North Korea, and Iran: Trump’s Great Distraction of the American Public

The threat from North Korea has not changed between administrations. There is nothing new. Kim Jung Un is the same dude he was a few years ago, and his war head delivery programs certainly did not start (nor by the way end) with Donald Trump’s presidency.

The core issue here is that the Trump administration is facing two massive head winds.

First, Trump’s team is embroiled in a massive investigation into links with Russia – which will, by all accounts, is worse than Nixon’s Watergate. It’s much more than a burglary gone bad, or wire-tapping the DNC. It involves hacking opposition party computers, manipulating (rigging) voting machines in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and the penetration of U.S. national security apparatus that has led to the deaths of almost ten US double agents inside the Russian government (including very senior diplomats). Trump is almost certain to resign, once much of this hits the airwaves. And it hasn’t yet, because Mueller is keeping much of the investigation under close wraps. Many of President “Trump’s Men” – including Manafort and Flynn are likely to do serious ‘time’ in prison. Manafort, it turns out, had been receiving close to 10 Million dollars a year for the last 5 years from Russia.

But, no less important, are the ‘economic’ head winds. The business cycle is turning down. The stock markets are overpriced, all indicators suggest a correction is imminent. No one knows precisely why, but assets are clearly overpriced. One nudge up by the Federal Reserve on interest rates, and the whole pyramid scheme could come to a massive halt. The sell-off could be in about 6 seeks, when wealthy tax payers, sell stocks to pay their tax bills due in mid-September. The Dow Jones Index rose almost 14% in 2016. The S&P 500 rose almost 10 percent in 2016. This means that roughly 3% of total stock market valuation (valued at $25 Trillion dollars) is slated for capital gains tax liabilities, due no later than mid-September i.e. $750 Billion dollars must be paid to the U.S. treasury to pay tax liabilities on these gains within a matter of weeks. So, there will be a massive sell-off to raise cash to pay this.

Add to the stock market ‘correction’ the reality of retail store closures. In 2017, we have tripled the number of closures, with 8,600 stores projected to close. This far surpasses the previous record of 6,163 stores in 2008 at the onset of the credit crisis. This incredible implosion in brick and mortar business is often blamed on the rise of internet retail, or the “Amazon effect.” This is yet another lie. Total e-commerce sales only accounted for 8.5 percent of total U.S. retail sales in the first quarter of 2017 according to the commerce department. This means that internet retail is nowhere near large enough to account for the considerable loss in standard retail business. Thus, we must look to the stagnation and fundamental shifts in consumer spending to explain this. The point is there is something fundamentally shifting in our economy. Its right there, going on in front of us. And we don’t see it.

Adding to retail woes, let’s look at auto sales. Auto sales continue their steady decline in 2017 as the short-lived boom now faces death as ARM-style loans turn over and new buyers become scarce.

And then add in a general slowdown in real estate activity. U.S. home ownership rates have collapsed since 2007. More households are renting than at any time in the past 50 years.

And then, one more statistic: U.S. household debt has now hit levels not seen since 2008, just before the credit crisis.

The geopolitical tensions with Korea and Iran are all designed to distract the public from imminent economic decline.

It’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck; you know exactly what the consequences of the events will be, you try to warn people as much as possible, but, ultimately, you cannot reverse the disaster. The disaster has for all intents and purposes already happened. What we are witnessing is the aftermath as a forgone conclusion. The “collapse” is here now. It is done. It is a historical fact. It’s just that not many people have the eyes to see it yet, primarily because they are hyper-focused on all the wrong things.

For centuries now, the power elites have understood the value of geopolitical distraction as a tool for controlling the masses. If you examine the underlying motivations behind wars you will in most cases discover that the power brokers on both sides tend to be rather friendly with each other. In fact, monarchies and oligarchies are historically notorious for fabricating diplomatic tensions and conflicts to force populations back under their control. Wars and other man-made conflicts give the citizenry something to react to, instead of hunting down the establishment cabal like they should. Conflicts are often engineered to affect a change within the minds of the masses or to distract them from other dangers or solutions.

Economic decline is the greatest threat to cultural longevity as well as to human freedom. Even nuclear war could not hold a candle to the terror of financial disaster, because at least in a nuclear war the slate is wiped clean for establishment elites as well as the normal population. At least, in the event of nuclear war, the elites face anarchy just like we do.

Trump therefore, is setting the stage for another scapegoat. As I warned for months before the 2016 election, Donald Trump is the perfect target for a redirection of blame for a market crash. He has even been avidly attempting to take credit for the current market bubble, making it easier for the banks to lay blame in his lap when the entire edifice crumbles.

Trump is warping public focus away from the economic collapse altogether and presenting them with a seemingly direr threat.

While Trump has been recently credited with “ending the regime change program” in Syria by ending the CIA training and funding pipeline to “moderate rebels”, this by no means equals an end to the plan to unseat Assad. ISIS has moved west into Europe, and now directing action against western governments. Likely, ISIS will be replaced by direct actions by the West. The Turkish government recently leaked the locations of multiple US bases within Syria, indicating that troops will remain on the ground and that the fractured country will continue the same path of instability.

Adding to chaos in the middle east, Trump is pushing the Saudi’s to confront Iran directly while at the same time selling almost a trillion dollars’ worth of arms to them (and their allies) at precisely the same time as the financial collapse in the U.S. This would also, inevitably, lead to an escalation of oil prices and massive inflation. Once again, this would deflect the masses from the reality of the U.S. bubble economy and it will be eastern nations that will receive much of the blame

The next and most likely scenario for distraction is North Korea. With North Korea’s latest ICBM missile test, the perceived threat to the U.S. is now complete. The idea of North Korea striking the heart of America with a nuclear weapon is enough for many people to rationalize U.S. strike operations. That said, an invasion on the part of the U.S. makes little sense. Any strike by North Korea would be met with immediate nuclear annihilation; meaning a ground invasion to “prevent” an attack is unnecessary and might provoke a nuclear response rather than defuse one. Of course, it is likely that the goal in North Korea is not to prevent a nuclear event, but to once again catalyze chaos and confusion while the global economy and more importantly the U.S. economy sinks further into oblivion.

The US government has just issued a travel ban to North Korea starting September 1st. They have asked all Americans already visiting the country to leave immediately.

My readers know well that according to the evidence I view the East/West conflict to be farcical and theatrical. I have said a million times, that the regime in Iran was installed by the west and maintained by the West! Even in North Korea, there have been countless opportunities for regime change and the U.S. hasn’t taken those opportunities. The baharmedias and Kims are convenient enemies. The mullahs are baharmedias, with clear objectives to shit on the people of Iran for Western benefit.

But, there will not be real-world consequences to the “little people” (as the chairman of BP once called those affected by the Deep-Water Horizon disaster) caught in the engineered crossfire. I believe this will culminate not in a shooting war, but in an economic war. While the international financiers constructed our bubble economy and will benefit from its failure, it will be eastern nations (and Trump) that receive much of the blame for the destruction of these bubbles.

The timing of heightened geopolitical tensions in 2017 is not coincidental. These events are perfectly organized with maximum distraction in mind as we hit the top of perhaps the most massive stock and bond bubbles in modern history. The effectiveness of the smoke and mirrors will depend on the ability of liberty proponents to keep our analytical teeth sunk into the jugular of the establishment elite, as well as our ability to remind the public that these conspirators are the true criminals behind our national and international pain. The more extreme the geopolitical disaster, the more frightened people will become and the harder it will be for real value creation to occur, and for real solutions to the humanity’s problems to emerge. These distractions are like band-aids, they do not address the fundamental issues leading to the collapse.

My friends, we must address the core problems – NOT be distracted. That is our mission, our struggle – and we owe it to our beautiful kids. For sure, Trump is NOT the solution. Endless war, chaos, corruption, collapse and distractions are not REAL solutions.

Selfish isolationism – Brexit, walking away from TPP, Paris Accord, you name it … are not REAL answers. In this world, today, every man’s problems are your own too. Britain cannot somehow immunize itself from Italian Bank failures, or Europe’s migrant crisis. U.S. can’t turn a blind eye to global climate change. That type if isolation is impossible.

Instead of distracting the public and conveniently distracting and blaming others, Trump should be leading global institutions to address fundamental (core) issues – and work diligently towards positive change. There will be NO collapse, if for example new markets (the size of China) emerge; if new transformational technologies like the internet emerge! And these possibilities exist. Iran and central Asia for example could lead the next wave of prosperity. New energy technologies can fundamentally lead to more job and value creation on the same scale as the internet.

Trump is completely off base. We should NOT let ourselves be distracted. We must stay focused!! Very focused!!

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