Once again, as Trump’s fake rhetoric on Iran is used to divert attention from massive problems his administration is facing, we have “Iranian Opposition Groups” appearing on main stream media pretending they can somehow run Iran better than the mullahs, i.e. with less corruption, greater freedoms, and yes, let’s not forget about it … with Western backing! If only, American soldiers, would die and American treasury would get robbed for the benefit of these opposition groups to ‘be handed power in Iran’! As if the U.S. (that is Donald Trump) would do all this for free, and not ask for anything!

Iranian Traitors on Main Stream Media: Among these groups we have Iran’s ‘perennial’ traitors, the MEK/MKO/NCRI/Rajavist/Monkeys who buy off friends and family to appear larger on cameras with their demonstrations, and all expenses paid junket trips for Republican luminaries like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton to speak to their audiences in Europe! If only these folks knew how hated the Rajavists are!

And most recently, there’s been a slight resurgence of Reza Pahlavi interviews on main stream media, aided I’m sure by his daughters who work in the communications industry in New York, pretending to have a perfect medicine for Iran’s ailments. He declared boldly, “Our Fight is for Freedom and Saving Iran”. It all sounds good, until, (like me) you dig a little deeper… and you realize its all bullshit.

It’s a free country (the U.S., that is). And U.S. naturalized citizens like Reza Pahlavi and/or Rajavist cronies, like everyone else have a very legitimate right to have their own opinions. But, (big but), let’s not be fooled. Neither the Monarchists nor Rajavists can claim any allegiance to Iran or Iranians. What is clear is that in Iran’s darkest moments, both groups abandoned patriotism and principle in exchange for the possibility of power. Put very bluntly, they are both power prostitutes!

The case against the MEK/MKO/NCRI/Rajavist/Monkeys is clear. Beyond running off to Iraq and joining Saddam Hussein’s army in invading and attacking Iran; they have a long track record of acting as foreign mercenaries: selling themselves as Saddam’s henchmen to gas Kurdish villagers, and most recently acting on behalf of Israel (and Saudi Arabia) to kill Iranian scientists. They are unprincipled traitors – through and through. The case is proven; and closed. They will NEVER be allowed to assume power in Iran. Like Mussolini they will be hanged in the streets by ordinary Iranians if identified.

But the case against Reza Pahlavi is a little more convoluted. He has kept a lower profile, and worked the ‘back rooms’ hard, without much success!

We do however, have a clear trail of his betrayal of Iran and Iranians.

Providing Iran’s Secret Military Targets to Saddam Hussein: You see, Mr. Pahlavi (and his mother by the way) had a cook. His name was Ali Shahbazi. Three months before he died, he appeared on Iranian satellite television, on my dad’s show (Dr. Jalil Bahar) to talk about the day when a group of Iraqi senior officers from Saddam Hussein’s army visited Reza Pahlavi!

Shahbazi explained that Reza Pahlavi had asked him to look out for these visitors as they approached his house and then usher them (like a butler) to a sitting room. There, Mr. Shahbazi claimed he listened (behind a closed door) to a conversation between these Iraqi generals and Reza Pahlavi. Shahbazi recounts a statement made by the Iraqi’s: “We have not been able to bomb all the military targets you and your officers provided to us; but we did manage to hit at least 75% of them. We have paralyzed Iran’s military.” Victory, for Saddam Hussein it seems, was imminent. The young prince would take back his father’s throne! And the rest, as they say, would be history!

At the time (2002) of the interview, Monarchists accused Shahbazi of lying and ulterior motives (because he was fired over a pay dispute). But his ‘firing’ was a long time before the revelations. As I mentioned, Shabazi died three months later, he had nothing to gain by revealing this secret, except to warn all Iranians of who Reza Pahlavi was. The truth was out.

Yes, Reza Pahlavi and his men had provided secret details of Iran’s military targets to the Iraqis before Saddam’s attack on September 22nd1980.  The mother***ker upstart Prince was willing to have Iran’s major cities bombed, Iranians killed, Iran’s oil provinces annexed – all for the sake of power! And by the way, bomb they did!! If readers want me to, I have a collection of pictures from the war to share – but it was horrific. How can power mean so much to him? He clearly has blood on his hands.

Nojeh Coup: This revelation is even more damning, considering other events and revelations that link Iran’s Monarchists with other sordid events. Its was the Monarchists, no less, that put together and then squealed on Air Force pilots by planning a failed coup against the Mullah regime in July 1980 (Nojdeh Coup) – This purposely failed coup, led to the torture and death of 144 Iran’s air force elite – which in turn meant Iran was completely impotent (without Air power) at the time Saddam Hussein invaded 3 months later. It was a dirty, scummy scheme to undermine Iran, and prepare the country for the invasion. Iran’s Monarchist (working with Western intelligence) where squarely behind it. It’s a fact.

Saddam’s Payroll: Then there is the old Watergate, Deep Throat, process of following the money. Reza Pahlavi’s key men were on Saddam’s payroll. Cyrus Amouzegar, Bakhtiar’s right hand (Monarchists) would travel regularly to Baghdad for cash payments. with Saddam Hussein. They brought suitcase loads of cash into London from Baghdad and started buying prime real estate in Central London. They diverted part of it to maintaining a Persian language radio station in Baghdad, during the Iran-Iraq war, beaming messages into Iran during the war (ran by Mr. Sarfaraz). Interestingly, Saddam had BOTH the Rajavist and Monarchists on his payroll! The Rajavists who toppled the Monarchy … how ironic… both groups were ousted by the Mullahs (and their British backers) … and were partners on Saddam’s payroll!!

Leadership is about Service: Doesn’t Reza Pahlavi realize that the whole purpose of leadership is to serve? How was this a ‘service’ to the people of Iran? Does he have any idea how devastating and horrific this bombing, and the Iran-Iraq war was?

You know, its not just that the war had over 1 Million casualties. Its not just that the war reinforced the regime in Tehran – yes it rallied the whole nation behind the Mullahs. But, as Americans, let’s not forget another basic fact – if there had NOT been an Iran-Iraq war, there would not have been an Iraq invasion of Kuwait (i.e. the first American war with Iraq – under Bush 1, in 1991) and then a second Iraq war (under Bush 2 in 2003). I mean, that war in 1980 eventually led NOT ONLY to millions of Iranian and Iraqi deaths, BUT, also American deaths and the near bankruptcy of the U.S. To finance the Iraq war, the U.S. ended up borrowing over 7 trillion dollars and retching up massive sovereign debt.

Reza Pahlavi’s thirst for power, and his cooperation with Saddam Hussein is unforgivable. It had devastating global consequences. Very irresponsible. Very treacherous.

But, I am not done. There’s more.

Leadership is about Adding Value: Doesn’t he realize that the whole point is to add value to the nation? The whole purpose of leadership is not “power” but to add value! If you can’t add value, don’t even think about it. The people of Iran are not pawns for someone’s vengeful throne, or payback.

So what value has Reza Pahlavi added to anything in his life? Did he take a piece of land and build a nice house? Has he created a new business? Is he a good father, husband, great kids, great brother, etc.? (We’re told by the way that he has a pilot’s license. That might sound good to a villager in Yazd, but these days, that’s like saying you’re a truck driver… it doesn’t add up to much). What contributions has he made? What contributions can he make?

His daughters seem okay. Not stellar, ivy league types. Was he a good father? Although I haven’t bumped into their crowd in New York. I am sure they roam around the Long Island Iranian Jewish crowd.  One daughter works for Cohen & co investment house, the other is at Group M media house – both packed with Israeli-Americans. (Say no more, I am sure their management love Iran and Iranians).

Two of Reza Pahlavi’s siblings died early deaths. Could not handle the pressure, I assume! Sad, never-the-less. Tragic is probably a better word. Was Reza Pahlavi a good brother? (Add value to his siblings).

Having said all that, Reza Pahlavi is for sure, clean cut. Articulate. A good symbol of “Iranianness” abroad (if there is such a word). A gentleman. I also, by the way, think his mother (Farah) is very cultivated, articulate and beautifully symbolic. Yes, they represent Iranians well.

But, the treachery is unforgivable. We, Iranians, MUST remember, and hold them to account. And, beyond all that, Reza Pahlavi has had a string of failed business ventures and investments. Credit to him for being enterprising, but if he was fooled or misled by partners – then how the hell is he going to manage the complexities of power in Iran. I mean, the mullahs are snakes, Western leaders are bigger snakes, and Iran is in a rough neighborhood. It’s a tough ball game. Not for the meek, the timid, or simpletons!

Reza Pahlavi in charge of Iran would be a disaster. Just listen to him, he is not adding anything to the dialogue. What is he contributing? How are his statements disruptive or transformational? He represents a 39-year continuum, he does not represent change, and he will deliver more of the same: failure of past generations. Like the Rajavists, he represents a false opposition to the Mullahs.

What Going On? So, for his benefit, and yours, let me tell you what is going on: By bringing a guy like him to the fore, in main stream media (and other moronic opposition groups like the Rajavists): The “West” (and I am including Israel and Saudi Arabia when I say this) is putting forth the worst elements of Iranian opposition to scare the Mullahs (as a negotiating tactic), and buying insurance so they have someone to put in place if there is a power vacuum in Iran. And if one of these yoyos assumes power, you can bet Iran will be splintered, and then heavily exploited. Iran and Iranians will get pissed on.

The worst that can happen for Iran is for an unprincipled, prostitute to assume power. Once again, the West is plotting to hijack another Iranian revolution and put ‘their’ leadership in charge.

Iranians can not let this happen. Iranians must finally break loose of the Mullahs, to select their own leadership without western interference. Monarchists and Rajavists must be sidelined. After 3 attempts in the past 100 years, Iranians must finally be free, and free to choose the best leadership possible for the country. This is a job for Iranians only.

Iranians don’t need any interference in the process. No need for Trump’s, Netanyahu’s, Saudi Prince’s, Reza Pahlavi’s or Rajavi’s support. Right now, with Pit Bulls at Iran’s doorstep, it’s too risky for a ‘big revolution’, but an evolutionary path conducted by Iranians is doable.

Only – yes ONLY – Iranians can do this, otherwise Iran will be fed to the dogs again. Iranian opposition outside Iran aren’t worth shit. And the West can’t be counted on. They will deliver another Khomeini in an Air France Jumbo – with a big cockpit to stick up Iranian buts. Don’t believe me? Take a quick look at Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria! Do Iranians want to be part of America’s mess in the region? Iranians shouldn’t trust anyone but themselves – especially the Monarchists!

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