a cleric in Paris, hand picked by the Carter administration to take over government in Iran! World media outlets promoted the Ayatollah and paved the way for this takeover.

The U.S. helped topple the Shah and decided wisely or stupidly to use religion as an anti-communist form in the region and NOT only brought in Khomeini but also financed the rise of the Taliban to fight the Soviets (now Russians). Let’s not forget that it was in fact the government of the Ayatollahs (the theocracy) that also supported the Taliban, had secret relations with the Reagan administration, and killed off literally hundreds of thousands of socialists, Marxists, and communists! They have survived almost 40 years, longer than any previous administration!

It was almost 25 years before 1979, when again the U.S. (having been coerced by the Brits) undermined Iranian democracy – and undermined the popularly and democratically elected Prime Minister (Mossadegh) to put in place the “Shah” – as the West’s puppet governor of Iran, assisting the West in exploiting Iranian oil!

So here we are, the West it seems is sick of the Mullahs, and despite having put them in power … just like their prior puppet the Shah, have decided to ‘fire’ their puppets and put a new government in power.

Iranians, it seems, have no say in the matter. We will have another chartered plane land in Tehran, this time financed by the government of Albania, bringing Maryam Rajavi to Tehran to assume Iran’s government! Oh, I should mention that just before then, we will have Iran splintered into 5 pieces and new states emerging conceived by the Trump administration! A new Kurdistan, a larger Azerbaijan, a new nation of Baluchistan, Al Ahwaz and the rest (what ever that leaves) the newly shrunk country of Iran.

Well if Donald Trump and John Bolton say so, then I am sure Iranians will simply comply! Right?

It’s up to the government of America, having been elected with a minority of U.S. voters, having been elected with tacit support by Putin, having been elected with full democratic credentials – to then put in place a new democracy in a reduced, redacted, and destroyed Iran!

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Mullahs and everything they stand for, but is it proper for Donald Trump … indeed anyone outside Iran to determine Iran’s future government, leadership or indeed size of state?

I see flashes of 1979, 1952 and 1922 all over again. Once again, Iranians are becoming subject to the whims of despots outside Iran. It seems – no one Inside Iran – has the capacity, the capability, the possibility of deciding their own fate.

That, my friends, is a real tragedy!

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