/Sex, Lies and the Israeli (Petraeus/Broadwell) Espionage Case Settles Same Day as Netanyahu’s Speech

Sex, Lies and the Israeli (Petraeus/Broadwell) Espionage Case Settles Same Day as Netanyahu’s Speech

It turned out to be probably one of the most brazen, unprecedented cases of Israeli espionage executed under Netanyahu’s watch. Probably the biggest breach of U.S. intelligence ever. And, don’t say I did not tell you or warn you; but my dear friends – I told you so! I told you. Right here in this blog several years ago!! Many of you did not believe me. Some of you teased me. Others tried to undermine my credibility. And here we are a few years later. Ithas all played out as I told it.

Former CIA director and America’s most famous General from the Iraq war: David Patraeus was found with his pants down (figuratively) with a US-Israeli double agent Paula Broadwell.  At first, it was all portrayed as a love affair. The poor, lonely General, stuck in desolate Afghanistan on his own, falls in love with his biographer/student (intern) … a (former) U.S. intelligence officer Paula Broadwell!

He resigns. And she files for divorce. Nothing to worry about! An innocent mistake by an old man and a young woman …right?Wrong!

The beautiful biographer PhD student turned out to be an Israeli spy. She was born into a Jewish family in South Dakota, nee Kranz. Life must have been very hard and humiliating for this little girl, in those distant farmlands! Who knows? But, she signed on to join the Army, and went to West Point – where it seems one of the professors there recruited her to work as a double agent for Israel on a ‘field trip’ to Israel! From there she joined U.S. Army Intelligence, and later attended a post-graduate program in Denver. And then left to become a ‘researcher’ for a few pro-Israeli institute in Boston and a PhD program at Harvard. Her dissertation? ‘The Life and Times of the Great U.S. Army General David Patraeus” (That’s me paraphrasing).

So she uses her ‘PhD’ thesis as a vehicle to befriend the General; and ended up spending a lot of time with him – in Afghanistan, in the U.S. …you name it! She travelled extensively with him. And she then wrote a ‘best-selling’ biography of him called “All In” and did the writer’s circuit. She was banging him, he was banging her! They shared and email account to plan their ‘escapes’ together. It was going very well, until the FBI stumbled into email correspondence emanating from their (Broadwell / Petraeus) shared email account while conducting another investigation on another General.

It soon became obvious that she had access…. deep access! (No pun intended) She was “All In” on U.S. top secrets. Fast forward to today, and we have detailed accounts in the FBI official news release claiming that Petraeus shared classified information with her including identities of covert officers, war strategy, intelligence capabilities and mechanism, diplomatic discussions, high level national security council meetings, discussions with the President of the United State!!  You can’t make this stuff up if you tried!!! She also had access to Patraeus’s black books, with secret intelligence code words.

Interestingly, Broadwell appears to have gotten off without being charged. And Petreaus got two years of probation and a fine for a misdemeanor. In effect, U.S. intelligence was completely compromised by Israel, and he gets a slap on his wrist. It’s the probably the worst case of espionage in the U.S. – ever. This case is an indictment on the CIA and army intelligence and even West Point where I am supposing there is a professor recruiting cadets to work for Israeli intelligence. Perhaps this is also being done at the Naval Academy or other fine American defense colleges… and then sending these officers into America’s intelligence establishment. It should also NOT be forgotten that Broadwell worked inside U.S. army intelligence and had significant access to intelligence beyond compromising General Petraeus.

One more thing, notice how the news of this Petraeus/Broadwell ‘deal’ was overshadowed by Netanyahu’s speech. The Petreaus/Broadewll affair became a footnote on the evening news, and many stations and outlets did not even carry it. It became a non-item. Even the ones that carried the story, conveniently forgot to mention that she was an Israeli spy or even suggest any connections to Israel. The most serious espionage breach in U.S. history became a footnote in U.S. national news – and trumped by Netanyahu’s speech. This may in fact have been a key goal of trip (to distract the public and shift the headlines). And why precisely did they pick Monday for Netanyahu’s speech as opposed to any other day before March 17th (before the Israeli elections)?Netanyahu (and Boehner) had advance notice of the date for the announcement!! Incidentally, contrary to popular reading between the lines and rhetoric of his speech, Netanyahu did actually signal terms that would be acceptable to him (not too far from where we are today in Switzerland).

Oh how politics and politicians are dirty!!

If nothing else, Netanyahu has cojones. Big, big cojones. It takes cojones for Israel to compromise the U.S. in this way and get away with it – and then squash the news completely. Israelis are keen to say, Israel is America’s closest ally. Broadwell and Lewinsky have taken that statement to a new level, we now understand what they mean!

Interestingly, after West Point, Broadwell attended the same Post-Graduate program at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International studies that Iran’s foreign minister (JavadZarif) graduated from. And she apparently came to New York with some students from Boston to visit Zarif when he was Iran’s ambassador to the U.N. This is an interesting connection.  Maybe she’ll write a biography of Zarif next?

As for Netanyahu, I’m sure he is relieved. So far he hasn’t gotten his cojones gripped in a vice for all his misdeeds. Broadwell is the second highest level Israeli female intern spy (after Lewinski) to have penetrated the upper echelons of the U.S. executive branch – both under his watch as Israel’s head of state. He must have known and approved them.

This deal with Israel, Petraeus and Broadwell was a gesture of peace and goodwill by Obama towards Netanyahu, and Israel (by not prosecuting her) – only to find himself humiliated by Netanyahu and the Republicans in congress publicly. As for the Republicans, they gave him standing ovations, called Netanyahu a statesman of the stature of Churchill! So much for their phony Republican patriotism. Could the Republicans really be this stupid? Or are they playing Netanyahu (somehow)? And, yes, Netanyahu even had the audacity to call the P5+1 negotiating group with Iran naïve, and bad deal makers. He humiliated not only Obama but America’s other partners in the deal (with Iran).

He really knows how to make friends and influence people! With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?