How to Piss on Another American Election?

The U.S. is supposed to be the shining beacon on the hill. The standard bearer of freedom and democracy worldwide. The Brits justified their empire building with notions of ‘civilizing the local savages’. But, the goodness of American empire – and its 1000 bases globally – is always justified with references to bringing democracy and freedom to far flung places like Iraq, Korea or Afghanistan.

Strange then to find, that yet once again… one more time … someone has pissed on another American election. That someone, surprise, surprise…  is another Republican Party candidate. And the stench now is simply too strong to shut the door and wish it away. The cesspool or toilet of American Democracy is far too smelly to ignore! It’s a complete travesty. Not just in American terms – but in global terms. How can anyone ever believe a Republican president’s commitment to democracy around the world.

We have just witnessed a complete undermining of American democracy by Donald Trump and his band of crooks!

It wasn’t enough that Richard Nixon (‘Tricky Dicky’ as he was called) stole one election in 1972 by bugging the Democratic Party Headquarters (in Watergate), and got caught and had to resign!

And it wasn’t enough that Ronald Reagan, colluded with the Mullahs in Iran to keep the U.S. Embassy hostages in captivity, to humiliate Jimmy Carter… to win another Presidential Election in 1980!

And it wasn’t enough that George Bush (jr), or “W” as he was called, stole another election in 2000 with hanging chads and disqualifying millions of voters in Florida! (Only to end up lying to the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and false evidence at the U.N. … and the cause of war in Iraq that led to the near bankruptcy of the United States) with trillions of dollars spent on false wars, pushed on the world by another false leader.

But for the fourth time in my lifetime, we’ve had yet another Republican Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump (or The Donald as he is called), steal another election!  We had 130 million people vote … and The Donald and his gang have basically pissed on their votes.

It’s a coup! We’ve just experienced a Napoleonic Coup!! A Hitlerian coup by Trump, and it could lead to devastating wars!!

Yes, it’s a complete travesty. And, from the looks of everything, he’s gotten away with it!! He’s made a sham of American Democracy.

And much like Napoleon, he’s leading the country into war, just like his predecessor “W”… which means nothing will be done about his fraudulent election to maintain stability (during the wars).

We note, already, that the Korean Nuclear crisis is now dominating headlines, and diminishing all the talk of Trump’s campaign’s collusion with the Russians. One week ago, we were hearing of FBI raids on his campaign manager’s home… now its total silence! North Korea’s missile launchers are dominating news cycles. You must wonder if the Russians are putting the North Koreans up to it?

So how exactly was the Presidential Election of 2016 hijacked?

Full details have yet to emerge, but we have the following facts that have emerged:

  1. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, has been a Russian political consultant for years. He was raking in somewhere between $5 to 10 Million dollars a year in fees. Among his many projects for the Russians, was direct consulting and assistance of the Russian biased party in Ukraine who took the reins of power in that country (before a counter revolution).
  2. The Russian government hacked into Democratic Party servers, and publicly released private emails from the Hilary campaign prior to the election to smear and undermine her campaign and candidacy.
  3. Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, was another campaign leader for Trump, who had several secret meetings with Senior Russian officials prior to the election, and did not disclose them on his security clearance documents prior to taking office.
  4. Russian oligarchs have been systematically purchasing real estate from Trump at inflated prices for some time …. buying Trump and his loyalty.
  5. But worse of all, we have clear evidence now that Russians hacked into voting systems in 21 states, to manipulate the back-end election apparatus – voter registration operations, state and local election databases, e-poll books, and other equipment managed by local officials with little knowledge or capacity to detect the intrusion. In addition, we know that a major vendor of election services to the states: VR systems, had their equipment hacked. And unlike the federal government, States have very limited resources to detect and investigate these breaches in a timely way. So, it went unnoticed on election night.

The 2016 election, had one of the lowest turnouts (as a percentage) for 20 years, significantly lower than 2008. The U.S. by the way, now ranks lowest in turnout among highly developed economies. Taken at face value, this poor turnout, completely undermines the whole electoral process. America, it seems, has set a very poor example being set for the rest of the world. But the low turnouts now, can be explained by the hacking that took place.

We have reports of literally tens of thousands of people being turned away from voting stations because of the manipulation of local voter databases. There are clear examples of how this affected the outcome.

For example, in Durham, North Carolina, a state that uses VR systems for its election database management, had erroneous outcomes in many counties that led to a very narrow margin for Trump. These e-poll books reported in Durham, NC were replicated in the state’s counties that are home to its largest cities. It was clearly a targeted attack. But interestingly, it also happened in Virginia’s most populous counties, and Georgia’s most populous counties, Arizona’s most populous counties to name a few coincidences.

In Arizona, Russian hackers successfully stole the user name and password for an election official in Gila County, and in Illinois, Russian hackers inserted a malicious program into the state board of elections database. The program was designed to alter records and registration files for 90,000 voters.

There is much more information being guarded by the N.S.A. yet to be released. The question of course, is what will the government do about it? Will there be a complete, comprehensive investigation?

This is a self-inflicted wound. How tragic? Not just of the U.S., but the rest of the world. I had always hoped the U.S. would help accelerate the forces of democracy globally. Now with this sort of garbage going on in the U.S., no one dares engage with the U.S. in a quest for freedom and democracy. The U.S. surely, is a poor partner, with a poor track record on this matter. It’s a human tragedy. How can Iranians trust that the U.S. (having stolen Iranian democracy at least twice), will now support the rise of democracy in Iran, next time there is an uprising against the mullahs.

The U.S. has lost all credibility when it comes to championing freedom and democracy globally. It’s a total sham. This is a huge loss of ‘soft power’ for the U.S.; and it may never ‘comeback’! You can’t buy this type of power? You can’t spend your way into acquiring soft power! And without Soft Power, U.S. will lose its cherished position as a leader of the world.

The American Congress, and all American elected officials – governors, state legislators, mayors, councilors… you name them, must make it a priority to prosecute Trump and his gang of crooks – if only to restore America’s brand globally.

The way to make America Great Again, is to restore democracy in America and the integrity of its electoral processes. America must show, in deeds, not words, that it truly values freedom and democracy and that it will stop at nothing to protect its basic values and principles.

This can never happen again.

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