Trump’s White-trash-house Trailer Park

As Bill Maher put it, so eloquently: “you can never be too rich to not be white trash!” And, yes, he was referring to The Donald!

Recently, we had two wife beaters resign from his administration. One of which, was shacking up with Trump’s communication director (while still officially married). Who (the communications director, Hicks) then resigned because she admitted to lying for Trump in a congressional hearing. Branding the administration, officially, as liars!

Then you had Trump’s chief economic adviser, write an email calling Trump an idiot surrounded by clowns. You had Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign strategist, walking around as a hobo – unshaven in multi-layers of clothing like a street bum.

Then concurrent with all this, we have Trump sleeping with a porn star! Paying her off to shut her up!

It all looks, sounds, smells of white trash, and trailer parks. Yes, Donald Trump is white trash and he is a white trash icon!

His hair is as teased and artificial as Dolly Parton’s; his eternally pursed lips recall Elvis’s, minus the sensuality; his orange skin suggests the kind of cosmetic mask that Tammy Faye Bakker once kept between herself and her viewers. Ten years ago, he even went so far as to gamely don a pair of overalls and perform the Green Acres theme, alongside a giggling Megan Mullally, at the Emmys.

Today, commentators who try to make sense of Trump’s mass appeal often fall back on “white trash” signifiers, even if the term itself never rises above the level of subtext. A recent New York Times article announced that counties most likely to contain Trump supporters were also likely to be populated by mobile home residents who had no high school diplomas, worked “old economy” jobs, and listed their ancestry as “American” on the U.S. census. Trump’s public persona is the kind of brash, ball-busting bully you want on your side when you have become convinced that no one else will stand up for you. His campaign strategy may be unfamiliar to the democratic process—or at least to its public face—but he comes from a long and well-established tradition of heavies, henchmen, and block bosses. He is, in other words, the kind of leader who might well be called on by a population demographer William Frey described to the Times as “nonurban, blue-collar and now apparently quite angry.” Or, to put it in the kind of blunt terms we associate with the candidate: White trash.

If Trump’s success has indeed been driven by the “nonurban, blue-collar” and “quite angry,” then he is only exploiting a demographic that is integral to the American identity. “The white poor,” historian Nancy Isenberg writes in her new book White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, have always been with us in various guises, as the names they have been given across centuries attest: Waste people. Offscourings. Lubbers. Bogtrotters. Rascals. Rubbish. Squatters. Crackers. Clay-eaters. Tackies. Mudsills. Scalawags. Briar Hoppers. Hillbillies. Low-downers… They are renamed often, but they do not disappear. Our very identity as a nation, no matter what we tell ourselves, is intimately tied up with the dispossessed.

Thanks to Obama, we were spared more white trashiness when he defeated John McCain and his Vice President: Sarah Palin. Had McCain been elected, we would have been in for daily news bites from Sarah Palin’s white-trash family. A dizzying mix of her daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and fleeting ‘toxic’ lovers; her family punch-ups, and her son’s escapades.

Trump basically represents the worst of America. He is White-trash. Anyone who has not already bailed out of this nosediving presidency is probably already politically dead and that includes Trump, Kushner, Ivanka, and Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. Those who have jumped from the crashing plane, like former chief strategist Steve Bannon, are probably also finished.

The same toxic effect that President Trump is having on the occupancy rates of his trailer park will also soon be felt by US allies. Soon, it will be not such a good idea to share a public platform with him.

Hopefully he and his family members will be in jail soon.

We have a son-in-law who by all accounts, couldn’t get a loan for his real estate investments, and wanted Qatar to invest in it. When they said no, in a white-trashy way, he gets his buddy MBS (in Saudi Arabia) to put an embargo on Qatar! Clearly, he was using the power and prestige of the United States for his personal gain.

And then we have Trump’s big idea of a Middle East breakthrough is finished before it even started. His administration is going to wreak its revenge on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the one and only interlocutor he could have had for it, for having led the recent UN vote against Trump’s announcement that he is moving his embassy to Jerusalem. Defunding UNWRA, the UN agency that provides schools and relief to Palestinians, and this is only the start of it.

Trump attacks immigrants, and immigration every-time he takes the podium. He doesn’t understand and recognize the tremendous value and contribution of immigrants to making America great!

Trump and his cohorts are walking wrecking balls. As (Trump’s recently departed top economic adviser) Gary Cohn so eloquently put it: Trump doesn’t read anything. He is poorly informed. His actions are knee-jerk (thoughtless) reactions.

Nations get the leadership they deserve. As an American, I am ashamed by this leadership choice, and it makes me more motivated than ever to do whatever I can to educate, illuminate, and enlighten these rural, white, trailer park crowd. But how can you do it? When their news feeds are exclusively Fox News, and websites that are somewhat exclusionary. Try to post a rebuttal on Reddit’s The Donald – like me, you too will be banned. The sad truth about our times, is that our information channels have become echo chambers. We need to bridge this divide. We need to expose the truth. We need to address the issues that created the groundswell of white-trash support for Trump!

America can only become Great, if it has leadership that is Great. Leaders are role models. Leaders lead by example. Trump is trash. And he will turn this great country to trash. We can not let this happen.

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