/U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan IS the cause of U.S. Heroin Epidemic

U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan IS the cause of U.S. Heroin Epidemic

I was standing behind the counter in my friend’s retail store, and I saw a young couple walk in, with all the signs of Heroin addiction on their face and body. It was tragic. The teller turned around to me and said, you know: “There is a heroin epidemic in the U.S.”. Its literally in every single community. Every small rural town, in addition to the big cities.

Do you know that deaths from Heroin in the U.S. now exceeds deaths from car accidents. Heroin has replaced massive volumes of crack on the streets that was brought in from Nicaragua during the Iran-Contra “Oliver North” escapades. According to the CDC there are over 600,000 heroin addicts in the U.S. In some areas of Baltimore, police believe 1 in 10 people are on the drug. Over the last three years there were over 1 million hospital visits due to Heroin overdose.

The ‘accepted’ US government narrative, is that American doctors have over prescribed pain killers with opiates, and Americans who were cut off their prescription or can’t afford their prescription have turned to Heroin – because it’s widely available and ‘cheaper’. Then the next line in this narrative is that all this Heroin is being grown in Mexico, and being imported into the U.S. Official DEA, White House and other official US sources claim that US heroin derives almost entirely (96%) from Latin American opium (based on seizures).

But this is fundamentally – bullshit.

The real story behind this epidemic, is that it all started when the U.S. walked into Afghanistan. That same year, Afghan production of ALL opiates in 2001 before the invasion was below 1 ton or less than 8000 hectares under poppy cultivation. 15 years later, this has skyrocketed to 224,000 hectares (according to U.N. reports).

The UN has estimated that the US and Canada accounts for 13% of global heroin use.  With about 95% of global heroin derived from Afghanistan, Burma, Thailand and Laos. Latin America (mainly Mexico with a small amount from Colombia) simply CANNOT produce enough to supply the majority of US heroin, let alone 96% of American demand. The White House itself (their Office of National Drug Control Policy) undercuts this claim when it says Mexico had 10,500 hectares under poppy cultivation in 2012, while Afghanistan alone had 154,000 hectares in 2012 and 224,000 hectares in 2014, per UN estimates.It is clear that Mexico accounts for less than 5% of global poppy production, yet, U.S. consumes 15% of the global product. This basically means Afghanistan is supplying almost 70% of U.S. heroin!! Yes, at least 70%! Its basic math.

In fact, in interviews with captured Mexican drug lords, they have openly told journalists that they regularly buy Afghan product and use that to supplement their shipments to the U.S. because Mexico cannot keep up with U.S. demand.

In addition, note a very important detail: DEA’s estimate on the source of Heroin in the U.S. is based on ‘seizures’ by them. So what they are really saying is that they have only captured a tiny portion of the DIRECT shipments of Afghan product to the U.S. THEY have been UNABLE to seize the biggest chunk of the direct shipments.

And what does that mean? It means whoever is bringing in ‘product’ directly, has a very sophisticated system to bring it in – without being caught.

And, what does that remind everyone of? Yes, Iran-Contra! Some of you may be too young to know this, but in the ‘80’s CIA operatives working for Ronald Reagan where basically filling planes with cocaine after delivering arms to the contras, and bringing it all back to the U.S. in rural air fields. They created a ‘Crack’ epidemic – and eventually filled American Jails with 2.5 million crack addicts. This was Reagan’s plan to transform American politics, by putting African Americans off voter rolls. He expandedU.S. prisons, and created the billion dollar U.S. incarceration industry. Reagan tripled the U.S. prison population! This led to the U.S. having more people in jail, probation or parole than almost all G20 nations combined!

And further reading between the lines, even the DEA and Whitehouse have confirmed in their statements that the street price of Heroin is incredibly low! So low that people find it cheaper than buying prescription drugs!! I remember reading news articles on Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s (the actor’s) autopsy (after he died of a drug overdose) with information about the price of Heroin in New York being $10 a hit!! All this really means is that supply is so plentiful, that prices have dropped!! So in essence, there is a ‘shit load of Afghan Heroin’ coming in. And none of it is being captured or seized.

I wonder who is bringing all this unseized contraband into America – and not being caught? Isn’t this a sign that its being coordinated at the highest levels of the U.S. government?History is repeating itself. There is a Drug epidemic, and President Obama is doing nothing about it.

I have often wondered if the U.S. allowed the Afghan opium industry to flourish to undermine development in Afghanistan’s neighboring countries: namely Iran, and Russia – that by the way have massive drug addiction issues.

Iran is home to something like 6 million in frequent opiate users (almost 10% of the population), and by some estimates as much as 1 million heroin addicts. Iran has been completely ‘destroyed’ by Afghanistan’s industry. Was this on purpose? Was this an indirect way for the U.S. to undermine Iran, and put in place elements to render Iranians drug addicts and ‘soften’ Iran for a future war? Like the Brits did during the Chinese Opium Wars? A dirty, nasty ‘act of war’?

If American satellites can read a newspaper from space, is someone telling me that the U.S. does not know, or did not know where all these 224,000 hectares of poppy is grown? Is someone saying that the U.S. is spending $10 Billion a year on a ‘supposed’ drug eradication program and has no idea where these fields are? To put this figure into perspective, the GDP of Afghanistan is $20 billion.

If American efforts to eradicate poppy cultivation is patently ineffective, maybe the U.S. would be better spent actually building roads, hospitals, etc. creating jobs for Afghans – instead of serendipitously assisting Afghan opium cultivation?

There is no question, that the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan has led to a drug epidemic in the U.S. To put it a different way, U.S. tax payers have been and continue to aid and abet an epidemic inside U.S. itself! It doesn’t get more stupid than this. Why isn’t this an issue in American elections? This should also be a major topic of discussion between Iran and U.S. This is MORE important than the “Nuclear Deal”!