Iranians Should Be Wary of Another Hijacked Revolution

Most everyone in my generation remembers honest and open demonstrations for freedom and democracy in the streets across Iran not just in 1979 but also 2009. Iranians rightly want free and fair elections. And a government that they can hold accountable. Iran, after all, was the first country in Asia with a democratic constitution back in 1907. Until, that is, the Brits backed Reza-Shah’s military coup. And again, there was operation Ajax in 1952.

And once again in 1979 Iranians found themselves manipulated by the West and its media: BBC and U.S. Media who took over the narrative in 1979 and pretended to support the demonstrators, while secretly pushing for their own puppets to take over Iranian government. Lets not forget it was Jimmy Carter’s Andrew Young (then UN ambassador) who claimed Khomeini would become Iran’s Ghandi! And that Khomeini flew into Tehran on an Air France 737 chartered by the French government.

Whether it was Khomeini and his Texas/DC prepped gang of U.S. agents (Yazdi and Ghotbzadeh) or Moussavi/Karroubi in 2009 (and their den of Western backed, 1980 October Surprise thieves) – Iran’s revolutions always seem to be hijacked… and manipulated for foreign benefit. We can not let that happen again.

Fortunately, the irony of the moment, is that you have Trump, the least credible, most anti-Iranian (anti-the-people-of-Iran, banning travel by ordinary Iranians to the U.S.), most dictator-friendly U.S. president in decades … hypocritically supporting the ‘democracy’ in Iran. You must vomit! This alone portends to undermine any change in Iran. If Trump supports it, it can not be good.

Lets not forget that Obama’s U.S. just wrapped up financing and supporting ISIS across multiple countries, and tacitly supporting their own MEK/MKO/NCRI/RAJAVIST/MONKEYS in Albania, who have never held democratic elections, and who have betrayed Iran multiple times siding with Saddam Hussein during the Iran/Iraq war, siding with Israel and Saudi Arabia today! We now have 4 million Syrian refugees, 500,000 dead.

And it was Bush who delivered over 1 million civilian casualties in Iraq, and similar numbers in Afghanistan. We have U.S. troops now in Afghanistan for 17 years. There has been no liberation, only misery and occupation.

Nobody in America or Europe will care for Iranian refugees. No one will shed a tear for a single Iranian life. And certainly, they couldn’t care less about freedom or democracy in Iran – having stolen our rights three times in the last 100 years.

Iranians beware, Trump and his gang of cohorts want nothing good for Iran. They want Iran weakened and splintered. They want to steal Iranian oil and gas. They want Iranians turned into beggars and paupers. And for sure, they don’t want freedom and liberty for ordinary Iranians. They hate us. Their supporters hate us. They have nothing but bad intentions towards Iran and Iranians.

Iranians are right to stand up to the beasts in power. We all know about how they have stolen bank deposits and insurance assets to line up their own pockets.  To stand up to the regime is good. The mullahs are corrupt and just as evil as Trump, Netenyahoo, and the Saudi Royals. But, big but, to play into the hands of Iran enemies would be worse.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is an interesting analysis of how the West is involved in choreographing the protests:

I note that MEK/MKO/NCRI/RAJAVIST/MONKEY websites immediately and simultaneously started covering demonstrations in Iran – making me believe they have their idiots on the ground fomenting instability.

I note that Trump and others have come out in support of the demonstrations. We all know he doesn’t give a flying hoot about us.

I note that demonstrations miraculously started across the country, at the same time, making me feel like there was some coordinated pattern.

Iranians fight for freedom should NOT be hijacked again. It is an Iranian fight. Not for Rajavist traitors, they can hold on to their Albanian citizenship and get lost (hopefully disappear), and not for the BBC to report on and manipulate. We don’t want more Khomeini’s or Moussavis or Karroubis. In fact, we don’t want more British agents like Rouhani or Rafsanjani. This must be a purely Iranian fight.

Demonstrators must look at the people next to them and find out if they have been shipped in. The police arresting demonstrators should only imprison those without Iranian addresses with evidence of foreign travel (from Albania … no less) and release all others.

Iranians don’t want Iran turned into another Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. Iranians should not let Iran become a playground of super-power or oil-company mischief.

Iranians don’t want Iranian revolutions hijacked again. Spread the message. Iranians beware. If the West supports it, demonstrations in Iran can not be good for Iran.

Iranians have every right to fight for freedom in Iran, but not if it leads to instability that super-powers will exploit against Iran and Iranians.  Remember, people like Trump and his party don’t like Iranians. They hate Iranians. They want nothing good for Iran. They want Iranians turned to beggars and Iranian children turned to paupers and whores… and Iran turned to shit.

Never-forget-it, history has shown this to Iranians over and over again. Don’t let Iranian revolutions get hijacked again.

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