Rouhani is a British stooge, with a fake name, and fake credentials. But more importantly he is insincere. The truth is, he really could not care less for the fate of Iran or Iranians.

Let cover the basics first.

His Name

His real name is Hassan Fereydoon. His assumed name Rouhani, means (religious or spiritual or cleric ), and is designed to make people believe that his is somehow of religious stock with religiously credentials when he has none. His former surname Fereydoon is also sometimes a first name (like John, or Charles, or Joseph). So it would like someone changing their name from John Charles, to John Cleric, and wearing religious garb! Weird! Especially since he is NOT ordained (see later).

His PhD is Fake

His PhD is from what was formerly Glasgow Poly (Polytechnics are lower level schools of further education in the U.K., its now called something like Glasgow Caledonian University when it merged with Queens University in Glasgow). If you haven’t been to Glasgow, I don’t blame you, the school is the equivalent of a Community college in area like Harlem or Bronx (Bronx Community College) … anyone/everyone gets in! By the way, the school has moved from the slums to better area since the merger … but anyway, a bogus PhD program in Islamic Studies provided a viable excuse for him to make regular trips to UK for training and debriefing while working within Iran (mullahs) national security apparatus.

His PhD thesis has been largely discredited for plagiarism (40 to 80 percent of the content was plagiarized depending on the chapters; these days with internet search engines it’s very easy to establish plagiarism factually (without debate) – ask any college professor). So, his PhD is basically bogus.

His Ordainment is Fake

He ‘audited’ courses at the Qom Seminary (anyone can audit courses even at Harvard without getting a degree), but his bachelor degree is in Judicial Law from University of Tehran. He is not a high ranking religious leader or even an ordained Mullah although he wears a Turban. Sort of like someone wearing a dog collar pretending to be a Christian priest – without being ordained. He is a fake.

He is a British Agent

He is also a crook. As another British backed Mullah his administration has quietly looked the other way, while British companies exploit Iranian oil and gas through Azerbaijan, Qatar and other places. They have allowed Iran’s sovereignty of the Caspian Sea drop from 50 to 11 Percent; and for these companies to drill horizontally into Iranian fields in the Persian Gulf. Rouhani is party to their theft.  Interestingly, when Qatar recently was embargoed by Saudi Arabia, it was Iran who bailed Qatar out. Why? Well Qatar is another British puppet state; with the Emir sharing boxes with the Queen at horse races, and all its elite educated in Britain with massive investments in Britain. Until very recently, Qatar was aligned with Saudi Arabia against Iran, but when they fell out … it was the enemy (Iran) that bailed out Qatar and delivered food and aid. Rouhani’s government aiding the (British backed) enemy – at a moments notice! I wonder who was behind all that?

He is Insincere

Now let’s get to his insincerity (that’s a polite way of saying he is a liar). Putting aside his patent political impotence, there is a huge volume of work that showcases his character.

In 2013, Rouhani wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post. In response, Will Fulton pointed out in his column “Iran News Round Up,” on September 17, 2013 that Rouhani’s Op-Ed suggestion of creating a commission “to pursue spiritual and material compensation” from the United States and United Kingdom for their role in the 1953 coup against Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq was insincere.

Fulton pointed out that while this suggestion might sound good to a self-flagellating audience of American intellectuals, putting aside whether the coup was wise or not given the Cold War context, there is the simple fact that the Iranian clergy were complicit in the coup and, indeed, had made an alliance of convenience with the U.S., British, and Iranian military: All feared Mosaddeq’s populism, which, to be frank, was about as democratic as Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s in Haiti.

That Rouhani wants the United States to pay Iran for the 1953 coup which his teachers and predecessors supported shows just how manipulative and insincere he is in his populist games in Tehran and Washington. Rouhani is well versed in the history, but conveniently brushed past the truth.

But, more importantly, the current political situation in Iran, is a function of the revolution in 1979. Rouhani too, surely knows that Khomeini was hand picked by Carter to lead Iran after toppling the Shah. It wasn’t just the Mullah’s support for the US backed 1952 Coup; but also, US backed toppling of the Shah and rise of Khomeini.

It was Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter’s UN ambassador who claimed Khomeini would be Iran’s Ghandi; and trained his key advisors.  And when it all fell apart, it was Carter that got Saddam Hussein to invade Iran!

The Mullahs had their hands in both ‘coups’! Rouhani is part of the Mullah mafia ruling Iran!

Rouhani Has No Business Leading Iran

Iran needs a skilled leader with strong economic or business background, with the capacity to engage adversaries. Nothing in Rouhani’s background suggests anything like this. It needs a change agent. Someone with courage and skill. He has no has no business leading Iran, or ‘taking the assignment’. Iran has much better, more qualified people who are disqualified from running. In a true democracy he would have no chance.  But, big but, he was a handpicked candidate from one of the religious Mafia’s ruling Iran.

The country is becoming poorer day by day. There is no change. At some point, REAL Iranian protests will get rid of these mafias … not fake ones sponsored by Trump, Israel or one of the other religious groups in Iran (centered in another city Mashhad, where by the way the first demonstrations started). When the time is right … there will be new protests. Not now, Trump’s regime is too dangerous, and the neighborhood too unstable for trans-formative change (and the instability that will cause). Remember, last time Iran had a revolution, Saddam Hussein invaded (with Western and Saudi backing) …. trying to grab Iran’s oil rich provinces. The same would happen again, if Iran had a revolution now. Trump, and his buddies can’t wait to cut Iran to pieces. And he should know, that the people of Iran won’t let that happen. He and his political party have already humiliated Iranians publicly and made enemies of ordinary Iranians at home and abroad.

Obama’s support for protests in 2009 was crucial, and it did not come. Trump’s support for protests in 2018 is useless, but it came! Who provides support is important. And Rouhani, is simply another Khatami – a European agent, dressed in sheep’s clothing, designed to give the regime in Iran legitimacy and more life… while the Europeans kick the U.S. out of the region via their Iranian (Shiite) proxies, and put the pieces together for their own hegemony in the Middle East. Between China’s OBOR to Europe, Putin’s Guile, and European ambitions – the U.S. is cornered and completely impotent in the region.

Despite the rhetoric, with Trump in power, today, the U.S. has no strategic alternatives. Trump has no strategy at all. This by the way applies to not only Iran, but North Korea too. Everything I said about Rouhani applies to Trump too. Trump is insincere (a liar), a Russian Agent (almost the same as British agent), and a fake… also supported by the religious establishment (in the U.S.) despite zero religious credentials and decades of tabloid stories that are fundamentally, religiously indecent.

At this stage, everyone must wait out both Trump and Rouhani’s presidencies, and press the button for a restart in 3 years and hope that there will be sufficient common ground in existence, for a transformation in relations. Neither ‘agent’ has the creativity nor courage nor patriotism to effect change. One thing is for sure, neither Trump nor Rouhani have any business leading their countries.

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