Almost Every Initiative the U.S. has taken Against Iran has backfired; who came up with these dumb ideas?

It’s been 40 years + of failure, upon failure. These beltway bandits can’t seem to make any move without it backfiring in their faces! And the American tax payer sits innocently, deceived and paying a massive bill for continuous U.S. policy failures. It’s a total embarrassment. Here’s a partial list of massive American failures:

ISIS: Today, on Thanksgiving, you see Trump lie to American troops in the Middle East, declaring: “We’ve won the battle against ISIS”! And I’m cringing! What did he say? How can lie so boldly, without shame. ISIS was (and by the way still is) an American ‘creation’ to undermine the Assad regime, with a mission of eventually ‘invading’ Iran; and its been nothing short of a disaster. It’s a total embarrassment. Just last month, American military leaders had to ‘beg’ the Russians, Syrians and Iranians to ‘allow’ their ISIS stooges to get safe passage out of Raqqa. We are now being told that they are being flown to Albania to be put up in the same housing that Iran’s MEK/MKO/NCRI/Monkey stooges are occupying in Tirana! What an embarrassment? It must be literally thousands of ISIS fighters, because, 3000 MEK dwellers are now moving to an abandoned university in Northern Albania to make room for ISIS!!

Mr. Trump, your lies will be exposed, you can’t lie so openly. Its one thing to lose credibility with the American people, its totally another to lose credibility with our military forces, and allies! Do you really think they don’t know the truth? And, whose idea was it to let these fighters out of Iraqi jails and arm them and create ISIS anyway? And can someone honestly tell me that the billions of dollars ISIS received from Saudi Arabia wasn’t given under U.S. government orders? Whose dumb idea was it? And now we have 4 million Syrian refugees, 500,000 Syrian (civilians) dead, and by the way, Iran has consolidated its position in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq because of ISIS! The policy has totally backfired. American allies Israel and Saudi Arabia are less secure! Oh, and let’s not forget Iran, now basically has a ‘buffer’ in a war with Israel and Saudi Arabia! How are they going to wage a land based war with Iran – when there are several hundred miles of ‘other’ countries in the way? And Iranian proxies sit right next to both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Let’s not forget that this policy resulted in the creation of ‘militias’ in Iraq, and Syria mimicking Iran’s own revolutionary guards and Hezbollah in Lebanon. We now have almost 500,000 well-armed, well trained, and now battle hardened, parallel military force to ‘watch’ over American ‘trained’ militaries; able to ward off any attacks by Israel or Saudi Arabia or the U.S. Iran’s mullahs have been empowered. Whose dumb idea was this?

The U.S. Invasion of Iraq: Not so long ago, we had another American President use the false pretext of weapons of mass destruction, and the 9-11 attacks to topple Saddam Hussein. He tried to establish another U.S. foothold in the Middle East! The U.S. spent literally trillions of dollars, to end up walking away with its tail stuck between its feet! Iraq now is an Iranian puppet state, with basic industrial goods being supplied by Iran, with a ‘militia’ force across the country controlled by Iran’s revolutionary guards. Iraq was basically handed to Iran! Was that the intent? Oh, and by the way, the invasion led to over 1 Million Iraqi deaths; and a population that seems eager to have American troops leave the country. U.S. prestige and influence have been severely undermined. To quote Iraqi leaders, “Iraq today, is in worse shape than before the U.S. invasion”. U.S. troops became occupiers, not liberators. And, Iran’s mullahs have been empowered by America’s failure in Iraq. Whose dumb idea was this?”

Invading Afghanistan, and Turning Afghanistan into a Narco-State: I remember calling into a live radio talk show during the Afghan ‘Invasion’, interviewing a senior U.S. military commander to specifically ask why the U.S. is not doing anything about poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. And I was told, point blank, that the U.S. does not want to undermine the “Afghan” economy and needs goodwill from locals! The sub-text to all this was, that the U.S. was in-fact planning to have all the opium exported to Iran and Russia, to in turn undermine the regimes in both countries. It was America’s version of the British opium wars in China. Here we are now, in 2017 and the SAME opium has found its way to the U.S. America’s opioid scourge is exacting an economic toll in the hundreds of billions of dollars a year; not to mention the tens of thousands of Americans that are dying each year (in record volumes)! The official Whitehouse narrative is that its all coming from Mexico, but everyone knows that (a) Mexico doesn’t have more than 10000 acres of poppy under cultivation, nor by the way does Columbia or Peru and that (b) the truth is, Mexican drug lords are importing Afghan drugs in huge volumes to resell into the U.S. A policy once designed to undermine the Mullahs in Iran, has backfired and is now a massive domestic problem in the U.S. To make matters worse, the Iranians are now aligned with the Taliban, that have taken back 40% of the Afghanistan and now control the Opium business. There is now no end in sight for America’s opium epidemic. It is ruining many towns, cities and neighborhoods in America! The mullahs in Iran, are in the controlling seat, and have been empowered by the very same policy that was designed to undermine them. The Afghan invasion has turned out to be a massive debacle. Whose dumb idea was this?

Sanctions on Iran: Contrary to popular opinion, sanctions have not crippled Iran or the Mullahs. There are plenty of other countries willing to trade with Iran (notably China)! Everything is available on the streets of Tehran – except perhaps some U.S. based pharmaceutical products (which by the way is a tragedy, why hurt ordinary Iranians?)! Sanctions have had the crazy effect of reinforcing the regime in Iran, by (a) enabling the regime to blame their mismanagement or any shortage on the West (“Western Sanctions”), (b) created a smuggling empire for the regime armed forces (notably the IRGC) who control the ports and thus bring in sanctioned goods into Iran through their smuggling gangs and resell it on the streets for massive profits and (c) most importantly, kept Iran out of the global sovereign debt markets … which has actually benefited Iran. Iran essentially runs a zero-deficit budget, pays for everything in cash, and has the lowest level of per capita debt in the world! Unlike Americans or Europeans – Iranians do NOT have a massive debt load when they are born to pay off via taxes. Yes, for example an Irishman born today has a 500,000 USD debt to pay off – per capita; while Iranians have none. When there was a financial crisis in the west, it hardly affected Iran. Sanctions have immunized Iran from Western ‘excess’ and made the country self-sufficient. And at the same time reinforced Iran’s relationships with America’s competitors (Chinese, Russians etc.). Much like the Iran-Iraq war, it has had the opposite effect. Sanctions have penalized ordinary Iranians, but had almost no effect on the regime. The regime stands, battle-hardened, having found alternative routes to conduct its business. And, by the way, it also means less business for American companies. And the U.S. should note that Iran is a regional hub. Buyers from all over Central Asia come to Iran’s markets to shop. Cutting off Iran, means cutting off other potential allies – like Afghanistan, Tajikestan, or even Iraq (that depends on Iranian imports for critical commodities).  Whose dumb idea was this?


Iran-Iraq War: So, the Republican party makes a secret deal with the Mullahs in 1980 to keep the U.S. embassy hostages in captivity to humiliate Jimmy Carter and help Ronald Reagan ‘win’ the presidency. And what was Jimmy Carter’s response? He sends Zbig to Jordan to secretly meet with Saddam Hussein to push him into invading Iran … and he tells the Saudis etc. to support Saddam Hussein. What a dumb idea? We know who was behind this one. And, so on September 22nd 1980, Saddam Hussein invaded Iran. And started one of the bloodiest, dirtiest, most horrific wars of the 20th Century – only to find himself deeply in debt, and heavily compromised. To a point, where he (Saddam Hussein) had to resort to chemical weapons to stop the Iranians from overrunning Baghdad. 20 years later, the Iranians overran Iraq anyway with the help of the U.S., but that’s a different matter. In any event, this war led to a complete transformation of the region. The net impact of it, has been the substantial undermining of the U.S. in Iran, Iraq… the whole region. Now in retrospect it was the second most stupid move the U.S. made in the region, after its own decision to invade Iraq. Here are some key outcomes of the war: (1) Iranians (ordinary Iranians) rallied to the support of what was then a fledgling regime in Tehran and the war reinforced the Mullahs in power. Iranians, you see, are a very patriotic nation. (2) To supplement Iran’s fledgling military, the Mullahs created both a Militia (the Basij force) and the Islamic Guards (IRGC). These groups did NOT exist before the war. And now, 40 years on, it turns out this was a stroke of genius in terms of maintaining the ‘regime’ in power. And the Mullahs have now recreated the same ‘defense’ strategy in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon … It was in fact the Militias from Iraq, Lebanon and Syria that defeated ISIS in Syria (and Iraq), led by Iran’s IRGC commanders. The Mullahs now control something like 500,000 militia members across 4 countries (at least, and soon 5 by adding Afghanistan, and others soon). The Iran-Iraq war has led to not only the reinforcement of the Regime in Tehran, but the creation of a very capable counter strategy to military force in the region. (3) The Iran-Iraq war led to many opponents of the regime in Iraq (Saddam Hussein’s opposition) fleeing to Tehran and receiving political asylum and therefore Iranian protection. After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, these same politicians came back to Iraq, and successfully ran for elected offices – and now control Iraq’s government. They are in Iranian ‘pockets’ and have completely undermined the U.S. presence in Iraq. The war itself, led to Iran’s eventual dominance of Iraq’s political landscape. (4) Because of the arms embargo on Iran during the war, Iranian forces had to become creative and find ways to build their own armaments. Iran, today, because of the war, has expanded its capabilities to build armaments. This in turn, has meant, that Iran can produce arms at a very low cost and supply its regional militias. And much like the U.S., Iran’s arms industry has become a part of the Iranian government, and continues to increase its capabilities while capturing an increasing share of the national budget. This means, Iran’s military-Industrial complex continues to enhance its position in every way (like the U.S.). They are building missiles now, airplanes! In effect, the U.S. arms industry has developed a new competitor that can supply others in the region! I could go on in describing how this policy completely undermined the U.S., but let me also just close by saying that with over 1 million casualties, the U.S. also created Anti-American enmity in both Iran and Iraq. Everyone, today, knows who was behind the war. Much like, ISIS, everyone knows who created the mess!  In the information age, there are no secrets. It was a dumb move, and everyone knows whose idea it was.

Iran’s Revolution: It is now well established that the leaders of the West (at the time), Jimmy Carter, James Callaghan (Britain’s then Prime Minister), Giscard D’Estain (France’s President), and Helmut Schmidt (German Chancellor) met in Guadeloupe and hatched a plan to topple the Shah of Iran and put Ayatollah Khomeini in charge. Now it retrospect it was a dumb move. And we know whose idea it was. In any event, the rest as they say, is there in the history books. The West had this grandiose idea of undermining the Soviet Union with ‘religion’, and ordinary Iranians paid the price for some beltway strategists who stupidly put the Mullahs in power in Iran (and, by the way, armed the Taliban in Afghanistan). Today, these same Mullahs (and the Taliban too), are prime enemies of America in the region.  Yes, the Soviets where defeated, but now in retrospect, its clear the Mullahs in Iran had nothing to do with it. Hijacking Iran’s democratic forces and the revolution that ensued and putting the Mullahs in charge was a stupid idea. 3 times in the past 100 years, the West has undermined Iranian democracy and put morons in power to ‘protect’ western interests. And here we are, the U.S. is almost totally kicked out of the region (as a result). Looking on the map of the middle east, if Saudi Arabia falls (which it will), then the U.S. will have nothing left to show for its trillion-dollar adventures in the region. Trump has now bet the farm on a 32-year-old clown, masquerading in Riyadh … as a ‘revolutionary from the top’ … while killing children in Yemen with U.S. weapons. The same morons who came up with the idea of the Iranian revolution, somehow think Yemenites will give in, and somehow forget this slaughter. The same clowns who came up with the Iraq invasion ideas – the neo-cons- are pushing for war with Iran, while quite frankly, Saudi Arabia is hanging on with a shoe-string. Its not that hard to imagine, one breakthrough in Saudi Arabia’s front with Yemen, and several major cities in Saudi Arabia could be over-run. And to make matters worse, the Mullahs in Iran could ignite a triple front with Saudi Arabia by unleashing their puppets in Iraq and Saudi Arabia’s own Shite dominated eastern provinces. The revolution in Iran, has created major instability with U.S. allies in the region, who had no idea how many Shiites there really were in the Middle East, and how they control critical areas like the horn of Africa and Saudi Arabia’s oil laden eastern provinces. The Iranian Revolution has spelt the end of U.S. regional hegemony, and undermined the U.S. in every way possible. It was probably the dumbest move anyone in Washington could have made. Oh, and by the way, there is virtually no military means now to invade Iran. Its completely sheltered by buffer states like Iraq from attacks from say Israel, or Saudi Arabia!

Almost every move the U.S. has made in the region has backfired on the U.S., except for one. The JCPOA. Finally, the U.S. seemed to have opened a pathway for dialogue and negotiations with Iran’s regime. Finally, there seemed to be some hope of sanctions being lifted and an end to belligerence – until, Mr. Trump came along. Trump is another village idiot, surrounded by more village idiots. Another dumbass with stupid plans and ideas. Trump will undermine the U.S. in ways that are unimaginable, and put the final nail in America’s self-created coffin.

We must learn from the past, and we can not allow this self-destruction to continue. To sum it up, my simple thesis in this blog is we have gotten no-where with CIA shenanigans, bloodshed, tyranny and dumb policies. These ideas have been dumb and backfired.

The U.S. is at its best, when it respects the will of other nations, and supports the rise of freedom and democracy around the world. Free thinking, people with open markets will self-gravitate to American values and American goods and services. Why undermine Iranian democracy, when Iranians are potentially America’s best friends in the region? Iranians after all had the first democratic constitution in Asia in 1907. Iranians share American values deeply. Why impose the Mullahs on Iranians and then sanction Iran so ordinary Iranians suffer? The U.S. can not be supporting assholes in Saudi Arabia – MBS is a criminal himself – he is no revolutionary. MBS is a murderer – look at the tragedy in Yemen? People in the region know who is supporting who? U.S. must stay neutral – and not pick sides. U.S. must consistently promote its values and not seem to support Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. America can not be on the side of tyranny! America’s founders declared the principles of this nation when the country was founded. Its right there in the declaration of independence. American governments, Presidents, civil servants need to stay true to those principles. Starting wars, supporting dictators, supporting terrorism, etc. ARE NOT WAYS TO ENHANCE AMERICAN PRESTIGE, INFLUENCE, and ultimately AMERICAN BUSINESS. When America strays from its founding principles, the result is the outcomes backfire on America itself.  America loses! This must change.

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