Cinema Rex Tillerson

The horror show is about to begin And, yes this article is about Rex Tillerson and the imminent demise of the Trump administration. But it begins by reminding readers that in Middle Eastern history, “Cinema Rex” holds very unique symbolism depicting massive (tectonic) strategic shifts in the region.

Iranians will recall that revolutionary arsonists set a major fire in Southern Iran in August 1978 (at Cinema Rex) one year before the Shah’s regime collapsed that marked the beginning of the end of the Shah’s regime. And, Israelis will note that twice (before the Brits marched out): once in May 1939, and again in December 1947 there were explosions at Cinema Rex in Jerusalem, as revenge against the Brits and Arabs that marked the creation of the state of Israel.

Rex, is Latin for King. These cinemas were originally named after Kings; specifically, in honor of King George VI (of Britain). And, they were bombed and set ablaze, marking the end of British Empire in Palestine (and by the way, more generally of the British empire globally … King George VI’s reign was marked with a significant reduction in Britain’s global reach); and the end of the Shah of Iran’s Kingdom … the end of 2500 years of Kings in Iran!

And To steal my thunder, I am basically saying that Trump’s plan to burn up Rex Tillerson is a sign of the times. Major plans are in the works and it will be an ugly show to watch. America’s “Cinema Rex” will be 100 times more dramatic and horrific than the fire at Cinema Rex in Iran. America’s Cinema Rex spells war with Iran! And it won’t be pretty. But it may also spell the end of the American Empire! Mr. Pumpkin Trumpkin, is signaling the end of diplomacy and the beginnings of new phase of War! His plan is to promote two former Military men into key positions in the State Department and CIA. He is now surrounded by war mongers. There is no one that can (or will) tame his appetite for battle.

First, let’s remind ourselves what happened in Iran on the 19th of August 1978. Some 39 years ago, 470 innocent (ordinary) people (including entire families) were burned alive inside the movie theater in southwest Iran. For Khomeini and his followers, cinemas were a symbol of decadence. In their medieval mindset, cinemas promoted corruption and prostitution. While the Islamists tried to blame the Shah’s secret police for what happened, we now know that it was a group of Islamists that caused the fire. Never-the-less, the Cinema Rex fire was crucial to igniting the revolution that engulfed Iran; and the ouster of the U.S. backed regime in Tehran to be replaced by another U.S. backed regime: the “Khomeinists” who as it turned out, a few years later turned their backs on Jimmy Carter and nationalized Iranian oil. The Islamic Republic is now considered bitter enemy of the United States.

And in Jerusalem on December 1947, at Rex Cinema, we have published Israeli testimony as follows: “Rex Cinema (in honor of King George VI) on Princess Mary Street (today’s Shlomzion Street) was a cinema for the British military and civilian staff, and for the Arabs too. It is unclear whether the December 1947 incident was an act of sabotage or ‘just’ a fire. But eight years earlier, on May 29, 1939, the early Irgun (before its split and the establishment of Lechi) initiated a sophisticated explosion at the Rex, using a coat lined with explosives and a timer.”

Five Arabs were killed in the explosion, and 18 were wounded. This act of terror committed by the early Irgun as revenge against the British and Arabs; and were key to the creation of the state of Israel and the ouster of the Brits from Palestine.

Both Cinema Rex fires marked the end of colonialism in one form or another.

And turning to today, we have Rex Tillerson being skewered by the press. He is being burnt alive. The Whitehouse is carefully leaking plans to ouster Rex, and replace him with Mike Pompeio, current CIA director. He is being destroyed, publicly.

As the New York Times has reported: “Tensions in the Middle East are ramping up. America’s chief allies in the region, Saudi Arabia and Israel, are pushing even more aggressively than usual to confront Iran. With the Obama administration gone, they have found a soul mate in the White House. President Trump has staffed his administration with hawks who believe that the road to solving the Middle East’s problems runs through Tehran. Nikki Haley, the American ambassador to the United Nations, has accused Iran of trying to “hold the world hostage to its bad behavior.” Defense Secretary James Mattis once described the three biggest threats to American national security as “Iran, Iran, Iran.” A former State Department official who worked under Mr. Trump’s secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, told the New York Times that the Trump administration is “obsessed” with Iran in the same way that the Reagan administration was obsessed with the Soviet Union. Inside the government, the former official added, “Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda, are all mentioned in the same breath, as a menacing threat.”

To put it bluntly, Mr. Trump has signaled that there’s no future in American diplomacy. Every time Rex tries to deal with a major crisis, we have Trump send out a tweet to completely undermine Rex’s efforts.

“I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man…”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2017

“…Save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2017

But it goes even further now, this is a clear signal for war. Let’s remember too, that Trump’s chief of staff Kelly lost his son in Iraq. And, that Senator Tom Cotton, who is slated to take over at the CIA, served two yours of duty in Afghanistan and received a Bronze Star. Pompeo too is an ex-military man who graduated from West Point, and led troops in Germany during the fall of the Berlin wall, and worked in Military intelligence.

Both Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton are known to be very close to Israel, and have received substantial funds to support their campaigns by AIPAC. And clearly, both Israel (and Saudi Arabia) want the U.S. to lead a war against Iran. As, Mr. Gates (former Defense Secretary) once testified to Congress “Saudi Arabia will fight Iran to the last American”. To cut a long story short, Rex is being burnt alive in the press now as Mr. Pumpkin sets the stage for war, surrounding himself with military men. Get ready. This will be horrific. First North Korea – then Iran. (It must be done in that order, so North Korea doesn’t give Iran nukes).

There will be war!! We will be living through a horror show!!

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