An imprisoned intelligence officer(Leidholt)’s lawyer, Brad DiPalo investigates a world of political intrigue and corruption surrounding covert relations between America and Iran during and after the Iran hostage Crisis, the Iran-Iraq War, the Iran-contra scandal and ultimately U.S elections. He must survive long enough to expose the truth to the entire world.

holee image

Nothing is sacred for this edgy, provocative and ward winning HOLEE rock band. Musicians include The Ayatoilet, Paddy, Paedo, Rabid Rabbi, and Masta Rasta and Sigheh their back up singers!

persian names

An Iranian-American couple battle to name their newly born child. Their search for a perfect name is complicated by their in-laws and a history of confrontation between both nations

ayatoilet animated

The Supreme Dr. Ayatoilet Kh Kh Kh is an outspoken DJ and cartoon character parodying the self-appointed religious leaders in Iran –  as he who he puts it “Ridan Be Mardom, Islam va Iran” (They ‘shit’ on the people, the religion and the country of Iran [using toilets supplied by the West]).

Diana Who Dunit

Princess Diana battles the Paparazzi to keep her love for muslim lovers, Dr. Hasnat Khan and then Dodi Fayed a secret.

earl n beryl

With an opinion on everything, and a passion for enlightening Americans brothers Earl ‘N Beryl have been hailed as the thinking man’s Country band from Kentucky.

iLiver image

A journalist travels to Memphis to investigate the circumstances of a liver Transplant operation on an industry titan… only to confront a world of drug and organ smugglers.

ali seksi kanika

Very much lady’s man, Ali Seksi, crosses a cultural divide by bringing classic Iranian popular songs to international audiences.


A New York based Punk Band, on a “World Tour” to London, Manchester,
Rome, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Sidney, and Tokyo… all in Kentucky!

los mujeriegos

Three immigrant construction workers from Latin America, provide their distinctive and entertaining flavor of original and cover of love songs!