7 indications the IRI (the Mullahs) are determined to destroy Iranian dignity

  1. Jumped to #1 on the list of executions per capita i.e. killed more of its own people than any other state in the world; and jumped to #2 (behind China) in total number of black market organs exported globally. Yes, they are killing prisoners to sell their organs. It’s a big business for the IRGC. And yes, they are imprisoning people on trumped up charges and killing them without due (legal) process.
  2. Iran is now the country with the highest rate of emigration per capita in the world; and worst yet, these émigré’s are all educated. There are 5 Million Iranians living outside Iran and over 4.5 Million of them left Iran within the past 20 years.  The IRI has made living inside Iran near impossible.
  3. Iran has the highest rate of Heroin and Opium drug addiction in the world. Something like 6 Million Iranians use the drugs regularly. Iran imports virtually 65% of all the drugs produced in Afghanistan (something like 280,000 Kilos); and re-exports (220,000 Kilos) to Europe. The borders are controlled by the IRGC – and this is something like 20 complete truck loads entering and leaving Iran every day!
  4. Iranians need visa to travel to 99% of the countries in the world, and in many cases need to leave Iran to actually apply for them – because many countries do not have diplomatic relations with Iran. And when Iranians show up at any border, they are treated like scum, searched, finger printed, and interrogated …ultimately humiliated.
  5. IRI has given away more Iranian territorial sovereignty away these past 30 years than any Iranian government these past 200 years. 35% of Iranian Caspian Sea has been handed over to their British Masters (BP and co) for oil and gas exploitation and export through Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan etc.  The Brits are all privately laughing how they have isolated Iran, and pressured the regime – while they are stealing 3 million barrels a day out the Sea.
  6. Things are so bad, Iranians everywhere outside Iran introduce themselves as Italians, Turks, … Eskimos…but never as Iranians. And then they even create new Anglicized names for themselves, like Freddy for Fereidoon, and Mo for Mohammad  … and are ashamed of their religion. Iranian women outside Iran dye their hair blonde … and give their children non-Iranian names.
  7. The IRI is so inept, and polarizing that Iran is now positioned for a major attack …rumored for this fall. Which is not only slated to bring ordinary Iranians to their knees, but designed to destroy Iran as we know it today and split the country into 5 new client nations.  There will no longer be one nation that can even boast a link to a once great civilization. Iranians will not even have their heritage to count on.



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