/Iraqi Commander: ‘Saudi Arabia Mother of All Terrorism’

Iraqi Commander: ‘Saudi Arabia Mother of All Terrorism’

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Mohandes made the remarks during an interview with the al-Alam television network on Saturday.

He stressed that both the ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist groups are the product of Saudi Arabia, and that ISIS’s psychological and media campaign is partially funded from Riyadh.

Mohandes noted that the operations to free Mosul from the Takfiri terrorists will take some time as the militants are receiving intelligence from several external sources, mainly the US.

He went on to praise Iran’s support for Iraq’s battle against terrorism, stressing that if Baghdad had not called for Tehran’s assistance, the Iraqi army would never have reached Mosul.

He also noted that the Hashd al-Shaabi forces, also known as the Popular Mobilization Units, will move on towards Tal Afar after Mosul is cleared of ISIS militants.