Israeli-Russian Mafia Control Everything (Trump, (Saudi) MBS, Netanyahu, … )

Something stinks in trumptoon!

It was probably too good to be true! It turned out that MBS (Mohamad Bin Salman) was the ‘secret’ buyer of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvatore Mundi that was auctioned off at Christie’s in London for $450 Million. The seller was none-other than Dmitry Rybolovlev!

If that name seems familiar, consider who was the actual Russian “Oligarch” who bailed Trump out financially by buying his Mansion in Palm Beach for $100 Million in 2008! Yes, Dmitry Rybolovlev! He saved Trump from financial ruin; at precisely the time all his properties, projects, were in trouble.

Trump was facing a $40 million personal loan guarantee that he had made with Deutsche Bank. And he ended up suing Deutsche Bank, charging them with responsibility for the financial crisis, and trying to get out of paying that loan in September of 2008. So, the profit made on his Florida property was just perfect timing!

At the time, everyone was withdrawing from real estate investments. And by all accounts Rybolovlev paid $45 million more for the property. He even broke the record on home purchases in the U.S.! No one had ever paid that much for a home. And subsequently, the property was appraised $60 million in 2013, when Rybolovlev sold off a third of the property at a pro rata sale at a substantial discount from what he paid for it back in 2008.

Worthy of note, is that Deutsche Bank in Germany was busted for laundering more than ten billion dollars out of Russia and into places like New York. Interestingly, Deutsche Bank, loaned more than a billion dollars to Donald Trump, (when no other bank would touch him) who incidentally just happened to be based out of New York!

Rybolovlev is very close to Putin. Many reports indicate that he is acting as a courier (intermediary) between Trump and Putin. Trump’s son in law, Kushner, is also reported to be a high-level intermediary, with private meetings with both Rybolovlev and MBS!

Rybolovlev’s yacht and planes have been spotted next to Trump’s private jet over a dozen times, especially during the Presidential election campaign. And held extensive meetings off the Croatian mediteranean coast on a private island – while Ivanka Trump and Kushner were ‘apparently’ on vacation right next to Rybolovlev’s yacht.

To make matters even more suspicious, credible Art dealers, historians and curators are on record with claims that Salvatore Mundi is a fake; that has been retouched by amateurs! It’s basically not worth the money Rybolovlev paid for it. By any stretch of the imagination!

We then have Mr. Trump declare boldly this week, that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel! It appears to have been a ‘debt repayment’ of some sort! There was no pressing urgency for such an announcement. There was nothing to be gained by the timing!

There is a curious connection between Russia and Israel these days. The term Russian Oligarch is actually code for Putin ‘s (exceptionally wealthy) Jewish circle. It also encompasses prominent community leaders such as Chabad Rabbi Berel Lazar, who is commonly referred to as “Putin’s rabbi.” The long list also includes oligarch Moshe Kantor (personal net worth $2.3 billion), whose Acron Group is a world leader in fertilizers, and diamond mogul Lev Leviev (personal net worth $1.5 billion). Both hold powerful positions in the international Jewish community.

Kantor has twice been reelected president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), an umbrella organization of European Jewry, and Leviev is chairman of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of the Confederation of Independent States (CIS)—a Russia-dominated loose conglomeration of Jewish communities in most of the former Soviet republics. Oil and aluminum czar Roman Abramovich (worth $9.1 billion and known for his ownership of the Chelsea soccer team and a 533-foot “superyacht”) along with industrial tycoon Victor Vekselberg (worth $13.6 billion) are trusted confidants. Abramovich has served as governor of Chukotka, a province in the Russian Far East, and is very active in Jewish organizations. Vekselberg collects Fabergé eggs, the fabulous tsarist-era Russian heirlooms worth millions each and scattered around the world since the Russian Revolution. His attempts to return them to their homeland have endeared him to Putin.

This list is extensive, beyond the names above, it also includes Alexander Abramov, Oleg Deripaska, Mikhail Prokhorov, Alisher Usmanov, German Khan, Leonid Mikhelson, Vagit Alekperov, Mikhail Fridman, Vladimir Potanin, Pyotr Aven, and Vitaly Malk!

It’s an Israeli-Russian mafia! An Israeli-Russian cabal.

When people talk about Russian involvement in Trump’s campaign, or “Russia-Gate”, the truth is its actually “Israel-Gate”. It seems BOTH Russia and Israel have been deeply engaged in manipulating Trump’s rise.

It should be noted that the US has also just defunded the Palestinian authority. And, Hamas is being squeezed financially which is a reason for MBS to have cut off Qatar! MBS is firmly integrated into this Israeli-Russian cabal, and he has paid Rybolovlev off handsomely.

The big key to all this lies in Mr. Flynn’s testimony! Kushner, we are told, asked the soon-to-be National Security Adviser to get the Russians to undermine and subvert what was being done by the still-in-power American government in Washington headed by President Barack Obama. Obviously, this was a follow-up to the earlier effort the Russians engaged in to hack election machines and exert influence via social media. Not to mention their extensive illegal money laundering schemes with Trump in the middle.

While Kushner/Flynn’s activities in strict legal terms does not quite equate to the Constitution’s definition of treason since Israel is not technically an enemy, but it most certainly would be covered by the Logan Act of 1799, which bars private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments on behalf of the United States and could be construed as a “conspiracy against the United States” that the Mueller investigation has exploited against former Trump associate Paul Manafort. As Kushner is Jewish and certainly could be accused of dual loyalty in extremis. And don’t expect Special Counsel Mueller to do anything about the Israel connection. As an experienced operator in the Washington swamp he knows full well that the Congressmen currently calling for blood in an investigation involving Russia will turn 180 degrees against him if Mueller tries to go after Israel.

Interestingly, Israel is not even identified in the media when it comes to Flynn. If one reads the two mentions of the U.N. vote connected to the first call Flynn had with the Russians (on Kushner’s request), it appears to be deliberately omitted. The first citation reads “He also lied when he said he did not ask Kislyak to delay or defeat a vote on a pending U.N. Security Council resolution…” and the second is “Prosecutors also say that a senior member of the transition team on Dec. 22 directed Flynn to contact officials from Russia and other governments about their stance on the U.N. resolution ‘and to influence those governments to delay the vote or defeat the resolution.’” Does omitting Israel and emphasizing the Russian aspect of the story throughout affect how this whole thing is perceived?

Make no mistake about all this, Russia-Gate is Israel-Gate. Russia’s Oligarchs at the heart of all this, are all Israeli!

So the question becomes, if Russia was so critical to defeating ISIS; and Trump cooperated with them (once Obama left office). What is truly going on in Syria or Lebanon, or Turkey?

If Putin and Russian Oligarchs are behind Trump but also behind Syria  … are we about to see a rapprochement across the whole region? I am told Saudi Arabia is now engaged in secret conversations with Russia. Is all the rhetoric by Trump designed to mislead everyone?

What is really going on? Have Putin and the Russian Oligarchs masterminded everything – and now hold the key to the future?  Is there a massive ‘deal’ in the works, where Russia takes back its lost ‘states’ – Ukraine etc.; and Israel gets a final ‘deal’ for the West Bank etc. – all Masterminded by Russian Oligarchs? Is the U.S. about to ‘withdraw’ to enable Russia and Israel to get what these Oligarchs demand? Is Trump another pawn for these Oligarchs? What is really going on?

What we know for sure, is that the Israeli-Russian Oligarchs or Mafia or Cabal is now firmly in control; and are calling the shots. They may be more important than the Rothschild or Murdock cabal!

Not even Mueller has the power to undermine all this. Expect a few prosecutions, a few big names in the papers – but Trump will survive; and ‘big’ deals will be made!

The world will be changed according to the whims of Putin and the Oligarchs. They seem to be behind everything.

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