Here is a chart of Iran’s GDP per capita on a year to year basis.  Note how Iran had a peak in 2012 (at $7,833), and has since retreated to $5,219 in 2017. In real terms this is a huge drop!

A 1/3rd, i.e. 33% drop in income levels. Iranians are getting poorer! Adjusted for inflation i.e. purchasing power, this could be a drop of near 50% over 5 years.

Current Iran GDP Per Capita: 5,219.11 USD
Iran GDP Per Capita for Dec 2016
Mean:      2,500.75 USD
Median:   2,168.16 USD
Min:         191.68 USD             (Dec 1960)
Max:        7,832.90 USD          (Dec 2012)
Iran GDP per capita in US current dollars (not inflation-ad

Then consider, Iran’s net unemployment rate. Here’s another chart. Again, we find a net drop of about 1.5% over a 15-year time frame. It really isn’t shifting in a positive direction. This means in real terms, there is limited net investment in Iran’s economy over the past decade. Very limited growth.

Current Iran Unemployment: 11.40%
Iran Unemployment for Dec 2017
Mean:      11.67%
Median:   11.70%
Min:         10.30%    (Dec 2004)
Max:        13.50%    (Dec 2010)
Iran unemployment rate, percentage of total Iranian labor force.

My fundamental point is, with or without the JCPOA; with or without sanctions, with or without Trump in the administration in the U.S.; Iran’s leaders have done a very poor job of steering Iran’s economy in a positive direction. There has been a wholesale inability to generate major investments in the economy to enhance Iran’s economy and bring prosperity to ordinary Iranians.

The report card on Iran’s ruling Mullah Mafia is very bad. Iranians are getting poorer, in one of the richest countries in the world!


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