Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration is a Gift to Iran’s Mullahs, Not a Gift to Israel

Don’t be fooled by rhetoric. Only actions matter. Nothing on the ground has changed. There is NO U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. The U.S. embassy remains in Tel Aviv. There is no physical address for the new U.S. embassy to go to.

Trump’s declaration is hollow. Its designed to mislead. There isn’t even a definition of what Jerusalem even means. Which Jerusalem is Mr. Trump referring to? What are its borders? As Haaretz newspaper rightly pointed out: Does it include the “new districts” with the Shoafat and Kafr Aqab refugee camps or some of the new neighborhoods that are being annexed Ma’aleh Adumim, Har Homa, Givat Ze’ev?

The truth is, all this announcement will accomplish is to create a new anti-Israeli alliance between Iran and Arabs on the streets of Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Doha, Riyadh. While the ruling elites in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and United Arab Emirates firmly reside in Israel’s pocket, we see Iran newly entrenched in Syria and Iraq; and now also commanding popular sentiment across the Arab world. Mr. Trump will have done what the Persians could not do for centuries … unified Arab’s under an Iranian banner, determined to resist Israel’s regional transgressions.

This announcement comes on the heels of the Trump administration working hand in glove with the Russians and Iranians to oust ISIS from Iraq and Syria… paving the way for creation (or completion) of the Shiite crescent. Between Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, Iran now has something like 500,000 active, trained, united, battle hardened Shiite Militia forces under its singular command, with direct linkage to each other on the ground. New roads are being built from Iran to Beirut.

All this, comes on the heels of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and then handing Iraq to the Iranians!

This also comes on the heels of the U.S. eliminating Saudi Oil imports. Did you know that? The U.S. has not imported a drop of Saudi oil in over a decade.

And, it comes on the heels of an anti-Semitic demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia with Mr. Trump’s carefully restrained condemnation of both sides! Don’t kid yourself, Trump is a Nazi! He is supported by the KKK; endorsed by David Duke. Trump is a white supremacist, and they hate Jews and Israel!

Is Israel safer today than 12 months ago? Isn’t Iran building bases in Syria, now? Hasn’t Hezbollah placed one more military ‘win’ or feather in its cap – by defeating ISIS? Has that made Hezbollah weaker or stronger? Didn’t the fight against ISIS result in the creation of a parallel military force in Iraq and Syria – that are now fully equipped, trained and ‘ready’ like Hezbollah for another war – if needed?

None of this is a coincidence. Israel’s staunch regional ally, Saudi Arabia, is under an existential threat in all directions. In the South, they are fighting Yemen’s Houthi Army; on its Eastern, oil rich, provinces they are subject to an insurgency by local (Saudi) Shiites, and on its norther frontier – it now has an emboldened Shiite Militia force in Iraq. And its ruling elite now, are hated by rank and file Saudis that do not support Saudi Arabia’s alliance with Israel. A revolution in Saudi Arabia could happen any day!

None of this is a coincidence.

Despite Trump’s travel ban on Iranians, decertification of the JCPOA, re-tweets of antimuslim demonstrations, recognition of Jerusalem, promotion of pro-Israel hawks in his administration (from Kushner, and Pompeo to Cotton), the real facts on the ground speak otherwise! This is all designed to mislead!

The truth is, (and I have been saying this all along), the Mullahs in Tehran are very strongly aligned with the West. That is why I call them the ayatoilets! They sat back while Iranian sovereignty in the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf were undermined by Western Oil companies. And now, they have been tasked with a multi-decade mission to undermine the true perpetrators of 9/11 – the Saudis and Israelis! Iran’s new regional power is no coincidence at all, its a gift from the West!

Let’s not forget Iran-Contra, and how the Mullahs were secretly working with the U.S. (Reagan Republicans)! Ronald Reagan’s autographed bible being handed to Iran’s Ayatollah Rafsanjani as a gift. Iran’s Mullahs have been in bed with the West for almost 4 decades. That is why the have survived so long. Put rhetoric aside and consider the facts.

Contrary to the rhetoric, the U.S. is a friend that keeps ‘giving’ to Iran’s Mullahs! And this declaration on Jerusalem is another gift. Iran’s Mullahs have now been handed the ‘whole’ Arab street. Even people like Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq, a fierce critic of Iran’s Mullahs, now support Iran’s opposition to Israel. If Israel attacks Lebanon tomorrow, (which is what the U.S. is pushing for), Iran will be able to do what NO ARAB has ever done… unite all Arabs against Israel. Literally millions of Arabs will be put on the ground to invade Israel. Even with the most sophisticated arms – its an attack Israel will not be able to thwart.

Contrary to what anyone might imagine, it is a simple fact that Israel is much less secure today than when Trump took over. It is much less secure today than when Obama took over. It is much less secure today than when “W” took over. It’s a simple fact.

There has been a secret, undeclared, systematic, multi-decade policy of the West to set Iran up as a major anti-Israeli force in the region. Most Israelis already know that historically Persians have been good friends of Jews for several millennia. The Mullahs are western puppets, they do not represent the will of the people of Iran. Iran’s anti-Israeli posture is a Western creation, and doesn’t represent Iranian sentiment. In fact, Iran is strategically more aligned with other countries in Central Asia and has no business being involved in “Arabia”. Iran is being pushed in this direction by outsiders – NOT Iranians.

So. Trump’s Jerusalem declaration is designed to reinforce Iranian Mullah’s hands. The Jerusalem declaration, is a hollow gift Israel would be wise not to accept. This declaration has galvanized and united all opposition to Israel (and its allies) under Iran’s banner. It will lead to war. And it will be a war that will completely, existentially threaten the state of Israel.

If Israelis can’t see this, they are fools. Trump is a scumbag. You can’t trust any of his moves. This is a trap for Israel. It will lead to bigger problems for the State of Israel.

What is in fact in Israel’s true interests is peace. Peace with its neighbors. Peace among its citizens and residents. Anything that delays the prospect of peace is not a gift to Israel.

One final, point, it is my firm belief that the future of Jerusalem lies in moving the UN from New York to Jerusalem. And making it a UN district – for all of mankind. Making it a truly global possession with a mission to establish and maintain peace across the world. It is in a time zone that enables communication across the globe during its business day! It is after all the birth place and sacred home to three of the world’s largest faiths. It is after all a contested city – prized by billions around the globe. Figuring out the long-term status of the City, requires out of the box, creative thinking and a whole new approach to problem resolution. Jerusalem is the capital of the world, not Israel or Palestine.

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