When Disgusted by ISIS Inhumanity, Don’t forget who Created, Financed & Supported Them

The killings shown on video by ISIS fighters are getting more and more gruesome. Today, I was truly disgusted by footage of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive by ISIS on the internet. It truly, almost made me throw up! This event, follows on from recent images of decapitated Japanese journalists; which also follow on from gruesome images of other executions — including a video showing ISIS reading a list of charges — including adultery — against a woman before they throw stones at her as she lies motionless on the ground. Another chilling set of pictures shows a man in a black mask on top of a building declaring two bound men guilty of homosexuality, then the victims are sent plummeting to their deaths.

Two other men, accused of stealing, are shown tied up as if they were crucified, with guns held to their heads. All this followed images of many more hostages having their heads cut off live in front of video cameras. Some high profile ‘executions’ reported in the press include the deaths of James Foley, StenStloff, David Haines, HerveGroudel, Ales Henning, Peter Kassig …. And there are also reports of ISIS militants driving 600 Shia, Christian, and Yazidi male prisoners into the middle of the desert, lining them up along the edge of a ravine, and then executing them at point blank range

And for what purpose? Apparently there are many reasons. ISIS, we are told, is using beheadings of locals to intimidate people, including their own soldiers, into obeying the dictates of their weak state. Beheadings of westerners are designed to strike back at their enemies (US, UK, France, Australia, Japan, etc.) for military actions against them that they have no other way of responding to. “With an act of a sword, they manage to force both America’s President and Britain’s Prime Minister to react. Strangely, these leaders, who control the world’s most advanced militaries, find themselves at the mercy of the sword. It is also true that they are conducting “Terror marketing” to recruit new fighters as another motivation. “Some of these men almost have a pornographic attraction to these violent scenes, these violent beheading videos. It really sort of energizes them.” said Paul Cruickshank, a terrorism analyst

But their inhumanity is outrageous. It simply blows any decent person’s wildest sense of brutality. This is no way to win friends and influence people! In fact it’s the exact opposite – they are generating more enemies, who are more determined than ever to confront and destroy them. ISIS, I am sure, will be eventually totally annihilated.

Do they really think they can ‘scare’ people away from confronting them? Why? Who are people supposed to be afraid of? Who is ISIS? Where did they come from? How did they suddenly amass all this power and land in virtually no time at all?

The simple answer or the answer we are asked to believe is that they stem from unified Syrian and Iraqi Sunni tribal resistance to the central governments of Syria and Iraq that are both Shiite dominated. But this would be a gross misstatement.  The truth is far more complex.

In fact, there is nothing Syrian or Iraqi about ISIS. What I find fascinating, is the “English” speaking narrative in their gruesome videos. There are many press articles that mention ‘foreign’ jihadist fighters among ISIS. If their fighters are ‘foreign’ and their backers are ‘foreign’ – then what are they fighting for?

You don’t take over swaths of Syria and Iraq with modern armaments, control land about the size of the British Isles and write checks from Kuwaiti bank accounts with billions of dollars in them without massive external support. ISIS is very simply an ‘external’ creation. But who? Who exactly is behind ISIS (and therefore all this brutality)? Who has all this blood ISIS is spilling on their hands?One clue helping us answer these questions is ‘exactly who are their backers’?

Like everyone else interested in this subject, a simple google search very quickly provides many of the answers we are looking for. The balance of this blog is taken from what I have found around the web.

A key component of ISIS’s support comes from wealthy individuals in the Persian Gulf States of Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.“Everybody knows the money is going through Kuwait and that it’s coming from the … Gulf,” said Andrew Tabler, senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “Kuwait’s banking system and its money changers have long been a huge problem because they are a major conduit for money to extremist groups in Syria and now Iraq.”

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has publicly accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of funding ISIS. Several reports have detailed how private Gulf funding to various Syrian rebel groups has splintered the Syrian opposition and paved the way for the rise of groups like ISIS and others.

It is important to realize also, that ever since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait (and local Palestinian expats cooperated with Saddam Hussein’s invading armies), Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia have formed an alliance with Israel. Israel has very extensive military, intelligence and business relations now with all these states.

“Over the last two and a half years, Kuwait has emerged as a financing and organizational hub for charities and individuals supporting Syria’s myriad rebel groups,” according to a December 2013 report by The Brookings Institution. “Today, there is evidence that Kuwaiti donors have backed rebels who have committed atrocities and who are either directly linked to al-Qa’ida or cooperate with its affiliated brigades on the ground.”Kuwaiti donors collect funds from donors, and then funnel this money through Turkey or Jordan before reaching its Syrian destination, the report said.

The Brookings paper argues the U.S. government needs to do more to stop this massive flow of funds. “The U.S. Treasury is aware of this activity and has expressed concern about this flow of private financing. But Western diplomats’ and officials’ general response has been a collective shrug,” the report states.

When confronted with the problem, Gulf leaders often justify allowing their Salafi constituents to fund Syrian extremist groups by pointing back to what they see as a failed U.S. policy in Syria and a loss of credibility after President Obama reneged on his pledge to strike Assad after the regime used chemical weapons.

That’s what Prince Bandar bin Sultan, head of Saudi intelligence since 2012 and former Saudi ambassador in Washington, reportedly told Secretary of State John Kerry when Kerry pressed him on Saudi financing of extremist groups last year!

What I find even more incredible though is the“curious and deafening silence when it is confronted with actual terrorists and Muslim fanatics such as ISIS, al-Nusra, and the myriad of other fundamentalist groups waging jihad in Syria and Iraq.” Israel is quick to call Shiite Hezbollah terrorists but has said nothing confrontational about ISIS ‘militants’ as they call them in the same region.

The truth is, ISIS’s only mission is to disrupt the creation of a Shiite Crescent from Iran to Lebanon on Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s Borders. ISIS militants are fighting for nothing, except the disruption of those states. There are numerous articles about this fact, but here are some quotes about Israel and its allies’ role in creating, financing and supporting ISIS.

“For all of Israel’s whining about how it is being targeted by “Islamic extremists” and “terrorists,”(which should be translated to mean Palestinians, Iran, or any other secular or nationalist Arab government in the region) there. This bizarre silence has yet to raise the eyebrows of the somnambulant general public.

But while Israel does not respond with its usual apoplectic frothing of victimhood and danger regarding ISIS groups that have now so infested the Middle East as to make the entire region a general war zone, it is important to point out that these same terrorist groups do not launch coordinated military attacks in Tel Aviv, they launch them in Damascus and Mosul – cities belonging to secular nations seen by Israel as the enemy.

The question then is “Why?” Why does Israel not share the concern it has over Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and Lebanese with al-Nusra, ISIS, and al-Qaeda? Why do these groups wage jihad against Israel’s enemies but not against Israel itself?

One analyst correctly wonders for instance, where IssamHattito, head of Muslim Brotherhood responsible for leading the battles against Bashar Assad, resides? Is he in Beirut? Riyadh or Cairo? He’s residing in Tel Aviv. Or does Ahmad Jarba, live in Riyadh, Cairo or Tehran? He constantly moves between New York, Paris and London, and who pays his expenses?In fact, Israel, along with its cohorts in the West(despite the publicity regarding the Charlie Hebdo killings) are generally not the principal victims of Islamic terror, they are sponsors of it.

From providing medical aid, military training, and outright military assistance, the so-called state of Israel has been a much better friend to Muslim terrorists than any of the regimes it claims as its enemy.

For instance, it has been well-known for quite some time that Israel has been providing wounded Syrian rebels with medical treatment inside Israel so that they can continue their‘Jihad’ against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. According to Colum Lynch of The Cable (the news wing of the Council on Foreign Relations Foreign Policy),

U.N. blue helmets responsible for monitoring the decades-old cease-fire report observing armed opposition groups “transferring 89 wounded persons” from Syrian territory into Israel, where they were received by members of the Israel Defense Forces, according to the report. The IDF returned 21 Syrians to armed opposition members back in Syria, including the bodies of two who died.

Indeed, in February, 2014, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually visited one of the medical facilities in which the Syrian rebels were being treated and even posed for a photo op shaking hands with a death squad fighter.

More notable than even the medical services, is the fact that Israel has provided military support to the terrorist death squads in the form of artillery and air force bombing campaigns. These attacks have generally come after the Assad government seems to be making considerable gains on the ground against the Western-backed fighters.

While the occasional attack on Syrian territory is bad enough, the fact is that Israel has apparently coordinated these attacks with the death squad directors on the ground so as to provide cover fire and diversions for death squad “swarming” and jihadist invasions.

For instance, in May 2013, WABC host and best-selling author Aaron Klein stated that an Israeli airstrike in Syria was closely coordinated with Turkey which, in turn, helped coordinate the death squad attacks to occur at the exact same time as the Israeli airstrikes. The sources speaking to Klein came from Jordanian and Egyptian intelligence agencies.

The sources said the rebels did not know about the Israeli strike in advance but instead were given specific instructions for when to begin today’s major assaults against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. “Almost the moment the Israel Air Force departed was the moment the rebel advance began,” added the Egyptian intelligence source. Multiple reports have noted how the Syrian rebels consist in large part of al-Qaida-linked jihad groups. The Egyptian and Jordanian sources described how immediately after today’s Israeli air strike the jihadist rebels used access roads to advance toward Damascus and began heavy clashes with Syrian military forces throughout the country.

Israel was even documented in 2011 as hosting and directing a terrorist mercenary training camp inside the country in order to produce mercenaries tailor-made to be used in the Arab world.

What’s more, the Israeli establishment does not seem to feel the need to hide its support for terrorism which, in this specific instance, tends to take the form of mercenaries. Indeed, the Israeli terrorist trainers actually appear to be quite open about their efforts.

In a 2011 report conducted by The Media Line,an international news organization which focuses on the Middle East, Arieh O’Sullivan was able to film an Israeli-run terrorist mercenary training camp, complete with interviews, on-scene narration, and ample video footage of actual training taking place.

Surely none of this is new to the U.S. or European intelligence establishment. In fact much of this was confirmed by Edward Snowden when he leaked important NSA documents several years ago.Among those documents was a cable that said: “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”. (Gulf News, July 15, 2014)

Let us be under no illusions, the ISIS was ‘created’. It is an intelligence asset.

The incursion of ISIS brigades into Iraq in June was part of a carefully planned military-intelligence operation supported covertly its backers. In Syria, the ISIS is said to be part of “opposition” fighting government forces. The Israeli military is directly supporting the ISIS out of bases in the occupied Golan Heights…”

One important insight on this matter is a facebool comment by a leading politician in Sweden: “ISIS is being trained by the Israeli Mossad. Muslims are not waging war, they are being used as pawns by other peoples’ game,” Adrian Kaba, who represents the Social Democratic Party of Sweden on the Malmö City Council and the regional government, wrote in a statement on his Facebook page on July 21, the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan revealed.

Ironically, however, the individuals who make up the bulk of death squad invasions across the Arab world – religious fanatics, savages, and the criminally insane – maintain an open hatred for Israel. That is, those death squad members at the bottom who are either ignorant of the fact that Israel itself is a major backer of their own movement or those wholly incapable of understanding anything other than what their faction leader has told them are caught somewhere between tragedy and farce.

Taking into consideration the fact that Israel has provided military and medical support to the most bloodthirsty and brutal Islamic extremist terrorists in the world the answer to the question of “Why aren’t organizations like Nusra, al-Qaeda, and ISIS attacking Israel?” is quite simple – because Israel along with its allies is responsible for funding and directing them.

Still, the players act out their roles according to the predetermined narrative provided to them, despite the fact that they have no idea they are actually acting out the will of a shadowy “other” who does not have their best interests at heart.In this game, virtually all of those acting out their parts on the ground are merely players unaware of their roles.

Thus, when you look at those gruesome images of ISIS fighters killing foreign journalists – remember (a) who is behind ISIS and (b) could it be that these journalists saw first-hand who was behind ISIS?

This is Israel and its allies leaders’ inhumanity playing out right before our eyes. I believe the good people of the region –whether in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran etc. need fundamentally different leadership. Surely we can do better than Netanyahu, or these idiotic Wahabi Princes. These ISIS savages do not deserve support from anyone.

How sad? How tragic? Is this the way to build a better world? Why have things come to this?


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