I had a dream about the greatest American intelligence operation ever (or how about 7 hints something fishy just happened in U.S. Presidential Elections for a title?)

This must be a dream. It all sounds unbelievable. It’s beyond anyone’s imagination, no? There has to be a genius behind this idea! I think we are about to witness the most brazen intelligence operation the United States has ever undertaken…it played out in my head while I was sleep walking. Hold tight. Make sure you have your seatbelts on before you read on. This could be an incredible December. And likely, an incredible 4 years of a transformational Hillary Clinton administration. Yes, Hillary!! Not Trump!!

If you want clues, here’s a laundry list of what is being ‘fished out’ here; and it builds on a decade or more of even more brazen foreign operations here in the U.S. To say some of our most trusted, respected, high ranking politicians have been bought out, blackmailed or have downright sold out American interests to foreign powers – would be a massive understatement. But it’s true. And they are all being ‘ratted’ out as I write this.

Here’s what we already know or suspect. Mr. Trump got elected having carried some ‘safe’ States for the Democrats. An incredible feat! He surprised everyone. Once he became President elect, he started ‘interviewing’ a laundry list of American politicos with shall we say ‘unusual’ backgrounds for sensitive positions. The list was so onerous, we had some significant “Republican Senators” coming out and say they could not imagine or fathom some of these folks being confirmed for their posts.

The list includes people like Rudi Giuliani, and David Petraeus for Secretary of State. Newt Gingrich as a Senior Whitehouse Policy advisor, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. We have a lot of facts – yes absolute facts – about this gang of criminals that suggests they have been acting on behalf of foreign governments in the U.S. or that they have been part of some shady terrorist groups domestically (like the KKK).  And all this rides on the back of an election season rife with timed leaks and letters – from Wikileaks, from NBC TV’s Entertainment tonight, from the FBI … all designed to impact voting outcomes.

We were told that the Russians were trying to influence the outcome of the election via Wikileaks. And that the Russians had broken into Hillary’s home server, and the Democratic party’s computers. We were told that Republican moles inside the FBI forced Comey’s hand to get a letter sent out about Anthony Weiner‘s computer copies of emails from Hillary (and that apparently, Rudy Giuliani knew about the letter in advance of the release).

Then, before the election season even started we had incredulous security breaches. David Petraeus, then head of the CIA, provided his ‘lover’ Paula Broadwell (nee Krasich) his black book references to U.S. spies and passcodes for high level access to CIA computers. It turned out that Paula Broadwell was an Israeli double agent all along. It was a brazen security breach by one of America’s most trusted allies!

Then we know that Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich have been travelling around the world as paid consultants. They’ve been making annual speeches at Israeli and Saudi Arabian supported “Iranian Opposition Group” – the MEK or MKO or NCRI (whatever their latest name is) in Paris. Giuliani and Newt Gingrich have been receiving literally millions of dollars from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and effectively acting as their agents. And now they are both being positioned for high level positions in Trump’s administration. Positions that would involve highly classified daily briefings! Incredible, isn’t it?

If you wanted to rat these bastards out – or more importantly their foreign backers undermining U.S. national security via these ‘Defacto’ agents what would you do?  Brazen security breaches require equally brazen intelligence acts. Doesn’t it?

I have my suspicions, but it seems to me that Trump has for sure, played his role beautifully.  He’s f’d many enemies of the Democrats like the Bushes, f’d Cruz, f’d all the nasty Republicans. And then, there were other small signals that in fact he might well have been in on the heist all along. What a patriot?

I must say, he’s just earned my respect. He’s done a beautiful job of yanking evil out of the bushes (figuratively) … bringing nasty out to the fore… including especially ratting out these agents of foreign powers, who have been selling out America for their personal gain.

You know, Giuliani wants the Secretary of State position – right? So, if you want him to spill the beans, make it look like you’re going to offer it to Mitt Romney … and make him work for the ‘position’… by spilling ‘more’ beans!! Brilliant. I’m sure Trump’s mansions are all tapped, and DNI (the Director of National Intelligence’s office) agents are recording every word Giuliani utters!

So, the Donald says, ‘I like Romney, he’s a proven business man”; and Giuliani utters, “This isn’t a business deal, it’s about U.S. foreign relations”. So, Trump says (pretending to be naïve and ignorant) “So what, business is about establishing new relations with total strangers and working out deals right!” And Giuliani utters back, but “I know all these people, I have met most of the leaders we are aligned with. I know them on a first name basis.” Trump says, “Who?” Giuliani says, “Netenyahu, many of the Senior royals in Saudi Arabia, Qatar’s ruling family…” Trump, pulls him in “in what capacity?” Giuliani says, “Well I’ve been consulting for them” Trump says “Consulting on what?”

Giuliani responds “Well they are all concerned about America’s relations with Iran; and our investigations into 9/11, things like that’” Trump responds back, “but isn’t all that highly classified? Are you allowed to brief them on U.S. policy?” Giuliani responds, “these are our allies!” Trump draws him in even more, “So you’ve briefed them on classified information about our investigations into 9/11, to the Saudi Arabians – who by the way were behind the attack – and you were the mayor of New York!” Giuliani, “Well, they are our allies; they need to be reassured, and kept on our side. We will need them to carry out our plans in the middle east, to attack the Iranians. I think I have a better relationship with them, then anyone in the Obama administration. That will help us. Its important.”

Slowly but surely, Trump milks him, then Gingrich, then Sessions and then David Petraeus – all men of ambition – all salivating at the mouth at the possibility of being America’s next Secretary of State. Making history. All secretly planning to manipulate Trump’s (prospective) administration into invading Iran, much like the “Neo-Cons” aka Wolfowitz got the Bush administration to invade Iraq (for Israel, and his Kuwaiti, Qatari and Saudi debtors”. They all want to leverage U.S. blood and treasure to carry out their dirty work! Who cares right? Let our children borrow another 10 trillion dollars in silly wars! Let the Europeans absorb another 2 million refugees – this time from Iran.

The prospect of a Trump administration, is going to bring out true ‘deplorables’ out of the woods! Trump himself will suck them out.  Besides locking up Giuliani, Gingrich, Petraeus … it would be awesome if Trump got a firsthand scoop on Christie’s role in Bridge gate… and get Christie locked up too!

The only thing is, there will be no Trump administration. In the next few weeks, there will be a series of findings and the whole election outcome will be overturned.  It’s clear that something fishy just happened; and America’s democracy was undermined.

Did the Russians hack voting machines? Did Giuliani connect with an Israeli mole inside the FBI to get a letter out before elections? We have hints of a ‘fishy’ election. There are many clues!

  • First, we know that there is a 7% discrepancy in Hillary Clinton votes between regions that had electronic voting and regions with paper ballots. With less than 1% margin between Trump and Clinton, 7% matters. How could that have happened?
  • Then we also know, that we have some counties that voted heavily for Trump that have some history of election fraud. Some election outcomes on election night were just bizarre.
  • But what makes everything more plausible, is Trump’s response to the recount proposition now underway. If everything was fine; surely, he wouldn’t care if there is a recount? But he does. He’s been tweeting all weekend. Now whether it’s for show, (while he keeps drilling Giuliani, Gingrich, and Petraeus for information) or not, he’s an angry bird. Could he be milking Pence and Jeff Sessions for information on the KKK… Trump has probably seduced them all with the prospect of power. He’s also grabbing information from the alt-right movement in U.S. and Europe. He’s been milking Nigel Farage from the UKIP for information on Europe’s Nazis.


When it’s all said, and done, Netenyahu, Saudis and Qataris will be cornered; and on the other end of the spectrum indigenous Nazi’s in U.S. and Europe will be cornered too.


  • But, what is also interesting was the sudden ‘shift’ in Trump’s Strategy. For him to show up in true blue Michigan!! And to have Ted Nugent put his hands on his balls – calling Michigan a red state!! Surely, Trump’s team knew of some vote rigging going on. I mean, Michigan going Red? That’s laughable!


  • But, as strange, or fishy, we had Rudy Giuliani on national television telling the host “There will be a major announcement about Hillary’s emails in the next few days”!! I mean how did he know? How did he know ahead of time?


  • Did the pollsters really have it so wrong? To have missed the boat on not just one state – but multiple states? And what about the exit polls in key counties? Could they have been wrong too?


  • But for the best clue about this intelligence heist, look no further than Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama! And let’s not forget Melania.

Hillary made a very quick concession. (It was too quick for comfort). And Obama had a very cordial meeting with Trump in the Whitehouse (too cordial for someone who accused him of being a Kenyan). But look at Melania, he stood by her man despite his declarations of pussy grabbing (she must have known what was going on too… any other explanation for her not leaving him in the middle of the campaign makes no sense at all).

Yes, the nation of America has been played by these Nazis and foreign agents. But have no fear, Barack, Hillary and the Donald are here. America’s enemies have been cornered. In 4 years, there will be no Saudi Arabia and Qatar as we know it today. There will be a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace (once Netanyahu and his mafia are ousted). And hopefully Giuliani, Gingrich, Petraeus, Sessions, Pence and Christie will be rotting in Jail.  They do not represent America or American values.

This will go down as the greatest intelligence heist in history!! Unbelievable isn’t it!! Wake me up please! I’m still sleep waking. What an incredible “American Dream”?


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