/Is the West Preparing for Another Major War?

Is the West Preparing for Another Major War?

I went to see American Sniper last night. The cinema was packed. I wanted to see it last weekend, but all the showings were sold out. It’s the story of an ‘American Hero’ who ‘certifiably’ killed 160 Iraqis. Not to spoil the story, but this ‘hero’ ends up in a duel with an ‘Iraqi’ sniper. And, in one of the final scenes of the movie we see the ‘hero’ being briefed about a ‘kill’ in Sadr City (Iraq) where he expects the Iraqi sniper to be.

In case, you did not know, Sadr city is where Shiite leadership and militia reside. It’s the nerve center or control center of Shias in Iraq. And with the final scene being ‘placed’ in Sadr City – we are clearly being told that “Shiites” are the enemy.

Forgive me for misunderstanding, but wasn’t it Saddam’s Sunni tribe that was the enemy in Iraq? Wasn’t that who the Americans were fighting?

Clint Eastwood surely knows how to read the political tea leaves. He was a key note speaker at the Republican Convention 3 years ago. Remember? The empty chair? Why are they making a movie like this? And why now?

It seems Obama’s job was to stabilize the U.S. from war hangover. His jobs seems to be to clean house and give everyone a break for a few years. America is taking a breather with Obama. But it’s very clear that the Republicans are now poised to win the White House. Their agenda is very clear. American Sniper says it all.

Meanwhile Obama has been nullifying all of Iran’s Mullah Allies – including Syria and Russia. Very soon, Iran will be toothless militarily – when the nuclear option is completely eliminated. America will have ‘rebuilt’ itself from bankruptcy in 2008 (from war hangover) and be ready once again for war. And Iran sits squarely in the middle of this agenda.

Add to this, American training (outside Las Vegas) of MKO/MEK militias – currently under way. Why would the U.S. be training Iranian language militias?

And then Add to this, the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France; and you essentially have a series of countries getting their population’s prepared for war.

The stage is being set. And it’s a frightening scene. I do not understand how any of this makes the world a better place for our children.