Obama-Reagan Controversy on Iran Proves Clearly that Reagan was Evil

Recently there have been a number of articles and TV pundits comparing Obama to Reagan, claiming that “Reagan defeated (America’s Enemy) Russia, but Obama appeased or accommodated (America’s Enemy) Iran”. Yes, it is Fox News, Krauthammer; and another Murdoch publication the New York Post, and so on. However, the audacity of these claims is simply ridiculous. They are outright lies, and I am shocked that no one, yes absolutely no one is confronting these liars.

Because, when it comes to accommodating Iran’s Mullahs, it is a simple fact that Reagan AND the Bush clan were FAR more accommodating than any other gang. It was Reagan after all that made secret deals with the Mullahs in 1980 (“the October Surprise”) that led to US embassy hostages being heldin Tehran to humiliate Carter and win Reagan the presidency. Reagan’s team gave them security assurances, and sold those arms covertly (Iran-Contra) deal to keep them in power and stopping Saddam Hussein from over-running Iran.

The Mullahs have been in power for 35 years, and it’s no co-incidence. And interestingly, notice how the Bush’s despite their rhetoric, never even lifted a finger against Iran…. and there was 30+ years of sanction ‘busting’ through Dubai, with Iran fully participating in foreign banking transactions, and even a secret deal with Argentina to provide highly enriched material to Iran for their Tehran reactor … ALL brokered by successive Reagan/Bush administrations. I mean this report is total bullshit.

The facts of the matter are that because of the Algiers accord, NO OPEN DEAL with Iran could be made until its expiration 35 years later i.e. now, during Obama’s term of office. Oh, and one more thing.

Reagan did NOT really defeat the Russians, (a) Putin is as belligerent as ever, (b) he never dismantled their nuclear arsenal, (c) only fought them by creating Islamic fanatics (in the form of Saudi supported Taliban … with people like Osama Bin Laden) and (d) in the process created a new menace i.e. Islamic fanatics that by the way attacked the U.S. on 9/11.

Now in retrospect, we know Reagan did not pan out to be the great president Republicans would like him to have been. He was a crook.

Oh, and by the way, when they brought those planes delivering arms in the Iran-Contra scandal back to the U.S. they filled them with drugs (Cocaine) and converted them to Crack and sold them for billions of dollars with dealers like Freeway Ricky Ross that are now on the ‘Leadership’ speaking circuit talking about it. He draws in thousands of business executives speaking about how he ran a “Billion Dollar Drug Empire”… supported by the Reagan administration.  Reagan’s ghetto crack epidemic, by the way, tripled the U.S. prison population with minorities, and led to the incarceration of more Blacks than were slaves in 1865. And, as you may know, in the process they pulled over 10 million blacks of the voter registries across the country. This was the real “Reagan Revolution”.

Reagan’s real war was NOT against Russia but domestically against African-Americans that he put in jail and disenfranchised. And the Bush clan played by his script: Jeb Bush’s Florida leads the country with disenfranchised blacks in Jail (1.5 Million) … there would NOT have been hanging chads or tight elections … NO “W” if so many blacks were not jailed or disenfranchised.

In the end, Reagan’s biggest assault was on democracy in America. Both in his secret deals with the Mullahs to defeat Carter, but then by importing huge volumes of drugs that led to the disenfranchising of literally millions of Americans.

These pundits have selective memory, or are outright lying.But the secret ‘arrangements’ Reagan made with Iran served his political motives well. Obama, on the other hand, is making a deal in his last year in office. There surely very clear … a simple difference between good and evil.  Reagan was evil. Republicans are evil.


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