The Most Dangerous People In The World: Uneducated Americans

Uneducated Americans are more likely to vote and react on fear more than someone more educated! It’s less about the individual uneducated person than it is about the masses, because the masses have the ability to change our country’s course.

They already did by voting George W. Bush in for two terms and we’re still trying to recover from that. And clearly again for Trump!

The biggest problem with the democrats is they assume the majority of the public thinks like they do. They assume people assess their option logically, are not swayed easily by irrational thought or baseless arguments, and are smarter than propaganda because they appear not to fall for advertising as easily as those 40 years ago did.

What they don’t know is that their success or failure is tied to their ability to show strength and turn the fear around to something tangible on Democrat side (fear of poverty as a result of high medical bills or fear of our social security being taken away). If they appear milk-toast, they always lose.

Bill Clinton understood this. Why can’t the rest of our side.

Doubt on the “Democratic Party” side does not work well for the uneducated and fearful. Give them the feeling that you are not 150% behind your cause, no matter how insane it is, and they will leave you in droves.

Democrats have to man-up (or woman-up). This is truly a fight for the next decade of this country. We’ve already lost over one decade to a bad voting decision supported by the fearful and the uneducated i.e. a vote for Trump.

On every single issue, the Democrats have a better policy for the poor and uneducated, yet, the  poor, and uneducated masses are voting against themselves or not voting at all.

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