Don’t Be Fooled, NCRI/MEK/MKO/PMOI are Marxist Monkeys

Before Senator McCain was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he visited Albania and the home of the NCRI/MEK/MKO/PMOI refugees who moved there from their camp (Ashraf) in Iraq (where they were dutiful servants of Saddam Hussein). These ‘enemies’ of the Iranian state have also hosted many other Republican luminaries such as Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and John Bolton!

Their supreme leader (Masoud Rajavi) was not there, because he ran off to Saudi Arabia (where died last year); and his paramour, mistress come wife Maryam Rajavi has taken the reigns of the cult, who for now at least enjoys financial support from the Saudi’s, Israeli’s and the U.S.!

I keep referring to them in hyphens, but the truth is while they seem to have changed their name, and project a more appealing posture to their backers, they are still the same animals! And as we all know, it’s impossible for zebras or tigers or indeed human beings to change their stripes.

When I look back at my days in college, and the Iranian students that had joined this group … and why?

It was clear then, and self-evident today, that these folks (the NCRI/MEK/MKO/PMOI) were (and are) Marxists. It was extreme left-wing, anti-Shah, anti- ‘ruling class’, anti- ‘royalty’ ideology that drove people to join them! And by the way, they still practice communal – shared living even today. They are Marxists. Don’t believe me, look at their logo, there’s a hammer and sickle there!

Everything about them is Marxist. Read their literature in Farsi! Its Marxist.

So, then the question becomes, does Saudi Arabia or the U.S. or for that matter Netanyahu really want to put a group with deep founded commitment to Marxism in power in Iran? Really? Pol-Pot? Are you serious? They have more in common with China than Saudi Arabia or the U.S.? What makes the U.S. think they won’t turn to China the very second, they come to power or feel pressured by the U.S.?

And has anyone asked if the people of Iran want such an ideology imposed on them?

My point is, that the simple rationale often stated that the enemy of my enemy is my friend – doesn’t apply. This group is not fundamentally a friend of the west – they have no shared values with their backers.

Backers beware! Supporting these monkeys is a mistake! A big mistake. This minute band of nuts, should reside in Albania, a former Marxist hell until they die – but leave 80 Million Iranians alone.

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