New Clue: Bush was Actually Blair’s Poodle, and Confirmation for the Mullahs too

You have to hand it to the Brits! They get an A for audacity. The gall! The sheer brilliance of the Brits – calling Blair: Bush’s poodle!! No, my friends, Bush was Blair’s poodle. It’s the other way round.

During Britain’s recent general election, we heard this constant theme! It was a regular attack at the Britain’s Labor Party by its opponents… that Blair was Bush’s poodle following America into Iraq! But it’s not true. The Brits manipulated Bush – and got what they wanted…. Iraq’s Oil.

Don’t believe me, here’s a big clue. This week, BP appointed Sir John Sawers (former head of Britain’s MI6 [Secret Intelligence Service]) to its board of directors. Prior to his role at MI6, Sir Sawers was Britain’s ambassador to UN and Britain’s Special Representative in Iraq following the Iraq invasion AND Tony Blair’s foreign policy advisor.

His directorship is a fine reward for engineering BP’s return to Iraq after a 35 year absence; and grabbing the Country’s two largest (and most lucrative oil and gas fields) in Rumaila and Kirkuk. And Shell has the other set of major oil fields. Iraq – yes war torn Iraq – is exporting over 3 Million barrels a day. Iraq is exporting more oil than Iran! And it’s all in British hands. Britain has grabbed “the” major prize in the oil business – the second largest oil reserves in the world, which was essentially untapped until Saddam was toppled. Britain’s North Sea oil revenues have been successfully replaced by Iraq (and other fields grabbed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union – in places like Azerbaijan (also in BP hands).

Meanwhile, BP is preparing to be invited back to Iran once International sanctions are lifted.

These fields in Iraq are in Shia dominated areas – where Iran’s Mullahs reign supreme. And this provides even more evidence the Mullahs are backed by the Brits. Oh, how beautifully Britain manipulated Bush into invading Iraq and grabbing Iraq’s oil in Shia dominated areas – where by the way – there is stability and peace (in contrast to other regions in Iraq’s North …. Where by the way U.S. oil companies ‘were’ active – pre-ISIS).

You have to ask yourself, what the head of Britain’s Intelligence Service has to do with the oil business. I mean he retires and the next day he’s on BP’s board!

Ok, yes! You are about to leave a comment about BP being only British in name! Its stock is traded globally. But it’s not exactly true. It is for sure headquartered in London; and it essentially operates using British bank accounts (i.e. provide ‘float’ for Britain’s banking system and currency); and has major shipping operations driven out of the UK (everything from Lloyds Insurance to you name it) is driven out of Britain. Also interestingly, its major shareholders are not mom and pops around the world – but people like the Rothschild’s family and KIO. And Shell oil too … has its huge building in London down the road from BP’s HQ’s on the south side of the Thames River.

Interestingly, Russia’s head of Gazprom (Russia’s oil and gas conglomerate) is also a former head of Russia’s KGB and Sir John Scarlett (Sir Sawers’ predecessor, as head of MI6) is on AIG’s board and sits on the board of other insurers. Not surprisingly, AIG benefited by the US federal government’s trillion dollar bail out of ‘selected’ firms in the 2008 debacle.

Watch carefully as sanctions are lifted and Iran’s Mullahs invite major oil companies to ‘invest’ in Iran’s oil sector…. And surprise … surprise … we’ll see BP, Shell… and Norway’s StatOil (that is in bed with the Brits too) walk silently back into Iran. Iranians it seems, are too stupid and poor to invest in their own oil production … and are desperate for ‘foreign’ players to do it all for them! How absurd? But it’s the way the world works.

First the ‘elevated’ the Shah to drive up prices in the 70’s while they invested in their ‘expensive’ oil fields in the North Sea and Alaska, then when the field came on stream they toppled him to shut off Iran’s oil production for over 20 years which was replaced by British and Alaskan oil (don’t forget Alaskan oil was in the hands of BP), then they engineered Saddam Hussein’s toppling and grabbed Iraq’s oil fields – AND now they are re-opening Iran…

Meanwhile Iranians AND Americans are getting screwed. It would have been cheaper for the U.S. to simply hand over $3 trillion dollars to Britain – than to get manipulated into fighting their ‘war’. There would have been less blood – less pain – less drama. Yes, 4000 Americans died for the enrichment of Britain! America got nothing out of the war, Britain was the sole and ultimate winner.

And to top it off, the Brits are making out that they were the victims that were forced into it all by “W”! What a bunch of bullshit? One day Americans (and Iranians) will wake up to Britain’s elite snakes… of which Sir John Sawers is a classic example… so is Tony Blair and now David Cameron, Yes, David Cameron is the new snake, who by the way stoked Nationalist flames brilliantly to win re-election handsomely and completely outfox the Labor Party. David Cameron out foxed the foxes!!

Watch out … America, and Iran!! The Brits are back!! Well, actually they never left. In the immortal words of Deep Throat, follow the money!!


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